5 Reasons Why You’re Setting Yourself Up To Fail With Women


You’ve failed before even starting…

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Your failure is a direct result of how you are approaching game both mentally and physically. Your level of game depends on you and you only, not other people. Below are reasons why a lot of guys tend to fail with women and why they can’t seem to get any better.

If you continue to do these things, you will never get laid. Read them all carefully, allow them to soak in and keep working at it dude… you will get there eventually.

1. Your goals are too farfetched

If you’re still a virgin and you’ve decided that your first goal is to sleep with a model who is a solid 10, what do you think will happen? I’m 100% sure you will fail, unless you come into some serious wealth or get incredibly lucky one day. Why do I think you will fail? Because you’ve step your goal ridiculously high.

Set simpler goals like:

  • Today I will speak to 3 women during the day time and build rapport for at least 5 minutes each
  • This weekend I will kiss at least 2 girls and number close at least 1
  • Tonight I will approach 10 girls with the goal of reducing my approach anxiety

These are achievable goals which you can build upon and learn from quickly. Always set goals that are slightly outside your comfort zone and edge further and further away from it.

2. You don’t analyse objectively

Too many guys think subjectively when they are analysing their pickups. They get emotional, ego driven and pissed off at the world… aaaarrghhhhhh! Stop that! You have to think objectively about your game, why did she reject you? Why did you have a shitty night and what can you do to ensure that it won’t happen again?

Yes you can’t plan for everything and control how things happen, but you have complete control over your emotions and actions.

3. You’re scared to push further and harder

I mentioned your comfort zone above, because it’s important. Being ruled by your fears will get you nothing in the long run, you need to be willing to test theories, techniques, routines, anything that will make you a better man. The more you test, the better you will become. This means pushing harder and further than other guys are willing to do.

4. You are in a negative state

Being in a negative state will make your interactions with both men and women, disastrous. They will respond to you in a way that matches your current mental state. If you’re sad and angry, people will avoid you as they can pick that vibe up… especially women, they are incredibly intuitive.

Use anchors like music, pictures, videos or a friend to get you out of your negative rut. I alway listen to music and then mentally rehearse (more on that below) which gets me into state EVERY DAMN TIME.

5. You’re not rehearsing mentally

You will make mistakes…. a lot of mistakes. But what sets the best seducers aside from the everyday crappy ones, is they are very good at mentally rehearsing what they want to happen before it happens. I’m not talking about Law of Attraction bullshit, I’ll talking about mental preparation. You’re using your mind to set you up for success.

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