Silicon Wives Review – The Best Sex Dolls Ever?

A luxury sex doll is a significant investment. Choosing the right doll can make the difference between years of fun and pleasure, or well, just another ex. Silicon Wives has years of experience in the sex doll market and provides the best models at the best prices. Check out our Silicon Wives review.

Silicon Wives Review

An established brand in the sex industry.

My In-Depth Silicon Wives Review

Silicon Wives offers a variety of dolls in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. From tall to mini, ebony to anime, Silicon Wives has the doll to fulfill every fantasy. Silicon Wives has been handpicking the best dolls from the best manufacturers since 2015, so you know you are getting a quality product. Their online catalog also includes accessories for your dolls and other male masturbation toys.

Their website makes it easy to locate dolls with the features you want quickly. Shopping by category allows you to browse by body type, size, or material. Once you narrow in on your specific category, Silicon Wives offers dozens of pictures of your potential gal pal, all at stunning resolution. These galleries feature various provocative poses, allowing you to see what play possibilities lie in store.

Amazing customizations

In most cases, you can customize your new date to your taste. By customizing eye and hair color, skin tone, and breast firmness, you can create the ultimate companion. These features add an extra level of realism that will keep your erotic playtime fun and exciting for years. They look and feel so good; you’ll have a hard time believing they’re not real.

Silicon Wives also offers a variety of vaginal customizations. You can opt for the shaved look or choose to have a little fluff on your muff. Other options include a removable or built-in vagina. A built-in vagina provides a more realistic feel, while removable vaginas make for easy cleanup.

With fast, free, and discreet shipping along, multiple payment options, and killer customer service, Silicon Wives is one of the best sex doll providers we’ve found yet!


There are seriously cool features for each of the dolls that you won’t get with other manufactures.


All Silicon Wives dolls have a lifelike appearance, providing the ultimate experience. These dolls are all hand-crafted by the best artists in the business, meaning you will never run short on excitement and stimulation.

They have carefully considered every detail, and when you’re looking for a sex doll, you want the most realistic visual and tactile sensations possible. From the hair’s texture to the look and feel of the nipples and labia, these dolls just look and feel real.


Silicon Wives only sells dolls made of the highest quality materials. There are only two materials you should consider for your sex doll: silicone and thermoplastic elastomer.


Silicone is a tried-and-true material. It offers the ultimate in durability, but it’s also gentle and safe for the skin. For that reason, silicone is popular in a variety of medical applications. Silicone sex dolls also looks very realistic.

The downside to silicone is the feel. While it makes for some extremely long-lasting dolls, it doesn’t quite have the feel of the next material we’ll cover. Still, if you want a long-lasting partner, silicone is a great choice.

Thermoplastic Elastomer

Thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE, provides the most realistic sensations you can find. You might even think TPE feels better than the real thing! TPE is more elastic and will conform to you like nothing else on the market.

TPE loves to be spanked and fondled, producing realistic ripples and jiggles that are so lifelike you might forget it’s a doll. For that reason, Silicon Wives favors TPE over silicone by a ratio of 10:1. These dolls are still quite durable, just not quite as durable as their silicone counterparts.

Fully Posable

Posing is easy to overlook when choosing your first doll. A great looking doll will only get you so far. You’ll want to pose your doll in unique and exciting positions to get the most enjoyment. That’s why Silicon Wives only offers dolls with poseable metal skeletons combined with durable articulating joints.


Silicon Wives offers a variety of advanced customization options on many of their dolls. Options like body heating, shrugging shoulders, enhanced mouths, and penis attachments are available for an additional fee. If you don’t want to wait for your new flame, Silicon Wives has a variety of ready-to-ship dolls for you to choose from.

For those looking for something truly unique, you can provide pictures, measurements, and any additional instructions to commission a custom sex doll, built from the ground up to your specifications.

Before production, Silicon Wives will submit the artist’s final design for your approval. Once approved, work will begin on your very own custom sex doll.

Advanced Technology

Silicon Wives also offers the ultimate in sex doll technology, Emma, the customizable sex android. Not only does Emma look and feel great, but she also responds to your touch, moaning with increasing intensity as you bring her to ecstasy. Built-in AI speech processors and voice recognition allow you to have conversations with Emma but be warned: she likes to talk dirty.


Silicon Wives has evaluated dolls from all major manufacturers. They’ve been at this for a long time, and they know which dolls will keep their customers satisfied. There are a lot of substandard dolls on the market today. Luckily, if you’re a first-time buyer, Silicon Wives can save you the hassle and wasted money that comes with buying a sex doll from a low-quality manufacturer.

Here are some of the manufacturers that Silicon Wives has partnered with:

  • WM Doll
  • YL Doll
  • Sino Doll
  • Sanhui Doll
  • 6Ye Doll
  • Qita Doll
  • Magic Moment Doll

Because Silicon Wives has such a great relationship with the leading manufacturers in the sex doll industry, they can bring you exclusive dolls you can’t find anywhere else. These Silicon Wives exclusives are available under their own category on the website.

Pros (What I Like)

  • Price – Silicon Wives offers some of the lowest prices we’ve found for these dolls, making them a great quality doll provider at very competitive prices.
  • Image Galleries – High-quality image galleries feature dozens of photographs, helping you find the perfect doll.
  • Top Manufacturers – Silicon Wives only sells dolls from the top manufacturers. You won’t need to worry about winding up with a substandard doll.
  • Free Shipping – All Silicon Wives dolls ship for free, meaning you won’t have any surprises or extra fees at checkout.
  • Payment Plans – Payment plans make purchasing from Silicon Wives easy and affordable.

Cons (What I Don’t Like)

  • Lack of Depth in Customization – Some competitors offer more in-depth customization for the same doll, including cup size, nipple color and size, and labia color.
  • Outfits Not Included – The website’s marketing seems to suggest that the themed dolls come with outfits. In our experience, they don’t. So keep this in mind if you like the outfits you see on the website.

How long will it take my sex doll to arrive?

Silicon Wives ships most orders within two to three weeks. These longer lead times are due to the customization process. Of course, ready-to-ship dolls will have shorter lead times. Fully customized dolls based on actual photos and measurements will take longer. This will allow you to interact with the artist and make sure your sex doll is a perfect match for your real-life subject.

How do I clean my sex doll?

You’ll want to be sure to wipe down your doll to remove any excess fluids. If you opt for a doll with a removable vagina, simply rinse the insert in soapy water, rinse, and allow it to dry. For dolls with built-in vaginas, as well as the anus and mouth of your doll, require a little extra care.

The best method is to use a water irrigator such as the one sold by Silicon Wives, but a showerhead set at low pressure will also work. Just take care not to submerge your dolls head in water, which may damage the internal skeleton. You can also clean these areas manually, but it’s much more time-consuming.

Never use harsh chemicals or abrasives on your doll, and never use heated drying methods such as hairdryers or radiant heat sources, such as vents. Spreading your doll’s legs will gently allow her holes to dry. You can also use tampons to dry her out faster.

Finally, using condoms during use makes cleaning your doll much easier.

What if there is a problem with my sex doll?

The advantage of buying from Silicon Wives is that they inspect every doll they ship. When investing in a luxury sex doll, you want it to arrive in pristine condition. Silicon Wives makes sure your doll arrives in great shape. If there is a problem, their customer service department will make it right. Just remember that once you use your doll, you’re on your own.

Final Thoughts

Silicon Wives offers premium dolls at great prices. Since their expert team handpicks the best dolls from the best manufacturers, you know you’ll wind up with a premium product. With fast and free shipping, great customer service, and a variety of payment options, Silicon Wives is hard to beat. Hopefully, this Silicon Wives review can help you find your next best playmate.

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