How to be a Pickup Artist

A Pickup Artist, most commonly, abbreviated to PUA is a term used to describe a certain kind of man. A man who is skilled in: meeting, attracting and seducing women. The term Pickup Artist started in the 1970’s with How to Pick Up Girls by Eric Webber. The primary goal of any Pickup Artist is to have the ability to approach, meet and seduce any women he wishes.

The way in which an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) approaches the art of Pickup is wide and varied, as each person has different aspects of their game and their approach to seduction that they need to improve. There are certain things you should do, regardless of which methodology of game and seduction you follow, in order to become a Pickup artist.

I’ve broken down the transition form AFC to PUA into four easy to follow steps. The following is a guideline to help you get the very best out of your entry into the world of Pickup and seduction.

Step 1: Appearance
Most methods of Pickup agree that genetic looks are far less important to male-female relationships than society says they are. You need to look at yourself and accept the things about yourself that you can’t change, and also pay attention to the things you can change: Your hair, clothes, complexion etc.

All of the great Pickup Artists have gone through this transition.This is an important step in becoming a Pickup artist, if you look good; you’re going to feel good.

There is also a technique called Peacocking (Peacocking means dressing for attention. Just like Peacock’s use their feathers to get a mate, the same technique is used in Pickup to attract women) where your fashion is key to interacting and attracting women. The general ideology begin peacocking is that by dressing in an outlandish or unique way, you attract women to yourself. It’s important that wherever your new look takes you, it is congruent. If you’re going to dress like a rockstar, you should act like a rockstar!

Pick a Style
If you’re not sure what kind of style to go for, have a look through an issue of GQ or any high street fashion magazine.

Get a Haircut
Make sure that your new cut and style suit you. Don’t go to a barber, go to a proper hairdresser and ask for a consultation. They’ll be able to give you a good idea of what will suit you.

Get new clothes
Now that you know what style you’re going for, make sure you buy clothes that fit! Nothing looks worse than a man who doesn’t know how to dress himself.

Step 2: Approach
To be a pickup artist you have to be able to approach any woman in any situation and leave with her details. You can learn pickup lines and openers in numerous books and online sources, but the only way to get good at is to get out there and do it! You need to Approach! Approach! Approach!

The majority of people entering into the world of the Pickup Artist have AA (Approach Anxiety); this is very common and with a little concentrated effort can be overcome. The reason most students of pickup are frightened of approaching women is that they fear rejection. Rejection should not be feared, you can learn a lot from rejection. The more you get rejected, the more you’re going to learn about male-female interactions, it’s a learning curve.

In terms of opening, don’t worry about that at first. Feel free to ask simple generic questions. The initial goal is to become comfortable and proficient talking to strangers. As you get more used to it, you can concentrate more on what you’re saying and the reaction it provokes in the target.

When approaching, pay particular attention to the energy level of the set. You want to be entering the set with a slightly higher energy level than the set already has. If you enter a set with low or less energy, you’re going to find it very difficult to keep their attention.

Approach at least ten people a day
These can be male or female. At first don’t try to get number closes (unless it’s going really well!), just get yourself used to approaching and talking to strangers.

Approach male and female groups
Don’t just approach woman on there own. There’s nothing particularly wrong with doing that, but you’ll learn lot more if you can interact with large and mixed groups.


Learn as many openers and routines as you can (make sure you use and practice them). The more you learn, the less chance there is of your mind going blank when in set.

Step 4: In set/ building attraction
A good pickup artist will pay particular attention to his behaviour in-set. It’s not enough to just open a set and ask for a number (although this sometimes works). A pickup artist must build attraction for the target and leave her wanting more.

Eye contact
Eye contact is one of the most important steps in building attraction. You should not stare at the target! Maintaining good eye contact helps to invest the target in the interaction and creates sexual tension.

You should use the time in-set to demonstrate your sense of humour. You can do this by making fun of her, or telling her something funny about yourself or someone else. A good sense of humour is very attractive to women!

People always want what they can’t have, so don’t make yourself too available. Disqualify yourself from being a potential suitor as early as possible. Also remember to disqualify them (do this in a nice way, use humour- “you’re way too short for me”)

A great way to build attraction and escalate is to use Kino. You want the Kino to appear as natural as possible. Don’t just start grabbing and touching the target! If you’re expressive with you hand gestures, escalating Kino should appear natural, and not creepy!

At some point during the interaction you’re going to have to demonstrate that you are interested in the target. This is absolutely fine as long as you have built a decent amount of attraction. You want it to appear that, after talking to her, you’ve become attracted to her. You want her to think that your decision to be with her was based on more than just looks!

Step 4: Closing
So you’ve got a new style, you know how to approach and build attraction…what next? To be a great pickup artist you need to be able to number close. There are many different approaches to closing, and eventually you’ll find the ones that suit you and your game best. Over time you will also be able to develop your own techniques. But to start, it’s best to follow already proven plans.

Number close
The conversation has gone well, it’s time to leave but you still haven’t gotten that number! Here are a few examples of how to close:

“What’s the best way of staying in touch with you?”
This is an indirect way of asking for a phone number. This is fine to use if you’ve been ‘under the radar’ through most of the interaction. If you’ve demonstrated your interest to the target, you shouldn’t really use this.

“I want your number” -“can i have your number?”
This is a dangerous one as you’re demonstrating a direct interest in the target. You should only really use this if you’re sure that you’ve built enough attraction between you and the target.

“I’m going to call you”
“You don’t have my number”
“Oh yeah, that’s right” (Pull out a pen)
This is a great way to get a number, it’s non threatening and since you’ve pulled out a pen, you’ve put the target on the spot and she’ll find it hard to reject you.

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  1. Antonio "Poker& says:

    Good article, specially for those starting in this PUA thing and for those that have a little more time of this helps to get us more compelled or concious about the way that all of us had been thru, actually it is a great article since helps you go back to the basics, that is something i think we lack a lot of in the community, some of the more advanced pick up artist tend to forget the time when they were starting or they were AFC´s so… tend to overgrow themselves, i can´t say i had never done that, i think we all fall into that frame sometime in our pick up lifes, but is really usefull to be aware the place that we are and where we came from, i love the post of "what if" for this same reason, if anyone here haven´t read it, search for it here in forums, is great, get you thinking about what have you become and what could had been if you had gone another way.

    my best wishes!


  2. When you want a number close your primary objective should be on building a connection with the girl, if you do this well enough and feels as though you have something in common she will often close you, but is certainly not going to turn you down.

    I've often successfully closed by having a really great interaction and then just suddenly saying, nice to meet you, see you and pretending to walk off. Unless she's really shy she'll call you back. Although this is risky think about what a huge DHV spike it is. She'll feel much more attraction for you as you're let her feel a sense of loss. As you give her your number you can then congruently say are you always this lucky with the boys, again framing your value as higher than hers, building even more attraction.

    However, for this to work you need to spend a longer time in set and be sure you have a solid connection.

  3. I really like this article. It is concise and a great outline of what is needed to become a PUA. Gambler has managed to use one page to describe it, where other books use 200!

    This article is a great outline for anyone starting out in the game, to give them an over view of what they are trying to acheive. It is easy to get lost in masses of information available on our beloved subject of PU.

    The way he number closes is really good to! I think its also acceptable to literally hand your phone to her and say put your number in. The methods all work! Theres a million and one ways to success, just make sure you get there!

    Cheers, Noel

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