Club Game Basics: 5 Signs That A Girl Is Attracted To You In A Night Club

Attention all men: WTF are you doing asking me time and time again how to tell if a girl likes you in a bar or club? Huh?

I’m mean seriously, it’s game basics 101!

Maybe you keep forgetting the signs, maybe you’re under pressure in the club… I dunno man. [Read more…]

Don’t Do These 7 Things During Night Game… Women Will Hate You If You Do

I go to a lot of night clubs… so night game is kinda my thing and I’m exceptionally good at it.

Naturally I’ve seen some horrendous attempts at pulling women (some of which were me but let’s not talk about that) so I know exactly what NOT to do in order to ensure that you go home with a chick that night or at least get her number.

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The Ultimate Night Game System: How To Take Over Any Nightclub… And Party Like A Boss (VIDEO)

She came up to me... the hard work pays off.

She came up to me… the hard work pays off.

When I go to clubs, I go with a game plan.

That game plan is to takeover the club… and be the guy that every girl wants to meet and every guy wants to be.

I’ve been at it for years.

And I’ve developed a system.

This system is now watertight… works in any high-end club in any city and allows you to party like a rockstar. [Read more…]

How To Build A Social Circle That Gets You Endless Amounts Of Women… Anywhere In The World

Wanna get laid week in week out with a different girl in any country or city you visit?

Of course you do.

Today I’m going to show you EXACTLY how… because I’ve been doing this successfully since 2009.

4 years ago I decided that I wanted to travel more as I’d been living in London for a while and it was getting a bit boring… you know, same clubs… people… lifestyle… food… area blah blah. [Read more…]

Dance Floor Game: How To Get ANY Girl You Like On The Dance Floor Turned On Within Minutes

Do you dance like a deranged two left footed duck?

Well guess what? It doesn’t matter!

You can still be a player on the dance floor and get more ass than your buddies, even if you are terrible at dancing.

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How To Become A Social Circle Master And Attract Hoards Of Women Naturally Like A Boss

Drinking with the high rollers and networking.

Don’t you just hate it when you walk into a busy nightclub and always see those rich guys with heaps of women scattered around the VIP tables?

It’s annoying for 2 reasons:

1. You can’t afford to blow $10,000 on a VIP table, so feel a little winsy bit jealous

2. You don’t want gold digging women hanging around you, just after your money so turn your nose up at them

But here’s the thing… most of the guys you see on those tables aren’t rich and don’t have a penny between them.

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A Strategy for Nightgame part 2: Bar Game – Picking up Women in Bars

Hey guys,

Well I’m not sure about you but I am officially excited that summer is here! The girls instantly seem to get more attractive and people are generally more up for a party.

It also means the rise of something else…bar game! This post will be considerably shorter than my post on club game as most of the skills are the same, and tends to feel less intimidating. Without further delay then…

The Environment.

While the venue itself isn’t as hostile (no loud music, unfriendly door staff, overcrowded dance floor etc.) more social intelligence is required. In a nightclub it is easy to get away with more extrovert behaviour, but in bar it might be wiser to save that part for when you are actually speaking to them. [Read more…]

A strategy for nightgame part 1: Clubs

Hey guys,

For this post I want to go through with you a strategy for effectively gaming at night. This will not be heavy on technique but will help explain how to correctly navigate your way through the often confusing world of night game. This is the first of three posts in which I will cover the three locations of night game: clubs, bars and the street, and by the end of them you should have enough knowledge of the social situations that you can effectively game in them, for practice or for a goal.

The basics of Club game:

The Environment:

The most obvious point to start is the environment in a club. It has loud music, a lot of girls who have bitch shields up, a lot of drink, and not nearly enough space! While this may sound like hell to someone practicing game it is in reality the best place to practice! The atmosphere is intimidating because it is designed to be, especially to guys. The club makes it’s money on the bar, so the more uncomfortable someone is, the more likely they are to buy drinks. Once you recognise this, it is easier to deal with it, and use the environment to your advantage:

  • If it is cramped while standing it is a great excuse to open by asking someone to move up so you can sit down, or get to the bar. It is also great as a method of isolation: ‘it is too cramped/hot/loud, lets go to the smoking area for some air/more space/some quiet’.
  • As it is loud it is perfect to get close to hear and to kino!
  • If other guys are clearly uncomfortable, by being (or acting) calm and as if you are having fun you put yourself in a positive light and differentiate yourself from the rest!
  • If you can get past a girls bitch shield you not only get a huge amount of respect and feel great but it becomes easier to open her group up, and other groups around! Bitch shields are also a great source of self amusement, they allow you to be a bit inventive in getting round them and it is a good feeling to know you have broken one, and the easiest way is by giving her a positive response to her, complimenting her on her shortness etc. I will not go into a lot of detail as I know there are other posts here which are specific to dealing with disarming bitch shields and handling tests.

The Girls:

So now we know the environment we are dealing with, lets look at what we are there for, the girls! In a club it isn’t likely that people are there to talk about their jobs, childhood or hobbies! They are there for a bit of fun, a release from everyday life! Many guys learning get bogged down in trying to talk to women in a club and wonder why their success rate isn’t high! Remember to bear in mind why they are there, to have fun! Now bitch shields are prevalent in night clubs, but why is this?

When a girl goes out she knows she will be hit on, and she will enjoy some of the attention but being honest, she is most likely out for a night with her friends, and after the third or fourth guy comes up to her she will start to put the shield up. Bear this in mind when approaching her, and so don’t be surprised if you don’t get her falling into your arms as soon as you say hi! Now I am not saying to expect, and indeed dread a bitch shield, just be prepared for one, there are other blog posts which deal with this so I will not devote any time to it, other than saying the best way to handle them is positively.

So what is the best way to minimise the chance (or potency) of a bitch shield, or even just how to increase the chance of a successful opener? Remember what they are there for, to have fun! If you open with an opinion opener about if you should dye your hair then that is certainly better than nothing but why not make it a bit more calibrated. They are there to have fun, have a party, escape from their usual world for a little bit. If you open in a way which communicates you are not in that state of mind then the opener is likely to fall flat, likewise if you open with something which doesn’t add to this and increase their enjoyment of the night.

You don’t have to be super high energy, just enjoying yourself (or at least appear to be). Nice, low pressure situational openers are ideal for early on in the night, and you can have short interactions before going back and opening them later on again for longer periods of time. Another way of opening is by forcing an IOI (Indicator of Interest) with a girl before opening, this way you have a good idea of whether she will be warm or not, and if she gives a good response then approach, if she doesn’t nothing has been lost, and you can move on safe in that knowledge.

As for comfort building and escalating remember that you don’t want to be shouting in her ear all night to ask about her pet dog! Instead dance with a few push pull moves (which have been covered in another post) and if you want to speak to her for long periods of time isolate her to a quieter part of the club or outside to the smoking area/outside the club. This is true for escalating with K-closes. However tempting it is try not to K close her in front of her friends, as this can hinder your chances of a same night lay and could damage the rest of the interaction, as she does not want to be seen as ‘easy’ so show a bit of understanding and isolate her first.

The Timing:

Time passes differently in a nightclub compared to the outside world. There are really only three ‘phases’ in a club which everyone experiences relative to their time in the club.

1. Establishment: This is the first phase when everyone has just arrived and they are still settling into the night. At this point extraction is possible but unlikely if they have paid a big entry fee (e.g. in London something around £10-20, for university students £5-8, in the USA I am unaware!). If they have been looking forward and have planned to be in this club at this day then it is also very hard to extract at this point, but if neither of these two points are applicable then it is perfectly possible to extract a set to another venue. People tend to be a bit more guarded at this point in the night,as they have not yet loosened up but it is a brilliant time to do some social proofing (asking short questions and having very short interactions with almost everyone).

2. Socialising: At this point people have had a bit more to drink, have caught up with each other and feel more comfortable and are willing to start socialising! You will notice more IOI’s are given off at this stage, however it is nearly impossible to extract at this point as people have just settled in and are enjoying themselves. Now is the time to follow up on the social proofing from earlier and also to engage for longer periods of time.

3. Closing: This phase occurs in the last hour or two of the club being open. Opening new sets is a little bit more difficult as it is likely they have had a few too many guys ‘try it on’ already, but extraction with the ones you have already interacted with becomes a real possibility, and even more likely if you have been seeding the idea and building enthusiasm about it for a little while beforehand. This is a time to be in one set only with the end point in mind.

The Strategy:

So hopefully with all of this information you will be able to start to increase your understanding and enjoyment of club game. Below I have outlined a step by step strategy for you to start gaming in a club effectively:

1. Establish a base, familiarise yourself with the club by social proofing, asking questions such as ‘where are the bathrooms, other bars etc’

2. Go back in and re-open some warm sets from the social proofing stage.

3. Spend some time on a dancefloor, ideally either with a set or opening new ones.

4. Go back in and re-open the warmest sets from earlier, spending a longer and longer period of time.

5. Prepare for extraction/closing by seeding the ideas.

6. Work to extract/close.

Go out there and try to implement this basic plan and utilise the advice given. If you have a question about club game which you would like answered leave a comment or send an email!

Next in this series of posts…bar game, have fun guys!


The Structure of Dance Floor Game

The How and the Why…

Hey guys, last time I spoke about ditching your best dance moves, tricks and tactics in favour of enjoying the music and generating a positive vibe, something that most guys seem to forget the second they enter a nightclub. Just by enjoying yourself regardless of your dancing ability you may have noticed that you were getting much more positive female attention than you may have otherwise; this is due to the relief that girls experience when they are in the presence of a man that is not entirely focussed on finding out the colour of their underwear, and this comfort that is immediately established will cause the women to be drawn away from the wandering hands of other guys and congregate around you. This ability to lose inhibitions on the dance floor is vital, and a prerequisite of what I am going to take you through in this post, without it, although still useful, the structure I teach will not be as effective without the ability to generate this initial comfort, as the IOI’s you receive form the first and most important stage of dance floor game.

Phase 1: Social Proof Steps
Many PUA’s appear to view dance floor game and the rest of club game as separate entities, each with their own rules to follow. I agree with this to a certain extent, largely you should be escalating much more quickly on the dance floor than you might otherwise and talking should be kept at an absolute minimum. However, receiving more positive attention on the dance floor has exactly the same effect as it would in any other social environment, without getting too psychological, it is common knowledge that women take cues regarding male attractiveness from other women, therefore, when women are seen dancing near you, and giving you IOI’s your attractiveness will skyrocket making the rest of the steps that much easier. Additionally, many guys fear beginning the interaction with a girl on the dance floor, and are not quite sure of the best way to get her attention, to start dancing or to escalate from there. All of this is avoided by social proofing the dance floor first, when the girl you want is already looking at you, then those awkward first moments are avoided and you can move to the next step. This step is achieved simply by fully immersing yourself in the music as I stated in my last post, and not focussing on getting one particular girl, it should suit your personality (as an introvert, I prefer to keep it low key) and make sure that you are doing it for enjoyment and in no way seeking approval from anyone else.

Phase 2: Forcing the IOI
When you see the girl you want, and have built up social proof by drawing people in to your positive vibe, getting girls looking at you, with no investment on your part, (it’s not like you’re doing backflips to get attention), all you have to do is select your girl and IMMEDIATELY force an IOI from her, this could be by pointing at her, sticking your tongue out, anything that clearly acknowledges her from all of the other girls dancing close to you. This is important as all of the attention that you have gained is extended to her. Next, with the big smile you have from enjoying your dance floor experience, you hold out your hand for her to take, and all of that attention is now working in your favour to put pressure on the girl to dance with you (rather than pressure to avoid being seen dancing with a low value guy), then spin her in to you, ready for the next step.

Phase 3: Push-Pull
Another PUA term that is used most to describe emotionally distancing yourself from a woman, creating more space to pull her back in; in dance floor game, you can do this physically, by literally pushing her away from you then pulling her closer. This is the key to escalating quickly, when done right, after every time you push her away, when you pull her in you can physically escalate, for example, you are holding one hand at this stage of dance floor game – push away – pull towards and take both hands- push away – pull towards and move one hand to the small of her back – push – pull and move your hands to her waist, and so on, as fast or as slow as you wish to escalate —Disclaimer— Some Calibration Required — the reason this works is best explained looking through the eyes of a woman; almost all of the guys she has danced with have no concept of pushing the girl away, so they keep pulling and pulling, making the girl feel more and more uncomfortable until they take root and remain planted on her waist until she forcefully removes them, after this, she learns that dancing with a guy will inevitably result in uncomfortably pushing them away, however, when you are the one selecting her, and pushing her away, she does not experience that discomfort, and you show that you are not getting off on her getting close to you, that you do not need physical contact from her to validate your existence as a man. With this comes the ability to escalate much faster, without it being a big deal.
The physical push pull is where salsa steps may be useful, however they do not need to be more complicated than a simple spin towards and away from you, and gently pushing and pulling her by her hands, as long as that physical distance is created, the effect will be largely the same.

Phase 4: The close
Now, after you have danced with a girl and been doing your push-pull for a little while, you can choose to use the pre-selection you got from her to force the IOI of another girl (phase 2) and move on/bring her in, you could also go back to building your social proof in phase 1, gaining even more momentum, or you may choose to go for a close.
The best part of using push pull on the dance floor to escalate is that it smoothly works towards any of these options, particularly to a close. If you do decide to go for a close, you want to increase eye contact as you do your push pull moves, and you want to gradually increase the length of time she is pulled into you and decrease the distance she is pushed away, making the dance more and more sexual as it progresses. Ideally you will be familiar with the music you are dancing to and you will know exactly when to go for the pull into a close, (a k-close for example) it will be a time where the music cuts out, or has a pronounced beat that emphasises your movement (I will get to this in a later post) but when you go for a close, you want to pull her in closer than you have been, maintain eye contact and gently place your hand on the side of her neck and guide her as you go in for the kiss. It is that simple, again, with calibration; you will know when the best time to do this is. Then, before or after the kiss, you can continue or take her by the hand and take her off the dance floor.

There you have it, a complete structure to dance floor domination. If you want to know how it works then just think about it from a girls point of view: she notices a guy getting loads of attention from other girls ‘out of the corner of her eye’ this popular guy then selects her from all of the girls he could have (typical chick flick formula) and instead of having an uncomfortable grinding marathon, this guy is different, he leads her and constantly is mixing sexual pull towards him with fun spins and other moves (just like the movies) and shows he knows what he is doing by escalating with purpose, then slowly the room fades away as your eyes lock on until it is just the two of you sharing this moment, then the kiss is the icing on the cake.

Go out and give girls the experience they want and let me know how you get on and remember to always show respect for the girls first and foremost.

Stephen :)

P.S. I have tried to be as thorough as possible, but if you have any questions just leave me a comment. For the guys that can’t quite lose themselves in the music, I will try to get some pictures or video of me demonstrating some moves I use for low key social proofing next time.

Dance Floor Myths: Why you think you're Terrible at dancing

Hey guys, Stephen here, for those of you who don’t know I am a breakdance instructor and the dance floor game expert here at PUATraining, and I’m going to dispel a few myths about getting girls on the dance floor, and give you a general overview of what’s to come in future posts.

1. What if I can’t dance?

After speaking to a huge amount of women about why they dance with particular guys over others, a few common themes that I have found are that girls do not want to dance with an Usher tribute or Michael Jackson wannabe. These guys spend all week on youtube finding music video choreographies to take to the club and ‘show off’, and while it’s entertaining for a short while, nothing will put a guy more into the dancing monkey category than a cheap imitation of Chris Brown with Aqua’s Barbie Girl playing in the background.

My good friend Ashley at PUATraining tells guys that dancing is a way to express yourself; and this is the key to getting a good vibe going between you, your wing and the girls on the dance floor. You will notice that some girls can stay on the dance floor in sky-scraping stiletto’s and dance for hours on end, completely entranced by the music, and they are captivating to watch. This is what you need to achieve, and by expressing your interpretation of the music, you will draw other people towards you, and have them wanting to experience this with you.

Feeling the music does not mean that you are oblivious to your surroundings, we have a purpose and I will cover this in more detail in my next post, but what this ability does do for you, is demonstrate that you not there to stand at the side of the dance floor, uncomfortably shuffling your feet out of rhythm, drink at your chest checking out every short skirt that comes on your radar, (not a good image) but you are there because you love to move, generate a positive vibe, and most importantly, it is a massive indicator that you are there entirely for your self-amusement, not for the validation of others that your moonwalk is up to scratch.

2. The Salsa Solution

There is a big deal within the community that salsa lessons are the key to dance floor domination and to a certain extent, this is true. Salsa lessons teach you to be aware of your body, how to interact with and lead a woman on the dance floor, and how to quickly and smoothly lead towards a close. This is great, and I strongly suggest that you do take a couple of salsa lessons; however, this is in no way the entire picture. Like I said, salsa is great for when you are with a girl, however, inevitably there will be periods where you are not up close and personal with a girl on the dance floor, where your advanced salsa turn patterns are rendered completely useless. And this is where most guys make the mistake of reverting to the ‘wall nettle’ on the side, stinging any girl that comes your way. For me, this is where the real fun begins, this is where you can build some momentum, or capitalise on the momentum that you have gained.

The time between dancing is where you can shine more than most, and when you can emphasise your dance floor prowess over other guys simply by learning a couple of very basic steps that I use, that take 10 minutes to learn, and will automatically improve over time, with no conscious effort making you comfortable and confident during your dance floor downtime, and getting girls to copy your movements, making escalation a whole lot easier, I will get to that on my next post.

3. The Circle of Death

We have all seen the circle of death; a group of girls dancing, tightly huddled circling a handbag on occasion engaged in some ancient clubbing ritual, casting aside any poor soul that attempts to intervene. Now, while most PUA’s, dedicated to the one shot one kiss mentality are intimidated by the mere sight of this, for a true dance floor gamer, it is an opportunity to show the entire club how high value you are, by effortlessly integrating, and disbanding if necessary the newly phrased ‘winners circle’ and while I will get into the techniques I use for this at a later date, you will see that when you go and deploy the simple system of generating your own positive atmosphere and express this on the dance floor, and build this vibe using the steps I will detail, while using your pre-selection stealing salsa spins, the circle of death will often find themselves desperate to dance around you!

So guys, the techniques will be coming, but for now, go out for a couple of nights and make it your mission, maybe not to pull a girl home that night, but just to put aside the male ego for a while and enjoy your experience on the dance floor, as no girl will ever be attracted to a guy that cannot enjoy his own experiences.

Go out, dance however the music takes you, and from there we will channel that energy you will obtain and use it to create a dragnet that will effortlessly capture not one girl, but any girl that you choose to dance with.

Let me know how you get on

Go have fun

Stephen :)