The Absolute Best Adult Webcam Sites And The Shocking Truth About Why 99% Of Them Suck

Here’s a rundown of the best adult webcam sites as of 2013.

Best Adult Webcam Sites Of 2013

I don’t know about you but I really hate it when you wanna bust a nut to one of these adult cam websites and you’re fumbling around trying to grab a credit card or searching for one that’s legit AND has hot chicks working on them.

But you know what? There’s a harsh truth that most guys are unaware of…. are you ready for that truth?

99% of these sites are FAKE as hell and completely suck.

A huge number of the so called “top webcam sites” are ripoffs that play pre-recorded footage and run script bots to churn out messages on the chat screen which appear as though the girl is typing them and other guys are typing… when in actual fact it’s just a bot.

Annoying right?

Well, I got burned way too many times in the past which is why after signing up and using 78 adult cam sites in total, I can honestly say I know EXACTLY where to go for the hottest girls and the most trusted sites.

I’m serious, once you’ve seen what I’ve seen, you’ll get to know what kinds of sites to avoid and which ones are worth signup with.

So today I’m going to show you the best adult webcam sites which are HOT right now, these are in my eyes the badass sites, that have you coming back for more and more.

Ready? Cool, let’s dive in…

The 5 best adult webcam sites of 2013

Out of the 78 sites I tried over several months, these are the top 5 I would highly recommend…

1. IM Live (5/5)

5 stars

Again the girls are really beautiful, I fell in love with a few of them because they are so damn good at what they do… can’t resist the pros :)

IM Live

Like variety? Then choose this one.

2. Scores Live (4/5)

4 stars

This is the big boy in my opinion. The girls are absolutely STUNNING here and not to mention that you get access to hundreds of cam girls all under the one account, so you don’t have to be subscribed to multiple sites. Cool huh?

Scores Live

Killer service and great girls.

3. (4/5)

4 stars

I think this is the largest adult cam site online, but I might be mistaken. All I know is I was spoiled for choice with all the different shapes, sizes and races… it’s never ending.


More choice than you can handle :)

4. iFriends (4/5)

4 stars

Really great features on this site, the streaming is crisp and the chat function is very innovative. I like it when sites change up the way things are done, it makes the whole experience way more fun.


Really awesome features on this site.

5. (3/5)

3 stars

This was my least favourite of the bunch, purely because I didn’t find many girls that I liked. The majority were pretty normal looking and so I got bored. But the features are cool and it’s reasonably priced.


Only good if you’ve tried everything else. But the last option.

Staying safe with adult webcam sites

The biggest thing that you want to be aware of with signing up to any of these websites is that you want to be safe right? I mean making sure your card is secure, account is safe etc. Here are some “keep safe” rules to follow that I stick too.

  • Check for secure ordering – Are they using SSL certificates? Check with your browser for a green or secure padlock icon. Click on it and make sure that the page is encrypted before putting your credit card information in.
  • Are they a trusted brand? – I tend to read a lot of reviews like this one to see if the site can be trusted by more than one person, so it’s a good idea to go with what you think is best overall.
  • Can you cancel at any time? – If they try and tie you into a contract or something stupid like that, run a mile! It should be a “cancel at any time” deal, so you can just cancel and leave without wasting money.
  • Don’t use your real name when chatting – Depending on the kind of cam, if you’re in a group chat, use a screen name, not your real name. Just to be on the safe side and remain anonymous.

Questions about adult webcam sites

Here are some common questions about these websites:

How can I tell if they’re REAL live footage and not bots or pre-recorded?

When you’re in a group or private chat, ask the girl some up to the minute questions like… who’s the current president of the US, what’s the time or some random maths question. This will prove that it’s a real girl and not a bot.

What if I’ve already paid and the girl isn’t there?

If you’re using a site like Free Cams Exposed or, then you have access to a network of cam girls and you can just hop onto the next live stream. But if you have your heart set on the one girl you’ll have to wait, or you can just get your money back.

Are my details protected when I signup?

Yes, but only if you follow my safe rules above. Don’t be stupid and pay an independent girl over PayPal or anything, that’s a dumb move.

Why do I have to pay? I want to get them for free.

Really? I can’t believe guys would actually ask that question. If you want a high quality girl who’s going to get you off, then you need to spend money dude, how else is she supposed to support herself if she’s giving it away for free? It’s like going to a strip club and asking for a free dance, it wouldn’t happen!

Ok, so that’s my two cents on the best adult webcam sites this year dude, hope you enjoyed it.

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