11 Essential Ingredients You Need To Get Really Good At Daygame

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Summertime day game is unlike anything you’ll experience in the club.

There are beautiful women EVERYWHERE. The subway, the bus, the street, starbucks, convenient stores… all over the damn place. You only need to walk 10 blocks in New York and you’ll spot a handful of smoke-shows you can easily approach and number close (even instant date if you catch the right girl).

Today I want to give you a list of ingredients that will make you a master day gamer if you apply them every time you set foot outside.

Let’s get into it:

1. Improve your life with new stuff

Building rapport with a woman requires you to ask interesting questions and make observations about her that most guys would never dream of making. But when you start to connect, she’s going to want to know more about you… who are you? What do you do? Where have you been? etc…

The more you pack into your life (traveling, classes, friends, events, courses… etc) the more you will have to talk about, the more life experience you will have and the more interesting you will be as a person to talk to.

2. Find good habits that promote inner “highs”

I’ve spoken about creating good habits in your life before because I strongly believe that good habits are the foundation of creating a better you. When you develop a good habit (like healthy eating, exercising hard in the gym, reading every day, meditating, talking to women in the street etc) good things happen all on their own.

You feel less stressed, more open to possibilities and people will want to be around you. There’s no woo woo magic self help crap here, just facts.

3. Remove bad habits immediately

Just like good habits will make you a happier and healthier person, bad habits will obviously make you a less happy more unhealthy person. Unhealthy in the mind and body. Do you drink beer when you get home every night afterwork? Watch porn every day? Reach for that chocolate bar when your hungry? Skip the gym when you’re tired?

All these things build momentum in your head and lead you down a self destructive path. Before you know it, you will be in a place (mentally) where you just hate being. Constantly talking yourself out of situations, justifying your beliefs when they’re clearly wrong and being a shitty person in general.

4. Set teeny tiny goals… every day

Goal setting sucks. It feels a little bit cheesy if you ask me, something the “self help gurus” have peddled for years and it just feels a bit icky to me these days.

So just set teeny tiny goals every day, that build up to larger goals naturally. For example… talk to 1 girl every day, get at least 2 girls numbers this week, set 1 new date up every 2 weeks. What gradually happens is you have a bunch of options! Easy and no pressure to achieve the bigger goals that you’ve failed to achieve before.

5. Take rejection as a lesson

Rejection is a ball ache… if you think of it that way. What rejection is really doing is showing you what you’re doing wrong. Did a girl rush past you without stopping when you asked her a question? Maybe your voice was too low, you sounded like a little bitch or you didn’t command her attention.

Learn immediately from each rejection and ask yourself (what did I do wrong?). Then improve.

6. Stack the momentum

Momentum is infectious, so you must do whatever you can to keep the momentum going. As soon as you get a number from a hottie and you feel that amazing buzz, stop another girl as soon as you can… an even hotter one if you can and close her too. Women are very intuitive, they will feel your energy (seriously they pick up on that shit).

7. Get in state (your set routine)

Getting in state is more than just a confidence boost. It serves a purpose on multiple levels. To get in state, I usually follow a routine… I will listen to music, change my body language to feel more confident, approach a few throw away sets and get my mojo going before I approach girls I really want to meet.

Find what works for you and repeat that routine to get in state every time you decide to go out.

8. Stop girls properly (stopping and opening)

Stopping a girl in the street is simple, don’t complicate it. This is what you need to do… 1) see the girl 2) walk beside the girl 3) walk slightly in front of her but still to the side 4) look her dead in the eyes whilst gesturing to stop 5) say “hey I just saw you over there and I had to come over and tell you something quickly…”

That’s it!

9. Close like a pro

Closing is another simple process. You say to her that you need to meet up with some friends, so have to go. But you’d like to see her again sometime. Then you say “what’s your number? I’ll call you now so you have mine too”. Then you have a solid number to follow up with. How simple is that?

10. Follow up with numbers right away

Never use any douchey 2 day rules you may read on forums or watch on You Tube. Always follow up with the girl within 2 hours of meeting her. Ideally you will want to call her, but if you have to text, keep it short.. not needy and don’t use the same old cliche boring texts that most guys send.

11. Keep pushing to see what can happen (be dominant)

Lastly you need to keep pushing each scenario to see how far you can take things. Don’t just stop at the number, see if you can take her on an instant date. Is the conversation sexually charged? Try and kiss her, does she seem way more sexual than most girls you’ve spoken to this week? Then try and take her back to you yours.

The possibilities of day game are endless if you keep pushing yourself.


Daygame is much more simpler than night game. There’s no social proof involved, you can be alone and it’s not creepy, you will find way hotter girls that will speak to you without rejecting you and life just feels so much better when you can start talking to a random hottie that walks by.

If you find that the list is too much at first glance, just break it down. Take one ingredient and master that step until you’re happy to move onto the next one. This isn’t a race, it’s about learning, growing and becomig better a talking to women during the day.

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