How To Get Women Into Bed: The ‘No Holds Barred’ Approach To Bedding Tons Of Women

So you want to know how to get women into bed do you?

Well I’ve got a little insight for you, that may shock you…

Most men are pussies.

Listen, I’m just throwing it out there… a large majority of guys in this day and age are pathetic at bedding women.

I mean seriously bad.

You see, I’m an observer so I watch what other people are doing around me, like how guys approach girls, their body language during conversation and how the women respond.

And to be quite honest with you, it’s a total joke.

Especially in London.

Some guys will approach with a cheesy line, like “Hey, I have white sheets you know so I hope that’s not fake tan you’re wearing…” (I actually heard one guy say this in a central London bar on a Saturday night… I couldn’t believe my ears!)

Other guys will approach with a strong opener like “Hey, I just wanted to come up and say hi because I think you’re cute” but then follow that ballsy ice breaker with horrible game… question after question, just losing attraction rapidly as every minute passes.

So as you can imagine, this annoys me.

Now you might be thinking “Why does it annoy you, if you have game then forget the guys with weak game”.

I hear what you’re saying, but it’s just not in my nature… I’m a caring person so when I see a guy get rejected, I want to slap him and say “Dude, what the hell are you doing! Get your butt over to that girl right now and re-open her”.

So this lead me to think about what it is women actually want in a man and how you can get a girl into bed on the same night… heck even within 30 minutes of speaking to her if you want.

When I first started out with game, I wanted to do one thing and one thing only…

Learn how to get women into bed.

That was my only motive, I wanted to walk into any bar or club and walk out as quickly as possible with a stunning girl on my arm… heading back to my place in a taxi.

Now after almost 500 cold approaches, 123 lays and a bunch of crazy encounters that didn’t involve straight up sex but other freaky deaky stuff… I can honestly say, I know what it takes to get a girl into bed… FAST.

So I’m going to give you the exact method I use.

Now this isn’t secret or lengthy, it’s straight talking and VERY direct.

So if you don’t like the direct approach, then look away now my precious little fellow… because this sure ain’t a PG rated how to guide.

I promise you, if you use the below advice the next time you go out, you will get laid.

WARNING NOTICE: Although these tips are designed to get you laid, they will also get straight to the point with women. Meaning some women may be offended by how direct you are, so you need to gauge the situation properly before trying this stuff. If you want to be more subtle, then I’d suggest watching the Stealth Attraction videos.

Oh and one more thing, this is best designed for girls in small groups like a 2 set or 3 set. So you’re going to need a fearless wingman.

Ok, are you ready? Sweet, let’s get to the good stuff.

How to get women into bed… wickedly fast

1. Conquer your fear bro

Fear of the approach will ruin more opportunities than you can imagine… fear of sexually escalating will demolish any chance you have of getting laid… as you can see fear is a bitch that just won’t leave, until you make her leave.

So grab your balls and get to work.

The best way to get over your fears with women, is to slap them upside the head again and again. What I mean is if you’re crippled with approach anxiety then you must approach women every day… that way the fear will subside and you can move past it.

If you are fearful of asking for the number, then you must practice getting numbers until you have no fear of it.

If you cannot conquer your fear of women, you should not read any further.

2. Approach, approach… approach

Same night lays are a numbers game. It’s up to you to approach every woman you think is attractive and also has that glint in her eye.

If you’re inexperienced with women, you won’t really know what I mean. But after you’ve approach hundreds of women, you will feel a certain sexual energy the moment you start speaking to her… there will be a look in her eyes that says “Just be a man and f**k me”.

So approach a lot of women. If you approach 100 women, you WILL at least sleep with one.

3. Sexually escalate like a pro

From the very first minute of the interaction, you need to sexually escalate so she understands that you’re not there for a friendly chat.

If you do things right, she’ll get turned on with minutes.

I’m talking about things like:

  • Not breaking eye contact whilst speaking
  • Touching her arms, shoulders, stomach, legs, cheek to cheek etc
  • Speaking slowly and seductivly
  • Closing the proximity

You get the drift.

4. Keep plowing

Girls are very sexual creatures, but just like soup… they need to be warmed up until they are brimming with sexual thoughts about you. So keep plowing through any negative things she says and keep building rapport.

Remember: Attraction isn’t an on/off switch, it’s more of a dial. You keep dialing up the heat until she HAS to sleep with you.

5. Lead the way

After a few interactions with women, you’ll start to develop an intuition for when she’s ready to have sex. The moment you start to sense this (she’s touching you, her pupils are dilated, she’s smiling flirtatiously, biting her lip etc) lead her back to yours.

The best way I’ve found to do this is by saying something like this… “Hey listen, it’s a little boring here, let’s go back to my place…

Don’t say anything else after that, just lead her outside and get a taxi.

If she asks why, just say you have some great wine back at yours that you want her to try. Keep her logical mind distracted whilst you travel back to yours.

Otherwise she’s going to think up excuses as to why she shouldn’t come back (Oh he might think I’m a slut, what will my friends think of this… blah blah).

Once she’s back at yours… do the deed.

That’s it! How easy is it to get a girl in bed? Damn easy. You just need persistence and patience.

Now this advice won’t work for every guy, especially if you are looking for a girlfriend or you consider yourself a “nice” guy. But for the animals out there (like me) good luck old boy!

Want more advanced tips? Watch this video.

Quick question about getting women into bed: What’s your routine? Share it with us below…

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  1. brilliant, hilarious & very handy, 1st time i’ve read one of your emails, saw “Gambler” “don’t need that” but it’s about women & i’m pissing myself laughing after reading a couple of them, shall be following this from now on, ain’t had my end away in ages, would help if i got out though?!!

  2. hey i used to be super shy an since i wanted to get laid and get hotter gfs i started to wave and smile at evey cute girl i saw then i transitioned into walking over and saying he i had to come over cause i think your cute but then not know what to say and sound kind lame or just ask her questions that would lead me no were but not everytime i failed i just knew i needed perfection on my game so now that i saw this im gonna try the more direct approach which im not gonna lie on some women this isnt gonna work so smooth but i bet alota women it will this actually made perfect sense to me considering you explained my approach in your second sentence lol so i think build sexual tension is actually a wonderful idea lmfao ill see how it goes tm

  3. 123 lays hey? hmm about 99 more than me i think, i dont know how you keep track..
    loving the article.. i like the direct, no bullshit approach, trouble is when im out i tend to forget everything ive learnt until ive come home… oh well… i do need better wingmen though…

    • PUA Training says:

      It’s not about the numbers Brian, numbers are easy. It’s quality that sets the men from the boys. I’d rather sleep with 5 super hot women in my entire life, than 100 ugly ones.

  4. Hey i was kind of expecting some super direct lines here, although this is great generic advice. What are a few examples of direct things to say for the opener and sexual escalation.

    • PUA Training says:

      So this depends on the situation or environment you’re in. But you could say something like:

      “Hey, I know this is direct… but I you’re the sexiest girl I’ve seen in this place all night and I had to come over and say something. Hey I’m [NAME]”

      Then you could sexually escalate from their by focusing on the things you find sexy about her (lips, legs, bum etc). Keep kinoing until you have built a solid level of rapport and sexual tension.

  5. My favorite thing is stealth kino in the middle of a social situation. Sitting around a table running your hand up her thigh whilst carrying on with her friends you just met.. Drives Em crazy

    • Do you think that would work on most girls? that technique is quite advance and only for the very confidence.

      • PUA Training says:

        I would say that if you had the right amount of confidence and you’ve built a solid connection with the girl… yes it would work on most girls.

  6. Agree,particularly focusing more on (3 Sexually escalate like a pro)

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