5 Proven Tips For Getting Over Crippling Approach Anxiety

It’s a shame to see so many guys still having problems with approaching women these days. Approach anxiety can be a crippling fear that will make you think crazy thoughts, it can also cause you to sweat uncontrollably and hinder your chances of getting laid for good.

Today, I want to give you 5 proven tips that I used myself back in the day to get a hold of my approaching fears and really start to make some serious progress with my game.

I was able to suppress my fears and as a result I ended up approaching girls in all types of situations… on their own, girls with their mums, groups of girls, girls in crowded coffee shops… even models that I saw walking out of modelling agencies. I did it all.

Ok are you ready? Let’s get into it…

Why you might have approach anxiety

  • You’re afraid of what other people might think of you if they overhear the approach
  • You’re scared of the reaction the girl will give you
  • You don’t want to bother people or interrupt their day
  • You’re worried about the actual result, too much pressure is placed on the situation

How to get over approach anxiety

1. Take an acting class or improve class (good for worrying about other people hearing you approach a girl) – You need to put yourself under pressure. This is the only way your mindset will change and you will become comfortable with uncomfortable situations.

Improv or acting classes are amazing for building confidence and making you much better at socialising with others.

2. Approach her with a compliment and that’s it, nothing else (Good if you’re worried about a bad reaction) – This removes the worry about bothering them, because you don’t want anything in return. You’re just walking up to them, giving a genuine compliment and leaving her knowing that you’ve made her smile. Take less than 10 seconds.

3. Work on your state by being prepared (visualise for 30 minutes before going out, have some openers ready so you’re calm and not concerned about not knowing what to say, play some music that gets you in the zone). The whole idea of creating a solid state, is that you will get rid of 50% of the fear before you even talk to any girls.

4. Design some missions for yourself – Missions are a great way of taking small steps towards getting rid of approach anxiety for good. Something like “I’m going to do 10 approaches… 5 sincere compliments and 5 asking for directions” is a great place to start.

5. Get a buddy or a trainer – Go out with someone and arrange to push each other. Use coin flipping to take get things going and build momentum by pumping each other up. A trainer will inspire you and push you to reach your goals, so is always better than a buddy. But someone going through the same problems as you is always handy if you work together.

Final words

Shock therapy works best with approach anxiety in my experience. If you’re going out to do 5 approaches, then push yourself on the 5th approach and go for 6 instead.

Getting rid of the fear that you get when thinking about approaching is like building up your muscles in the gym, you have to put that fear to rest by working on it again and again until you don’t feel anxiety anymore.

Another thing to remember is that you need to build upon your approaches. It really is a numbers game at this point, the more girls you approach, the more fearless you become… simple as that.

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  1. Love these tips and really looking forward to getting out there and just do it.

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