Sin City Game: How To Get Laid In Las Vegas… Without Paying For It!

how to get laid in las vegas

It’s easy when you know exactly what to do…

I’ve been to Las Vegas a bunch of times over the years and to be honest it’s not actually my kind of scene.

I don’t really enjoy gambling, it’s far too hot and I prefer the eastern European look with girls, which you don’t get much of in Vegas.

On the other hand, I’ve never failed to get laid in Vegas.

Now I know some guys might be thinking… “well obviously dude, Vegas is the easiest place on the planet to get some ass”.

Actually it’s not. 

Although it’s easier than most places, you can still get blown out, cockblocked, AMOG’d and outgamed… just as much as the next place.

So today, I’m going to show you how to get laid in las vegas… in two ways… daygame and nightgame.

Why am I showing you two routes?

Well, because I’ve experienced both first hand.

I’ve daygamed in the casinos, coffee shops and shopping malls with great success… taking girls back to my hotel room after speaking to them for a short while and I’ve also done my thang in the nightclubs there and taken multiple girls back with me.

So let’s get started.

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How to get laid in vegas…

The most important thing to remember here is that you visit Vegas in the peak seasons, that’s when you’ll get the highest density of women who are down to get laid.


  • Spring Break
  • New Years Eve
  • Halloween
  • July 4th (independence day)
  • Any special events (comicon if you like geeky girls, concerts with popular acts etc).

Also if you can afford it, stay in a decent hotel. I’ve stayed in the Venetian, the Wynn and the Four Seasons. All great hotels on the strip, plus it’s a great way of getting girls back to yours… “Yeah the Wynn has a great bar, let’s go there…” then you’re actually in your hotel with the girl so it’s much easier to get her upstairs.

The daygame guide

  • Find a popular pool party (during peak seasons) – There are tons that go on in Vegas, but the most popular ones will have hotter chicks and better DJ’s. Try Tao beach club, Encore beach club and Rehab at the Hard Rock. some guys might not feel comfortable at pool parties because they aren’t in shape, which is fine… just focus on nightgame.
  • Be very flirty (playful mindset) – Vegas is a party town, so every girl that’s there will be in a more open minded mood. This gives you the opportunity to be more sexual and playful.
  • Have some openers ready – I would make sure to have an opener ready for a girl on her own, a group of girls and a mixed group. Then just use those same openers again and again.
  • Approach, approach approach – Whether you’re in a coffee shop, shopping mall, hotel casino floor or just walking the streets, you should ALWAYS be approaching any girl you find attractive. Some girls are just way more open than others in Vegas, so if you approach say 5 girls, 1 of those girls will be more up for it than the others. It’s a real numbers game in sin city. Also, it’s a good idea to befriend some girls in the day and meet with them at night, so that you can build a little trust with them.

The nightgame guide

  • Be more aggressive – If you get an IOI or you see a girl you like, don’t do your normal stand around and be cool thing, that won’t get you laid. You need to be more aggressive in Vegas. Go over to the girl and be very direct… touch her arm, look her right in the eyes (conveying your sexual intentions) and say “Hey, I think you’re really cute…”.

  • Force IOI’s – I do this all the time and it works on even the toughest girls in the club. Grab a girls attention by making a hand gesture or holding your glass up as if to say “cheers” and give her a compliment from where you’re standing by mouthing it. Wait for her reaction and then swoop in, when you have her laughing or smiling.

  • Create some social proof – Some of the clubs in Vegas are very clicky, so it might be a good idea to buy a table with some of your buddies and invite girls you’ve met in the day along, so you have some social proof (the whole pre-selection game works well here).

  • Go to the most well known clubs – I had some great nights in 1 Oak, XS and Tao and the girls were more than up for it when I went.

5 do’s and don’ts with Las Vegas

  • Do go to nightclubs that are very close to your hotel (preferably walking distance or a short 5 minute cab ride away) so that you can limit the LMR.

  • Don’t get too drunk! I know some guys like to get totally wasted in Vegas, because they get carried away with the vibe, but that will ruin your game, so take it slow.

  • Do use a wingman for both daygame and nightgame. A lot of girls are in groups (mixed and only women) so having a wingman will really help with extracting the girl you want.

  • Don’t bother going to the strip clubs unless your strip club game is rock solid.

  • Do be very sexual with girls, even during the day… especially at the pool parties. Vegas in the party seasons has a different vibe where girls are more open to being more playful with guys.

That’s it dude! Getting laid in Las Vegas is easier than most other places, but don’t just think you’re going to get laid the moment you step off the plane, because it won’t happen.

Again… watch this video if you want to become notorious for your bedroom skills in Vegas.

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