Why Most Guys Don’t Get Laid… It’s Time To Get Serious, So Buckle Up

Men are predators.

We were built and evolved to hunt, survive, protect and kill.

Women are providers.

They were built and evolved to care, love, nurture and procreate.

Why am I telling you this?

Because guys are still walking around with the same caveman mindset in 2013, thinking they will get laid with minimal effort.


The modern ages don’t allow men to sleep with women unless they put in at least some effort, so stop expecting to get laid when you don’t do anything to support it.

Men focus on “the sex” part

I get emails all the time from guys saying “Rich, why am I not getting laid… I’m doing everything I can”.

To which I respond…

“Because you’re focusing on the ‘getting laid’ part”.

If all you’re thinking about is the sex, then you’re not going to be invested in the girl. You’re not going to do everything that is required to build rapport, connection, trust and attraction.

Your energy is going to be very obvious and will turn girls off, there’s no excitement there for them.

Think about it, if you’re an attractive woman that can have almost any guy you want… why would you bother going for the same type of guy, you’d want a guy that makes you FEEL good, makes you laugh and you feel a strong connection for.

Minimal investment

Here’s what the average guy’s thought process looks like:

1. Get a girls number
2. Take her out
3. Get her drunk
4. Bang her

This process works maybe 30% of the time and with easy, average looking girls.

You’re missing a huge chunk of investment.

This is how you should be thinking:

1. Get her number, remind her who you are
2. Meet for a first date, build rapport, connection, kino and attraction
3. Create trust, make her laugh, be sexual
4. Invite her into your reality
5. Show her you’re a confident, secure, non-emotional guy
6. Invest more time and energy into building attraction
7. Sleep with her

How to combat this? Get options

It’s much easier said than done, so the best way to combat this is by creating a more abundant life with women.

What I mean is you need more options.

Approach 1 new girl every day, get her number and follow up.

After 30 days you’ll have a stockpile of women (maybe 10 or so)… going on multiple dates, flirting a bunch.

What will happen is a snowball effect.

One of the first girls you approached a month ago will sleep with you.

Then another girl will sleep with you and you’ll begin to see a change in the way you game.

Rather than just hoping and wishing to get laid with every new girl you meet, you’ve actually created a life that most guys dream of.

Think of it from her perspective (taking… not giving)

Ok so let’s put it like this.

The next time you meet a girl you like, I want you to invest double the amount of time you already invest into building attraction with her.

Really try hard to give her what she needs to open up and trust you, then notice how much more you’re getting laid.

Right, that’s my rant over!

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  1. Lie lie and lie some more. Pretend you’re that rich guy she always dreamed about and you’ll get laid, at least for a couple of nights :-).

  2. Goldeneye says:

    hey, something is happening. recently I felt I became manlyer, but even though I try to make jokes, make a girl laugh and she responds to me, I can’t seem to create that sexual tension with her. it seems that no girl prefers me. plus I hang out with a natural, and all girls prefer him. I mean 100% of the girls. even if I am manly, compare to a “superman” just a very very strong man is still rubbish, even if the strong man is the best man on Earth. You get my analogy? plus I am in China now, do u have any insights on chinese girls, any differences from western girls? I need some answers can u pls put a light on this??

  3. That I very much agree with!! We alwayz want a easy way out, walkin with caveman mindset & giveup 2 easily. As a predictor hunger strives you 2 survive and if u don’t attack, you out of the game….

  4. Gabriel Castillo says:

    Great advice, I am going to put this in to action.

  5. Hi Rich,

    It all seems so easy but I’m still tripping up at the very begin by losing all confidence before I even get to going and meeting the girl. Is there any hard and fast tips you can give for getting over the confidence and self esteem issue?

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