5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To More Traditional Countries

More Traditional Countries

South American Chica…

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The world is slowly going mad and recently it seems to have gone bonkers. Right now if you’re a man in the Western part of the world… chances are you are going to suck with women.

Why? Because of several factors really.

  • Feminism: Since the rise of feminism in the 70’s. A new era of feminists have taken over and moved their crazy ideologies online, thus fuelling the madness even more. A man in the west can’t really dodge the tirade of bullshit that feminists spit out these days, which has led to a confusion amongst younger generations of men.
  • Conflicting beliefs: Should you open a door for a woman? Should you pay for dinner or ask her for 50%? Should men still be approaching women without feeling worried that they might offend them if they do? There are more conflicting beliefs in a man’s mind nowadays than there has ever been.
  • Scarcity: Men are scared in the West. They are scared to offend, scared to be judged, scared of rejection which could backfire socially and impact their self esteem. There’s a lot to be concerned with if you want to improve your game… or is there?

So what am I getting at?

Well, I’m getting at this… if you’re a man in the Western world who hasn’t experienced anything other than the town or city you are in… you NEED to get out! NOW!

Not for live, just to experience what it’s like to be a part of a culture on the other side of the world that doesn’t care about banning a word because it offends women or equal rights.

Yes, there really are places on this planet that focus on the man being manly and the woman being feminine.

Here are 5 reasons why I think you need to travel to more traditional countries…

1. You become more “manly” naturally

When visiting countries like Russia, Colombia or Brazil, you start to see how men there naturally interact with women. They are not afraid to show their feelings to women, they are dominant, confident and openly lead women. Obviously it’s not like the 50’s, but there’s still a level of understanding between man and woman.

If you took a Brazilian guy out of Rio and plonked him in the middle of London (without knowing any English) I guarantee he would get laid more than the local guys there. Not because his game is anything special, just because he’s a sexual man that wants to get laid and he’s not afraid to show women that he wants to sleep with them.

2. Women are more feminine

I know there are guys out there that like cute girls who wear grubby looking Converse trainers or flat shoes, skinny jeans, a baggy t-shirt and a beanie hat, with blue streaks in their hair. That’s fine. But wouldn’t you rather be surrounded by women that take care of themselves, purely because they want to look good for men?

Women that don’t leave the house in their pyjamas, because they’re too lazy to get dressed to go to the local shop.

You know what I’m saying?

A woman that smells amazing, wears 5 inch high heels, a sexy skirt that shows her sexy long legs, perfect makeup and looks at you as if to say “I know you want me and you can have me, if you’re balls are big enough to approach me”.

3. You are respected more as a man

Men in the West aren’t respected. They are ridiculed in the media, made to feel disposable in movies and not taken seriously by women. But in some countries like Brazil, they are respected way more. A woman there won’t automatically think she’s entitled to more than you because she’s a woman.

4. Women are more sexual and willing to please you

When you visit countries like Sweden, the UK, the USA etc, you will notice a pattern. The women there don’t really like sex. Seriously. They use sex as a tool to get what they want, plus they willingly sleep with countless men because they can. They are sexually more valuable and know it, so abuse that right.

More importantly they are so insecure about their bodies that it’s hard to get them to be freaky in the bedroom or do things that make the whole experience sexier. They don’t try to seduce you or please you in any way. Sex is almost like a chore so they can gossip with their friends after.

Pick any South American country and you will notice that women are more sexual in these places. I don’t know if it’s the sunshine, but they are VERY sexual and they want to please their man.

5. Your game will improve

When you’re surrounded by beautiful women that take care of themselves, love men, want men to be men and don’t complain about how society owes them something because they are a woman… you will naturally game better. You’re forced to approach, because otherwise you won’t get laid… but the blowouts aren’t harsh, they help you build character.

Then when you do get a girl after several attempts, she doesn’t knock you down… she gives you a chance to prove yourself as a man. Wants you to lead, wants you to open car doors and pull out chairs, wants you to kiss her without asking and then take her home.

Why? Because that’s what men do… that’s why.

Do yourself a big favour. If you’re in the west. Leave now and move to a more traditional country for the next 6 months. Learn the language, soak up the culture and get laid more.

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  1. Richard, great article.

    I share your idea about traveling to meet women, feminine women.

    I live and travel around Asia where women are one generation behind western women as globalization start to move forward only after 2000. Asian women are extremely feminine and in they are been raised to please men in all the way.

    You will never starve here, your woman will make sure you had breakfast, lunch and dinner, you have clean cloth and you look smart all the time. Sex? As much as you need. If you need sex everyday, she will be ready every day for you.

    Western women are so into them self, career, and all sort of crap… taking care of the man? The last duty.
    One thing that I can’t stand is women drinking (not social drinking but getting drunk every weekend; dam sluts) and smoking. Isn’t like have a relationship with a truck driver?

    In conclusion, traveling to meet exotic women is an eye opener for any western men imprison in a feminist world.

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