Stealth Seduction Revealed (Video)

The video above is the disk 2 from my sold out Stealth Attraction training program.

I’ve gotten TONS of great feedback – lots of guys saying it’s the best PUA material EVER (seriously) – so I figured it’s something that you’d probably want to have a look at :-)

After you watch the video, leave your comments below . I’d love to hear what you think.

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I read them all!

-Rich (Gambler)

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  1. Man this is Crazy, I want to the club last night and did what was show i had every female there that was hot around me.They where trying to get at me in front of there boyfriends without them noticing. All i know they were saying naughty things to me and i didnt do a thing. Thanks you are the best and the funny thing is that the men in the entire club didn’t even know what was going on. I’m in another demension. LOL if you know what that means.

  2. I got an email to watch this vid. Vid isn’t showing up. idk…

  3. I did genuinely think I would get actual DVDs to watch when I wanted n needed, im crap with computers and have trouble even entering the site at times, this may be my fault but I camy help feeling a little disappointed!

  4. More great material, gutted I missed out on the program so thanks for letting me have the opportunity to see the material.

    • PUA Training says:

      We covered the same material in the Stealth Seduction product, so even though you missed the live event you can still watch everything in there.

  5. Jerry J says:

    This video is the best ever among seduction advice.

    OK, Many of great Pick up artists talk about theory but do not show how they do it that much.They talk body language is important but they do not show how you fix it or which one is good one that much.Yes, you can find great material about verbal game from other Pick up companies.Actually, the God father of pick-up is the master of verbal game.If you are good with conversation, you may can learn fast but if you are not good with conversation.It takes time to learn it.Many of guys quit before they see actual results.

    I used some of Richard stuff.It worked great.Even the guy just watched his stuff can use his technique.Of course,if you want to have great results, it takes time but Rich gives you small results.It makes your approach fun.While developing baseline of your attractiveness.Stealth attraction helps a lot.

    Many of pick up coaches are great but they talk concept a lot and leave practice to the students.While body language is important part of seduction, you only see two products which focus on body language among the market.Yes,they talks about audio and videos,importance of body language but won’t show that much other than famous spin etc.

    Some of conventional style pick up guys may hate Rich’s style but it is the most powerful and applicable from new guys to well versed experienced guys.

    PUA training’s honest part is they teach how you improve your appearance too.You need to have looks does not matter mentality and confidence but you also have to learn better presentation of yourself.

    Tyler said once you really into pick up, he will focus on looks too.I do not have to mention this but some guys take his looks do not matter in different way.

    Rich,talked and showed his transformation process on his book and MPU.Not many guys show before and after.He wanted to show you also can be best of yourself.If you are same, you only have same results.

    Thank you for up great video.

  6. You’re hearing this from a former club promoter who lived ‘nightgame’ for 8 years.

    This series was brilliant. Rich took all the dirty, sneaky little tricks guys like me used (with great efficiency) and organized them into a system anyone can use – without needing the status or pre-selection of a promoter.


  7. I've got a question to your mentioning future plans. Saying you guys could go to the park go feed the ducks, or go to that great pizza place in nottinghill. I saw your point as far not making things look like a one night stand, but doesn't that all come of as needy? To make me look like i am way to interested in her and in turn make her the prize. Which is what women experience on the regular.

  8. mr1dynamite says:

    hey i want to know what to say to start a conversation that she will like like i don't want like hi im …… and then she will be like ok? what to say if she dosen't event know me

  9. Thanks a bunch, this is really good! Like many others, i can't wait to try it out either. This stuff is gold, especially the whole kino part.


  10. J.Phoenix says:

    i think the best part of this is the duel conversation … talking to both the good girl and bad girl at the same time… can't wait to try it out in the field

  11. Literally, could you have been more of a hacker! This stuff is directly hacked from 60!! Its like reading the 60s post on fastseduction on micro escalation, anti manifesto and escalating the vibe! You've just stolen the thing exactly

  12. TheFreshPrince says:

    Thanks for the videos! I really like your discussion of nonverbal communication. I think your videos demonstrate that better than anything else I've seen so far!

  13. goot

  14. this works look at the girl she was biting her lip

  15. 420cheif says:

    first time seeing this. never tried it but it seems like it works. Some of the comments seem true to heart so i may try these out.

  16. Puddles says:

    The girl in this demo is loving this so much.

  17. How do u trigger a very hard woman's emotions. What actions do you take?

  18. Well;

    Things you say make perfect sense but you are not considering one thing:

    These techniques work perfect if you're a good lookin dude like Rich. If not attractive the chances of success go way down.


  19. Amazing, but requires intense inner game

  20. If someone got all suductive and close like that to my girlfriend i would notice and then I would kick there ass. Just saying.

  21. Wow man, you helped me alot seriousy, thanks for that bro!

  22. Achilles says:

    Great stuff. First started doing what you call multilevel communication when I was 12 with my grade school female classmate (leg on legl) when students sat in pairs at desks. I was lucky to get the girl who blossomed Fantastic how well you've catalogued and organized it all into an effective and pretty failsafe technique. and….Pussy Kino is fucking brilliant.

  23. fuckin loved it, gambler your a genuis

  24. Twosided says:

    This is the 1st time im seeing one of ur videos Gambler and I think its great.The videos have explained alot to me.Ive always wanted a few pointers on how to improve my game and im glad iv found them in ur videos.
    Hope to see more soon!

  25. Slightly brilliant, and this stuff works better than most in the seduction game. I especially like the "fake romanticism" and the gentile use of kino on escalation.


  27. the moment you decide to spill things you know are not true, like making her imagine a future you know doesn't exist is the moment you stop being a gentleman player and start being an asshole. The lecture was fun to watch until that point. After that… it's all about the guy you want to be. Not my style obviously.

  28. Gambler that is among the best material I've ever seen anywhere and for you to share such a long free video like that…well like another guy said…you're bad ass. The girl was a hottie and a champ too.



  29. U r such a fuckin looser yad….stop playing with the emotions of guys….
    aha…just got ya…telling u wat i leearned…
    good work mate
    all the best

  30. Great stuff Rich but obviously most of what you do is based on physical attraction, mimics, gestures and the whole body language thing (and of course mixed signals). And because of that, I would really like to see or hear from you something about text messaging (via cell phone or internet) and how you can arrange a date with a person you know without loosing too much of the attraction you built with your stuff. In my opinion texting is very difficult if you´re a guy focusing on lots of physical things. Because 70% of what I also do is done through my body, my movements and so on. Emotion through motion. But how is it with writing messages?

    Kind regards

  31. Hey brother,

    When's the next time you'll be in NYC? I used to be a promoter/event coordinator for various clubs here (now pursuing a medical career). If you ever plan on visiting let me know. I'd love to show you around.

    I know a few people in the community, and I have studied psychology for most of my life. However, I have to say, your understanding of human psychology and behavioral attraction is uncanny.

    Shoot me a quick e-mail. I love connecting with good people, and I'm sure we have much to talk about.

    Health and happiness to you R,

  32. This is great! You are one of the best with this.
    Not only what you say is interesting, but how you say it.
    I love your style. Congratulation!

  33. this was really amazing. i learned alot and i appreciate you showing us this video. thank you!

  34. Richard, my man! You are the man.

    This is amazing! I can't wait to get to the point where I'm pass getting AA down. Thank you!

  35. Ben James says:


    I loved it. This stuff is simply amazing. Thanks a ton for putting this out there. Can't wait to try this stuff out.

  36. Is this course for begginers or is it nothing for beginners?

  37. richard you are the man this is the best video ever seriously.thanks man!

  38. Hey Richard thank you for sharing this and this advice wont go unnoticed or wasted i hope to try out all these brilliant tips and my favorite one irresistble arshole lol love it.

  39. Hi!!! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much! You make life easyer^^

  40. The least I can do for free one-hour pick up video is answer your request to leave a comment. I'm gonna watch it again with msn turned off and no card games! What I've seen was unique information that I didn't get in the other free videos and mails or even the books I've got.
    It's gold and I'm gonna feel even more guilty when I see a beautiful girl and don't do anything. Guilty cause I'm no good promotion material for great teachers like you… yet.

  41. This video is incredible I tried this stuff last night. You really know your stuff.

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