The Real Kiss Test: How To Tell If A Girl Is Ready To Be Kissed… So You Can Avoid Getting Slapped

Beautiful girl ready to kiss...

Pucker up big boy, she’s ready.

Ok… let’s take a step back.

Actually let’s take a MASSIVE leap back and talk about something guys still to this day find hard.

I’m talking about kissing a girl.

More importantly… understanding when a girl is ready to be kissed so that you reduce your chances of being rejected and avoid getting a fat boy slap across the face.

When is the right time to go in?

The right time to go in for a kiss is when you can tell that she’s sexually charged. You are reading her body language correctly and can feel her energy (bit woo woo I know, but trust me you can feel the sexual tension).

Some good body language signals to read are:

  • She constantly grooms her hair by running her fingers through it. She may even move her hair to one side, revealing her neck (big sign here).
  • If she’s sitting down next to you and her upper body is facing you (you’re not talking to the side of her) this is another good sign.
  • Eye contact is strong. If she lingers with her eye contact, this is another sure sign.

Is she allowing you to be physically close to her?

The single biggest indicator that a girl is ready to be kissed is “proximity”. How close does she let you get to her, without moving away or looking as though she’s uncomfortable.

Like I’ve mentioned on several occasions before, you need to dial up attraction… and keep pushing until you have her on side.

So keep kinoing, moving closer and when you’re closer than most people will be, then you’re actually in her “personal space” which is reserved for close friends, family and guys she wants to get intimate with.

How does she respond to kino?

As you know, you should be touching her from the moment you see her, because this indicates strongly that you’re not a potential friend, but a potential sexual partner.

But it’s still very important to gauge how the girl responds to kino. When you touch her, does she move away? Does she change her standing or sitting position? Does she look uncomfortable to you? If not then she’s happy with you touching her.

The triangular kissing technique

Here’s a technique I used to teach on the bootcamps back in the day, which works wonders and really helps with building intense sexual tension.

Here’s what to do:

1. Make sure you’re very close to her and touching her in some way with your legs if you’re sitting down or your hands if you’re standing up.

2. Slow down your breathing, movements and words.

3. Look at her left eye, then slowly move to the right eye… then slowly look at her lips and stay on each of the three for a second or two.

Once you do this, she’ll feel like she wants to kiss you and that’s when you go for it.

What to do when she moves away

There’s always a chance that you misread the signals she’s giving you and as you go in for the kiss, she moves away. Here’s what you need to do when that happens:

1. Don’t overreact – If you flip out like an insecure douche, she’ll be put off and all the work you’ve put into the interaction will be wasted.

2. Keep kinoing – Intensify the kino over the duration of the interaction, but don’t stop just because she seemed to react badly. You’re just warming her up.

3. Carry on as if nothing happened – Brush her reaction off by saying “Awww, is someone shy…” and then change the subject so that you can distract her logical mind.

So that’s it dude, surefire ways to tell if a girl is ready to be kissed or not. Now go out there and give these tips a go for yourself… let me know how you get on.

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  1. I agree with everything that was said in that post, but I have to add one more thing – the moment you see a girl looking at your lips ( sometimes smiling along with it ) while you’re talking, it’s on. From that moment it is smooth sailing, and the longer you build up the tension, by holding deep eye contact, not responding to her first look at your lips* and touching her, you will see that she will fix her eyes to your lips more and more.

    *Of course, you can go for the kiss after minute or two, after you’ve noticed she’s looking at you like that, but I always like to build up some tension, hold a strong gaze at her eyes, often put 2 fingers at her cheek, hold eye contact, deepen my voice and talk that way, making the atmosphere more private. Try it, but be sure to warm her up before doing any of this stuff.

  2. Dhruv Bhagat says:

    Well, kissing a girl is an art of showing your love to her.. It is not being dirty… I don’t know why girls pretend to be simple living and high thinking which they are not…

    Also for guys, you have to make her feel comfortable, make the atmosphere romantic, make her feel special and yea, you should not try to kiss her in public.. let these things be private :) :)

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