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“Stealth Attraction”
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“Approaching Confidence”
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“The Social Domination Blueprint”
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“9 Secrets To 9’s And 10’s”
Retail $197 INCLUDED
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Richard La Ruina (AKA Gambler)


Fellow PUA,

As an extra, unadvertised bonus for watching this video today, I want to give you INSTANT ACCESS to four of my most POWERFUL (and popular) training programs:

  1. The Stealth Attraction Method that allows you to go into any bar or club and pull the hottest chick in the room in less than 45 minutes – all with practically ZERO CHANCE OF REJECTION (The reason this is possible is because the method is 100% under the radar. She doesn’t know what’s happening until it’s too late…)
  2. The “Approaching Confidence” hypnotic audio program that removes the approach anxiety that holds you back and gives you complete and total confidence so that you go for it every time you see a beautiful woman.
  3. The Social Domination Blueprint I use to surround myself with 30-45 women at a time, get into the hottest bars and nightclubs without fail, and live the kind of life most guys can only dream of. (The blueprint works for me, It’s worked for all of my students, and it will work for you)
  4. The 9 Secrets To Landing 9’s (And 10’s) . Most guys are stuck settling for 5’s and 6’s – if they’re even getting any women at all – and it’s because there are a few critical factors in the game they are completely overlooking.Over the past year I’ve identified the 9 “game changers” you need to know if you want to score with the hottest chicks, consistently, and in this powerful audio training, I share them all with you.

These training programs are packed with content, and best of all it’s the type of material you can apply immediately in the real world to start seeing real girl-in-bed results!

Because as you’ll soon see, when you go through one of our training programs you enter…

“The No Theory Zone”

What do I mean by “The No Theory Zone”?

Well it’s simple. A lot of training programs out there talk about stuff that could work or worse – stuff that should work…but doesn’t.

My methods, techniques and tactics, however, are backed up by real-world FIELD experience..Thousands of hours spent in the bars and nightclubs approaching tens of thousands of the world’s hottest women.


  • When I tell you that you should be using a certain opener, it’s because I’ve tested it thousands of time and IT WORKS!
  • And when I tell you the EXACT responses you should use when she asks you questions to not only get her attracted but also to get her chasing you, it’s because I’ve tested it thousands of times and IT WORKS!
  • And when I show you how you can tweak just a few small things in your game to increase double and triple your actual closing rate (As in ‘girl-in-bed’…) it’s because I’ve tried it and IT WORKS!
  • And when I show you how to get 30-45 women to come out with you at night with almost zero ‘work’ or effort…it’s because I’ve done it and it WORKS!

So in other words, when I tell you something works…IT WORKS…and it WILL put more girls in your bed!

Here’s a closer look at the girl-getting training programs you’re about to get access to:

Course Descriptions:

Training #1: Stealth Attraction

Approx 3.4 hours VIDEO Training


Value: $197

My #1 Most Popular and POWERFUL Training of ALL Time!

Over the course of 3 years, I spent thousands of hours in the field searching for the “holy grail” of game. A seduction system that would work faster than anything else – work on the world’s hottest women – and be completely and totally rejection proof.

Well, I found it and the result is Stealth Attraction. Put simply, Stealth Attraction is the most powerful, effective, and rejection-proof seduction technology ever developed. In this 3 hour training program I reveal the entire method to you, from start to finish, in step by step format. After going through this program you can expect to have the ability to go into any bar or club and get the hottest women attracted, turned on, and begging to go home with you.

Training #2: Approaching Confidence Audio Entrainment Program

Value: $147

I’ve trained over 2,000 students live and in the field and the one thing I’ve seen get in the way of their progress time and time again is Approach Anxiety. This paralyzing fear of approaching women is the #1 thing stopping you from making the progress you want and that’s why I crated the Approaching Confidence audio entrainment program.

The Approaching confidence audio program is a downloadable hypnosis audio that has been specifically designed to erase the “fear of the approach” from your mind and replace it with bold, confident thought patterns that will literally compel you to approach beautiful women, the moment you lay eyes on them.

Think of it as “steroids” for the Stealth Attraction training program you are also receiving today. Approaching Confidence will turbo-charge the results you get from Stealth Attraction because you won’t be held back by the very thing that sabotages 99% of most guys’ attempts at getting good at pickup – Fear of the approach.

It’s the secret ingredient that will let you get better with women, in even faster time.

Training #3: The Social Domination Blueprint

Value: $197

Imagine, going out to the club with 20, 30, even 40 girls by your side. You walk right into the club, shake hands with the owner and are escorted to your VIP table, where you’ll have free drinks, women, and the time of your life – all without even having to pay a penny.

The question is no longer “am I going to get lucky tonight” but instead, “which one of these girls do I want?”

That’s what this video training is about. It’s about living the life of a social rockstar and being the 1 guy in 1,000 who women clamor to be seen out with, the 1 guy in 1,000 that clubs beg to have drink their champagne every night, the 1 guy in 1,000 who sleeps with a different hottie every single night – without even trying.

In the video, you’ll watch as I lay out the exact step-by-step “social domination blueprint” that I’ve used to build this lifestyle for myself and for my students.

Training #4: 9 Secrets To 9’s And 10’s

Value: $197

Fact: Most guys are settling for 5’s and 6’s.

If they’re even getting any women at all.

After going through this training you won’t be one of those guys. You see, I’ve got a reputation for “playing ball” with some of the hottest women in the world – the honest to god 9’s and 10’s and it’s because I’ve developed very specific methods and tactics for getting these super-hotties whipped into a feeding frenzy.

There are 9 KEY things you need to know and in this audio training session (and accompanying worksheet) I lay them out for you so that you can immediately begin to get the kind of women you really want.

And now you can get this (plus 3 other mindblowing programs) for just $1…

Again, sold separately these training programs all retail between $97 and $197 a piece, but I think you’d agree after reading the descriptions that each one of them is easily worth more because you really can’t put a price on having the power to have any woman you want, right?

Here’s “The Catch” You’ve

Been Looking For…

Here’s the deal: If you were to invest in these programs individually, you would pay up to $197 for each of them. I’m not exaggerating when we say this is a real world value of $788!

But that begs the question..

“If these 4 training programs normally sell for $197 a piece, why would I give them to you for FREE?”

The truth is, it’s a BRIBE!

No, I’m not kidding.

You see, while I’m willing to give you my best-selling training programs for just FREE, I’m not going to hand them over just “willy-nilly”.

For starters, some of our best customers have already paid almost $800 for this exact same information, so we need to keep this offer truly limited.

Also, I’ve invested thousands of hours of field time to discover this material and have spent tens of thousands of dollars to have these training programs produced (they are shot in Hollywood quality HD format) – so the idea of handing over such valuable material for a measily dollar makes my stomach turn.

So what’s the bribe…

Why Am I Willing To Part With Four of
My Best-Selling Courses for FREE?

If you want to get instant access to:

  1. Stealth Attraction
  2. Approaching Confidence
  3. The Lifestyle Blueprint
  4. 9 Secrets to 9’s and 10’s

…all for FREE, all I ask is that you take a 14-day test-drive of my “Master Pickup Artist University” Coaching Club for just $4.95.

“Master Pickup Artist University” is our private members-only, coaching program where we each month, members get 4 hard hitting DVD’s, and a monthly webinar where myself and my team of trainers show you the most cutting-edge secret strategies and methodologies that take you way beyond what any other guys are doing in the field, and give you a flat-out unfair advantage.

In addition to your training material, as a member of our Master Pickup Artist University program you will get to ask myself and my team of trainers your most pressing questions during our monthly call-in sessions.

The exclusive training material and the coaching you will receive in Master Pickup Artist University ensures that you reach Master Pickup Artist Status the next 12 months.

While the other guys out there experience just a little bit of success but then get frustrated, stuck, and ultimately give up, you’ll be on the fast track to the top as we guide you every step of the way.

And you get your first 14 days of Master Pickup Artist University today for just $4.95.

After you take your 14-day test drive, your membership will automatically be renewed at the lowest membership rate we’ve ever offered, just $77… and you can cancel at any time.

Of course, if you decide to cancel during your first 14 days in the program, you’ll never be billed and my 4 top-selling courses and the first module of the program are yours to keep forever.

All you really “risk” is the $4.95 (and to be honest if you truly don’t think the four training programs above are worth a $4.95, we’ll refund that as well).

So what are you waiting for…

Claim Your Access Now!