How To Spice Up A Conversation

Hey guys! Just a few thoughts about conversational technique.

Take License to Lead

Remember, when you first meet a woman, you have a license lead the conversation wherever you want to take it. As difficult as it can sometimes seem, being a man means taking charge and knowing what you want. Have confidence in what you’re saying; you can express this both physically and verbally.

So for example if I’m in set I might do something I like to call the Chess Pieces routine. If I’m standing in an awkward position I’ll jokingly look confused and say “No, no, this is all wrong”. Then I’ll physcically move the girls myself by putting my hands on their hips and re-positioning them around me until I’m in a position where they are all facing me and I’m leaned against the bar.

Then lean back and say “ahhh, now this is much cosier for a little conversation isn’t it? Where were we?” You don’t need to make a meal out of this whole manuevre. Just do the whole thing quiet swiftly and nonchanlantly and it will powerfully convery inner confidence. (Make sure you make it clear with your facial expressions that you’re being a bit silly and having fun with them).

Embrace Being Unconventional

Don’t feel the need to be bound by social norms. Your power is in being different to every other guy. Think about it. Attractive women meet a lot of guys on any one night out. She may have three or four phone numbers by the end of the evening, so if one of them is yours, what are you going to do that makes her remember your name when it pops up on her Caller ID?

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but women I have dated have always brought up the fact that I really stood out for them when we first met. Remember, there is so much more than just conventional conversation. Have fun with roleplaying, silly games, high fives, accuse her of being too forward, misinterpret what she says as being something sexual. Enjoy the experience of defying social norms!

Always be Moving Somewhere

Don’t get stuck and wallow in the early stage of an interaction. The biggest problem for newcomers is hanging on the opener for ten minutes until the topic completely runs dry. Don’t be afraid to cut off threads that are going nowhere!

If you can feel the conversation growing stale don’t feel obliged to talk a subject to its death. Just cut it off and run into something else. Or completely change a girls frame by just cutting through the bullshit e.g. “Look, are you gonna be my girlfriend or not?”. This works great just to jolt her and step things up a gear, playfull of course!

See you soon, and take care guys,


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  1. I was chatting to a girl who was sort of sitting/leaning back on a bit of the wall in the bar. I realised I needed to move her so that to the other girls in the bar it didnt look like I was hitting on her. So I got her up and took her position…but she seemed pretty pissed at this, not even in a joking way. So I got up and let her take back her seat and tried to convey that I was only joking and messing with her. Was this the right thing to do? or should I have stood my ground and stayed in the perched position but just ignored her attitude. Cheers, oh and Matt, Im looking forward to what you have to offer at the summit buddy!

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