New York Seminar: Part 3!

Hey Guys,

Here is the third segment of this summer’s New York Seminar.

In this video we’re going to be diving into some killer conversational tactics….


-Rich (Gambler)

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  1. Alexander says:

    Richard, where is the rest of the video ? This one ended abruptly after 29 minutes.

  2. Really well-presented and practical.

    Maybe you can mark the stage or something though so you don't keep walking out of the shot.

  3. I appreciate the gold which was being shared.

    At the same time, I got a question with regards to the concept of connectivity.

    Is connectivity related to rapport?

    Therefore, I am certain that any natural could already have been doing that. Don't they?

    Appreciate any form of input on this.

  4. awesome stuff richard :) love ur humour! i think u should show the camera man ur mates knife collection though, whats he doing? :P

  5. i gotta say, deep rapport, has gotta be one of the MOST useful social techniques period, it is SO versatile, and it is a great boyfriend buster

  6. This is great stuff! I love your videos! This is so essential, i long for the day i will be able to understand and master all of this. Thanks alot man!

  7. pohn paul says:

    Thanks!! I have never heard the connection stuff explained that well. A+ :-)


  8. The video isn't playing. Is there another link?

  9. Great stuff Richard! I just recently started being direct with women and I completely understand what you're saying in these videos finally! The responses/reactions I get are something I live for now! Keep it up and I'll do the same! Thanks for confirming my beliefs in this game!

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