Improvised Storytelling Techniques: The Real Secret To Never Running Out Of Things To Say

One of the biggest issues that I ran into when first starting out in game (like the majority of guys do also) is not knowing what to say or having a conversation with a girl dry up REALLY quickly after opening her.

The reason why you have nothing to say or a conversation just goes cold, is because you’re thinking far too much about what to actually say.

So you do the most natural thing any human would do when they first meet a new person… you go into interview mode as a way of keeping the conversation going.

This as you know is SOOOOO bad for attraction and will kill any rapport stone dead!

So today I want to teach you some awesome improvised storytelling techniques.

Once you begin using these storytelling tips you’ll soon discover that not only will your interactions with girls be a lot longer without any awkward pauses, but the girl will feel way more attraction towards you thus decreasing flakes when you number close.

Here are the techniques:

Killer storytelling techniques

So the aim of a good story is the hook the listener and get them so wrapped up in your words that they are lost in the moment.

1. Hook the listener (strong opening)

Hooking is where you open something that instantly gets the listeners attention and they either say they want to hear more or they are just silent waiting for your next word.

A good hook needs to pack a punch, a one liner that will intrigue… shock and spark curiosity. For example you might say “I was actually with a friend the other day and something happened which pretty much changed his life…”.

2. Pausing and pacing

Any good storyteller will tell you that the pause will create anticipation (this keeps them listening) and the pacing injects emotion/feeling into the story. By using both together, you’re dealing with a magical combo.

So make sure you slow down when speaking, you emphasise every word and you pause every couple of sentences.

3. Bridging the story

Each story can be broken down into segments, let’s say for the sake of this example that you have a story with 5 segments. With each segment, you need to bridge the gap with a cliffhanger, otherwise it will seem as though your story doesn’t have any substance and just goes on and on.

A cliffhanger is something TV shows use to keep people watching and not changing the channel. You HAVE to keep watching otherwise you’ll miss the good bit. You need to do the same thing with your stories.

To do this, just say something like “…You’ll never guess what happened next…”.

4. Be personal

One of the key things we want to happen during our story is for the girl to trust us and feel more comfortable in our presence, which leads to attraction.

So by you telling her about something that happened to you, she will be able to relate to you and will instantly feel more trust.

This means you need to use reference points from your life.

Making your stories better

  • Eye contact – By keeping strong eye contact, you’ll evoke trust quicker and you’ll keep the girl engaged in your story.
  • Touching – Touching her at the right moments will spark feeling and emotion, so use kino when you can. It also allows you to be more sexual.
  • Using comedy – Obviously by using humour in your stories you will create attraction spikes throughout, so make sure you work on your comedy a bit.

Here’s a great example of how to tell a story:

Other storytelling techniques to remember

  • Practice – Yes practicing sucks, but it’s the only way you will get better at telling stories that captivate women. So make it a point to practice as often as you can. I personally practiced 7 days a week in the early days, because I knew that it would make me better much faster.
  • Sign up for a workshop – Just like with our bootcamps, if you are surrounded by people that want to get better with storytelling and you’re practicing with an experienced teacher, then you’re going to drastic results… far quicker than if you were to just practice on your own.

There you have it bro. Improvised storytelling techniques that will keep any girl captivated and hanging on your every word.

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