12 Proven Micro Signs Of Attraction (Your Scientific Edge To Attracting Women)

Women are giving off micro-signals that show they are VERY attracted to you all the time.

The frustrating thing is, most men have absolutely no freakin idea what these signs are and are blind to them. So naturally they misread or miss the signals all together, which loses them the girl.

Today I want to focus on micro signs of attraction. These signs have been field tested and proven to be the kind of signs women give off if they are interested and attracted to a guy.

Once you learn them and understand how they look in the real world you will be able to…

  1. Tell if their single and if their interested, BEFORE you approach (totally removes the rejection part which is cool)
  2. Pick out which girls are interested in you when you go to a bar or club (saves you a heap of time)
  3. Spot the women who are single (because they behave differently when they’re single)

Sound good?

Cool, let’s get started:

The 3 fundamentals of attraction in a nightclub or bar

When you’re next in a bar or club, ask yourself these 3 questions before doing anything else.

1. Are they in high traffic areas? (near the door, next to the bar, edge of a table with groups of people)
– If yes then it’s game on. Be on alert for the micro signals.
– If no, then be ready to move on and wait for girls you find attractive who are.

2. Are they in “no hassle” areas? (Corner, out of sight, catching up with friends, no interruptions)
– If yes then you shouldn’t approach unless you have balls of steel and superman game or wait until you get multiple obvious IOI’s.
– If no then, asses the situation and gauge her interest with the below checklist.

3. Are they dressed sexy? (attention seeking, sexy heels, short dress etc or just in jeans, trainers, t-shirt etc)
– If yes, then she WANTS to be approached and is looking for a guy.
– If no then she’s probably out with friends and doesn’t want attention.

12 proven micro signs of attraction (Your checklist)

So the more you can say “yes” to, the better your chances are of scoring tonight:

  • Feet pointing towards you (thinking about you, subconsciously attracted) – This isn’t a hard and fast sign. But it has been proven to be a level of subconscious interest.
  • Frequent self grooming (flicking their hair, brushing hair behind ears, scratching their face) – An age old sign that shows her wanting to look her best around you.
  • Hovering close to you (She may touch you when walking past, stand near you for long periods of time – How much space is there for her to move past?) – She’s letting you know that she wants to be near you.
  • Front shuffle (moving or brushing past you facing you or with her back to you) – People who brush past you with their back facing you, are not interested.
  • Exaggerated smiling or laughing (behaving strangely around a guy) – If she’s overly animated, you can take that as a sure sign.
  • Eye contact and slight smile when cheers-ing – When you cheers, does she linger with her look and smile? Boom, that’s a sign.
  • Does she ask you questions or engage in conversation first? (OBVIOUS SIGN) – Come on dude! Totally a sign that she’s into you, no work required here, just rapport building.
  • Is she on her phone? Constantly texting? She’s probably not interested in being there or wanting to talk to anyone. – Try and engage if you dare, but she may be a bit of a princess, so up to you.
  • Does she ignore messages or phone calls when talking to you? Totally focused on you. – Oh yes, she’s very much into you, so bring on the kino.
  • Where is she looking? If she’s looking at your lips then she “may” want to kiss you. – Keep track of her eye movements, are they looking at your lips? Pucker up booooy, she wants a kiss. Call her out on it as well, so she thinks about kissing you more.
  • Where are her friends? If they have disappeared and neither her or her friends are bothered, then she’s most certainly interested. This is most obvious of all signs.
  • On the spot social tagging/checking in (when you’re in a venue and you use something like 4Square or Instgram to check-in/tag) Use this as a way to initiate a conversation with a girl you might already know. If she has an app on her phone she will get a notification that you’re there, so you can use this as a way of seeing if she’s interested.

Final word on micro signs

Ok, so there’s obviously a lot to take in here and there’s no way you’re going to keep all this in your head, whilst talking to girls and running through a mental checklist. My advice to you, would be to take 2 things from the list above and keep trying to spot them until you begin to notice girls doing it without thinking. That means it’s ingrained in your subconscious so you’re doing it on auto-pilot.

Then when you’re happy, you can move onto another 2. Good luck!

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