12 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself During Daygame

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Daygame is a totally different beast to night game, there are a lot of guys that apply the same principles to day game as they do with night game and wonder why they don’t get the same results.

Well, it’s because you’re dealing with multiple factors.

1. Women don’t have their “going out” mindset on. When they go out to bars and clubs with their friends, they know that there will be guys hitting on them, so they have their guard up ready for that. In the day, the majority of women aren’t hit on, so they don’t have a guard up.

2. They are with friends on a night out. Groups of women are much harder to infiltrate than a single woman on her own in a coffee shop. They don’t have their cock block to protect them, random jealous guy friends keeping you from them and annoying friends who don’t get the hint to go away.

3. It’s far less sexual. In a bar or nightclub, it’s much easier to be sexual right off the bat, but in the day time you have to pull that high sexual energy back, otherwise you will come off as a strange creepy rapist guy trawling the streets.

Ok, so now we have those factors out of the way, let’s move onto some questions you should be asking yourself during day game. These will keep you on track, in the right mindset and totally focused on the end result… getting a number or instant date.

Am I keeping strong eye contact?

Strong eye contact shows that you’re confident, it shows that you’re not a scared little boy. It also helps to build a strong connection whilst building rapport. If you keep looking away during the conversation, you will be breaking the rhythm of your conversation, which just makes the whole interaction a lot harder for you.

Did I get too close during the conversation?

Proximity during the day is very different to proximity during the night in a bar or club. You have to keep a good distance so you don’t come off as a creepy dude. Respect her space and only get closer if you feel as though she’s getting more comfortable around you and there’s a level of trust there.

Did I stop her with confidence?

I’ve seen guys (and I used to do this too) stop girls in a weak way. Your mindset should be “I’m going to stop this girl and she’s going to want to talk to me” not “Ugh, I hope she stops”. Walk alongside her, use your hands to gesture stopping and speak up so she can hear what your saying. If you don’t stop her with confidence, she will likely not stop or think you’re a street salesman.

Am I projecting my voice?

Voice projection is key to showing confidence in what you’re saying. Don’t be afraid to speak up, if you have a weak sounding voice you need to work on that. Acting classes are great for voice projection, so give those a try to build up the old vocal cords. There’s nothing worse than when you have to keep repeating yourself, it again breaks the flow of the conversation and rapport can’t be built when this happens.

Am I using “assumption stacks” correctly?

This will be the hardest for you to master, but if you’re asking questions out of habit… stop it! Use assumptions and work that mental muscle so you don’t revert to the interview style questioning that you’ve probably used all your life. Not only that, but you need to use assumptions properly. Really take the time read into the girl, what she’s wearing, what country you think she’s from, accessories she has on, her accent, if she looks artistic…. intelligent etc.

Did I text her right after?

Once you close, you need to text her within a two hour window so that you stay on her mind and she remembers you. Otherwise you run the risk of her forgetting about you and just thinking that you were some random funny guy she met in the street once. Always remember to connect with her and carry on with the hooks you used during the conversation.

Am I “spot number closing” properly?

Don’t just take the number down in your phone and leave, tell her that you’re going to cal her phone right now because you want her to have your number for when you call later. This means you will have a solid number and no chance of a fake number flake which can happen a lot in the beginning.

Is my body language projecting the right message?

The right body language can show you are charismatic and confident, which goes hand in hand with the right conversation. If you’re head is down, shoulders slouched, hands in your pocket and you can’t hold eye contact she will be freaked out by you and will make her excuses to leave. Be a confident alpha male!

Am I asking rapport building questions?

Aside from assumption stacking, you also need to be building rapport through key questions. Things like “are you a spontaneous girl?” or “What was the most daring thing you did this year”?. This will elevate the conversation so that you’re connecting with her instead of just using fluffier questions to keep the conversation going.

Am I using light kino?

Touch her, but not like you would during night game. Otherwise she will be freaked out. A few light touches on the arm every few minutes are enough to build rapport and trust, but not overly aggressive so she runs away mid conversation.

Do I brush off rejections?

When you get the odd rejection, are you sulking and not approaching straight away? If you are then snap out of it! You need to re-approach the same girl or approach another girl directly after getting rejected. It’s the only way you’re going to build your approach muscle and get over the anxiety issue.

Am I hesitating too much on the approach?

Hesitation leads to anxiety, which leads to negative thoughts, which leads you NOT getting laid. I don’t believe in the 3 second rule, but I do believe in analysing the situation and then approaching regardless of my fear. It’s like going to the gym, when I’ve done my 30 minutes or whatever I feel great afterwards, but when I hesitate and think about going, I don’t go.

The more you ask yourself these questions, the more you will learn and the faster you will refine your day game skills.

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  1. Byronicmate says:

    Hey Richard,

    For some reason you ran across my mind today: I was thinking about the early guys that influenced me to get into pick up and your stealth attraction videos were the first “PUA” thing that I’d ever seen. Glad to see you’re still kicking.

    As for this list, I enjoyed it because it includes many points that will screw up a day game approach. I would know because I’ve screwed up hundreds of times and usually it was because of one of the above (assuming the girl was initially receptive). Projection is always the hardest for me because of fear from people listening in. Just gotta do it!

    Thanks for the read.

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