What To Do If A Girl Cancels A Date With You… Read This Before Freaking Out

Make her wish she never cancelled!

Make her wish she never cancelled!

Flakes and cancels are going to happen, it’s part of game.

But what are the specific steps you need to take when a girl cancels on you, so that you…

a) Come across as a cool, easy going guy who isn’t needy


b) Don’t ruin your chances of meeting with her again and eventually sleep with her

Any ideas?

Well that’s what I’m going to talk to you about today, the steps I take when I’m cancelled on by a girl I was eager to meet (yes it still happens and will always happen, so you must accept that).

Something to remember is that, If she flakes, it doesn’t always mean she’s not interested.

Girls are busy by nature, they like to have things to do…. girlfriends to see… trips to the salon… work…. gym… etc. Especially if she’s hot, she’ll have a TON of crap to do… so you’re waaaaaay down the list of important things.

Feel depressed about what I just said?

Don’t, it’s life… so suck it up and deal with it.

Ok, enough with the tough love, let’s move onto the steps you need to take, the moment she cancels on you.

WAIT A MINUTE! You quite clearly need to get better at text game. Here’s a video that will make you better.

What to do when she cancels

1. Be cool and don’t text her when you’re emotional/angry

The absolute worst thing you can do is act in a way that will scare her off and make her think you’re a needy douche.

By saying something like “Great, thanks for cancelling last minute, maybe next time” or “Aaaaah man you suck! Oh well, hopefully we can meet up soon”.

You’re just making yourself look bad.

2. Did she offer a reschedule date or not?

When she cancelled, did she say “Hey, I’m really sorry I can’t make tonight… but are you free on Tuesday night? x”

Or did she not offer you another date?

If she did try to make good and reschedule then you can just reply a little while later and say “That’s cool, yeah Tuesday looks good for me… let’s meet at 8 inside the mall”.

But if she didn’t offer another date, then you just need to relax and respond with text that shows you’re not bothered (but in a nice way).

Something like “Cool, no worries. We’ll catch each other soon..”.

3. Don’t arrange a new date with her right away

One of the needy things guys tend to do when they’ve just been cancelled on is, arrange another time and place to meet straight away.

They say something like “No problem, how about tomorrow night? Or maybe even Sunday, are you free then?”

Don’t do this, it shows that you’re needy and have no social life. Both of which women don’t want in a man.

4. Call her to arrange the next date out of the blue

After your last casual text to her cancelling. The best way I’ve found to setup a followup date is by calling her, building some rapport for 10 minutes or so and then say something like “We should meet this Friday, I’m out with some friends at this place and it should be cool, you should come along”.

That way, she’ll have no reason to blow me off and I get to see her again.

5. No response? Move onto the next girl

Sometimes you’ll meet a girl who will cancel on you, then she’ll not respond when you text her back and try to meet up again.

What I do in this situation is leave it totally and move onto my Plan B girl. Always keep a bunch of girls on tap, so you can keep the momentum going.

Again, if you’re eager to not let this happen again. You should watch this video and apply the techniques.

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  1. Any opinions on this scenario?

    You meet a girl, go on a bunch of dates and then sleep with her. She tells you how great you are and then all the sudden two dates in a row something happens with her car so she cancels. Would normally be an indication of lack of interest but yesterday she texted me out of the blue saying she was excited to see me today (she cancelled on me later). She then texted me saying how sorry she was and that she wanted to cry because this is the second time her car failed her.

    Normally I’d be done with her but I can’t get over the fact she came to me without me saying a word telling me she couldn’t wait to see me so I want to believe her.

    Thoughts? I’m losing my mind over it unsure of what to do or say at this point.

  2. Pick-Up Architect says:

    Hi Gambler

    it’s always a pleasure to read your articles on here , i have progressed so much thanks to them ;) , so here what did just happen to me , i have just approached this hot dutch girl on the street directly for like 5 minutes saying that i have seen her from the other part of the street and wanted to talk to her …

    then finally ended up taking her number , timebridged for a date she said she will be in a trip with her study group for 5 days , so i waited till the fifth day , sent a little msg asking how was the trip and jokking about her pale skin then asking if she is back or not , she answered few hours later positively i felt she was in for a date , then right away like after 20 minutes i replied saying that i want to see her and when she is free , she answered back the next day saying that she was ok and that tomorrow was ok for her ,

    then i gave her details about the date then we met …i just used natural conversational stuff no negs few push-pulls and some kino , i made her laugh a lot and we spent 2 hours toguether , after 2 days same plan and we met again i tried to go further with my kino , sometimes i felt her resistance so i would just stop then continu , after that i get her back to her host family then left …

    the next day i got an invitation for a concert and thought it would be nice to go with her so i sent her a msg and she said she had other plans and that she was sorry for the late answer … so i replied that it’s not a problem and that we can meet the next week maybe … and then i am waiting to see what would happen , what do you guys think of this ??

    • Hi men, because I lived a similar situation with my ex girl friend. She didnt cancel the last date, she told me she felt to sleep 9 pm and didnt give sign of life. What I was really about it. I decide to finish the relation becuse was the last drop of the glass. After 3 month she wanted to date again and continue out relationship, I fucked a several times and I try to be only his friend. On the other hand I really love her.
      In your situation I would value myself by showing Im a good card, a clever man, and succesful with girls. So if you invite her a she told you no or acts like a difficult woman. Stop showing interest in her and wait what happen! I agree with the theory dont show too much attention to the girl you like. Or they will manage the situation and her needs as she wants. Is like a soccer or rugby match dont let her have the possesion of the ball. You are the guy your the again of the boat. I hope my opinion will help you!


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