5 Reasons Why You Need To Call Women Out On Their Bullshit


What are you waiting for? Call her out dude.

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Women say dumb shit, a lot of the time.

Now I urge you to call them out on their bullshit when it happens. The reasons why will become clear very soon, but first I want to explain my thoughts behind why I think modern day women are increasingly saying stupid things that are not only hypocritical, but just damaging for future generations.

As women strive for equality and feminists are waging war against heterosexual men every damn day, something very strange is happening to young women.

They are becoming more wild, care free and holding zero values that a decent girlfriend or wife should have. You’ll see a lot of women in the UK and America being very pro feminism and wanting equal rights, so they can do everything that men do and be treated the same.

But there’s one major problem with this ideology.


We will NEVER be totally equal, unless we morph into some sort of androgynous cock-less vagina-less creature, that is not defined by gender, but by feelings instead.

What I’m trying to get at here is this… young women (especially in the west) will constantly say things that are just dumb. Take this screen shot for example that I found:


Now this is one example of double standards young women have in today’s society. There are plenty more, but that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about making sure you understand why it’s very important that you call every girl out, because some of the reasons may surprise you.

1. It commands respect

Women want to respect men. It’s engrained in the underlying values and beliefs of society and has been this way for generations. Whether they have a logical explanation for not respecting a man is one thing, but science is a totally different and very real thing.

Meaning, they cannot control how they feel when they respect or don’t respect a man, it just happens naturally.

When a woman respects you, she feels a level of attraction, she’s more submissive, willing to listen to your thoughts, wanting you to be the leader and implicitly trusts you.

When she doesn’t respect you, you’re nothing to her, other than an annoying guy who she has no interest in sleeping with.

Note: Using a rapport break is perfect for commanding respect.

2. It shows you’re NOT like most dudes

As unfortunate as this is, many men these days are so on the fence about what they should think, what they shouldn’t say and how they should act around women, in fear of offending them, that they just become one of the sheep.

By standing up for what you believe in and calling her out, you will immediately show her that you’re not one of those guys, you’re the kind of man that she needs in her life.

I mean seriously, what woman wants a flimsy, scared, pathetic little man as her boyfriend or husband?

3. It increases their attraction for you

Women don’t feel attraction for men logically! They don’t look at you and think… ummm, yeah he’s an intelligent guy, dresses well and he could potentially father some decent children.

She’s not thinking, she’s acting on her emotions. She looks at you and runs down the checklist, good hair, tall, handsome, high paying job, good body, very funny, confident, intelligent.. etc.

Again, logic will not win this argument, nature will. Forget the BS she feeds you, act like a man and see how she reacts.

Quick tip: Is she showing signs that she’s attracted to you? If not then it means she’s not interested and you need to move on.

4. You become a better man

The moment you begin voicing your opinion, disagreeing with the crap that some women come out with is the moment you will become a far better man.

It will shape the way you think about society and women, how you act toward women (with utter confidence), how you bring up your children and how you live your life in general.

5. They WILL take advantage of you

Nature can be very cruel for some people. We as humans congregate in modern day tribes, also known as Cliques. Women will judge you and take advantage of you if you let them. I’m saying that all women are mean or spiteful, I’m saying that they are attracted to alpha male types for the most part.

So if you can’t stand up for yourself, she will quite happily take advantage of you, by treating you as a friend only and never giving you what you want… sex.

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