Take Note Guys: Top 10 Turn Offs For Women

Wanna know what the top turn offs for women are?

No? Well you need to, otherwise you could scupper your chances of getting a number… if it’s a big enough turn off then you might even screw up sleeping with her.

This is serious.

Let’s imagine for a second that your game was tight.

I’m talking REAL solid game.

But no matter how good you were with women, you always managed to “put them off” somehow. Wouldn’t that get a little frustrating after a while?

Of course it would.

So wouldn’t it make sense to learn what women HATE and what turns them off, so you can prevent yourself from screwing up?

Yep, it would.

So today I’m going to run through the top 10 turn offs women hate so that you can increase your chances of getting laid.

Let’s do this…

1. Bad shoes

Women LOVE shoes as you should already know, but it doesn’t just stop with their own. They really like a man in good shoes. So treat yourself to an expensive pair of shoes that will last you awhile.

2. Bad body odor (and breath)

There’s nothing worse than when you’re talking to someone and you get a whiff of their armpit or stanky bad breath. Make sure you’re fresh at all times, even if you’re just popping out for a minute.

3. Getting too drunk

I know I know, alcohol can sometimes help with the nerves. But it can also backfire too, women hate it when a guy gets too drunk and starts slurring his words and spitting slobber all over her mid conversation.

4. Getting shot down publicly

Women like a guy who is persistent, but when you’re blatantly being shot down in a bar or club and everyone can see. That’s a huge turn off, so make sure you’re discreet with the shoot downs.

5. Space invading

Give her some space man! Use kino and build some sexual tension before you start getting up in her face. She’ll get creeped out quickly if you’re too touchy feely in the beginning and you’ll be labeled a creep.

6. Being negative

Do you moan a lot? Well you need to stop yourself dude, it’s not enjoyable for anyone when you’re around a negative person. You don’t need to be some crazy positive tree hugger, but you should also keep the bad vibes to yourself.

7. Crappy friends

Have some buddies that make you look bad? This isn’t good dude, you need to either ditch them or call them out for screwing up your interactions with women.

8. Insecurity

Women seriously hate guys that are insecure, because most women are insecure themselves. If they go out with a guy who is insecure, it’s just going to make them feel twice as bad, so start working on your confidence.

9. Being oversensitive

Don’t be so damn defensive all the time, it makes you look like a child. Women like REAL men, so if she gives you a shit test… give her one right back! Stand your ground in a witty cocky funny way, not in a little boy running home to his mummy way.

10. Cocky attitude

Girls cannot stand cocky arrogant guys, it will turn them off faster than a light switch. So ease up on the narcissistic personality bro, it just doesn’t help.

So those are the biggest turn offs for women. If you can stay away from each of those AND run some solid game, you’ll be just fine.

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  1. jonathan says:

    i’ve got quite a problem, i’m actually madly in love with a girl, but a friend of mine and hers has told me that she has explicitly said she likes me, but just as a friend, and that she has no interest in getting in a relationship with me. some guys would drop this girl, but i’m actually determined to get her because she’s the most awesome girl i know, yet i don’t know how to handle this situation. what do i do? do i tell her i’m starting to like her as something more than a friend? do i play hard to get? i’m kinda in a hurry because i know a lot of guys are after her, and i could’t stand seeing her in a relationship with some other guy who probably only wants to bang her because she’s hot. please help me

  2. I agree with most of them except the 10th. I have seen a lot of times that cocky comedy attitude is working.

  3. The Male Insider says:

    Nice post, I’d say space invading, getting too drunk and being negative are the worst. Nobody wants to be around a negative person, period. The other two speak for themselves. I’d also note that cockiness is good sometimes, we all remember ‘cocky funny’.

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