11 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making With Women


Quit making these mistakes dude!

Oi you… yes you over there, what do you think you’re doing with that girl? I bet you’re f**king something up aren’t you? Chances are you’re most certainly making one of the following mistakes with women subconsciously.

Don’t worry, every guy does something wrong at some point which kills attraction for women, I’ve been there myself countless times. But I’ve learned from my mistakes and this is why the list below is so damn important.

The more you study it and practice the better you will get at being the kind of guy that every woman wants.

Ok, lets’s get into it:

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1. Hoping she likes you (trying too hard)

Never ever hope, wish or pray that a girl likes you. This will mentally put you in a negative place and you will display the signs of a needy little bitch man. She will sniff you out in a second and put you in the friend zone, so always approach women with a healthy attitude and never be concerned whether she likes you initially or not.

2. Not making your intensions clear

Mixed messages suck for everyone, they make you look like a dick and it’s just frustrating for women. From the get go, you need to be very clear with your intentions. Do you want to be her boyfriend? want some NSA fun? want her as a friend only who can introduce you to her hot friends? Be that guy and make it known what you want through your actions.

3. Failing to use kino immediately

Touching girls in the right places evokes very powerful sexual responses, it will drive them wild. But you must remember to use kino from the minute you meet the girl, because this will let her know that you’re not just a nice friendly guy who wants nothing more than to be close to her… you want to get laid son, so be more tactile.

4. Being overly possessive and jealous

Man oh man can jealousy turn women off in a second. There’s a fine balance between being protective and being a mad crazy loon who doesn’t want his woman to speak to anyone else ever again. If she likes you and she’s a good girl, trust me she won’t be sleeping with anyone else but you, so chill out, otherwise you run the risk of looking insecure.

5. Talking about previous relationships

Why would you bring up past girlfriends or ask her about past boyfriends? Sure you can talk about it when you’re in a relationship with her, but never in the beginning stages. It doesn’t matter and comes off as you being a bit intense. If she brings it up, then by all means go into it, but never bring it up yourself, this could spell doom my friend.

6. Not paying for things

Are you poor? Then you should absolutely pay for drinks or dinner when you take a girl out. If she insists on paying and physically pushes your hand out of the way, then let her pay. But other than that, you need to foot the bill. It’s the right thing to do and shows manly characteristics that women want (even if they do shout about being independent and a feminist). They all want it.

7. Nervous comments to avoid small talk

Stop with the small talk. Every time you open your mouth to say something for the sake of saying something, just to fill the void of silence… remember that you’re digging yourself deeper and deeper into a shitty friend zone whole. If she’s the quiet type, ask more suggestive questions but leave more silences in between the conversation to build tension.

8. Lack of eye contact

Using your eyes can be one of your greatest tools. When you look away during conversation, it shows that you’re disinterested or nervous, which are two obviously very bad signs. You have to lock eyes with her (not in a creepy way) and only look away when she does. Alpha male wins biatchhhhhh!

9. Being overly keen in the bedroom

I know you like your porn, we all do. But here’s the thing… most girls don’t have those skills that you see the pornstars use. So don’t assume that she likes anal or enjoys being spanked hard, with a large side of hair pulling. Be gentle, attentive and passionate in the bedroom, but gauge her reactions and dial the sexy stuff up over time.

10. Forgetting simple manners

Are you a man or monkey? Then make sure you have some respect. Simple manners go a hell of a long way, especially in the world today where manners are rapidly evaporating. Open the door for her, pull out the chair, give her your jacket if she’s cold, say please and thank you. Come on dude, basic stuff!

11. Being verbal about your insecurities

Women LOOOOOOOOVE a confident man, so the last thing that they ever want to hear is how sacred you are of spiders or how you hate your job and can’t find the courage to leave. You have to project manly qualities. One of those qualities that women adore is self confidence, having the courage of your conviction and following through with things because you have the balls to do it.

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