5 Things You Can Do Way Better During Night Game


Women want a high value male.

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Club game like any other element of game can be conquered if you apply yourself. It took me a good few years of going out 7 nights a week to master clubs. But when I did, I had an endless supply of women. Girls would approach and initiate sex with me, because I was displaying a lot more value over the other men in the club.

When you get a hang of night game, you will be able to have your pick of the best girls in the club. Even girls that have boyfriends, it won’t matter, because women love nothing more than to sleep with a high value male.

Today I want to go into detail on what I think you can do more of, if you want to better your night club game. These are things that I did when I practiced night game constantly and they helped tremendously in accelerating my success.

1. Be more sociable

As soon as you enter the club, you should be socialising. Cheers-ing girls, opening when you get an IOI, talking to cool rich guys, shaking hands with the bar staff, bouncers etc. Being the guy that looks like he knows everybody. More importantly being the guy that everyone wants to meet or at least asks the question “who is that guy?”.

2. Act on more IOI’s

I’ll never know why guys don’t do this more. As soon as you see a girl giving you an IOI, you do one of two things. 1) approach immediately and open or 2) flirt from across the club/bar by making gestures that get her laughing. Invite them to your table and continue rapport building and sexually escalating.

Either way you should be initiating some kind of interaction with the girl. Not acting on an IOI is a potential bang wasted. Obviously from hot girls only though, we’re not swinging for average 5’s and 6’s here.

3. Build a bigger social circle

The bigger your social circle is, the more fun you will have. I used to go to clubs with 3 or 4 guys and between 5 and 10 girls every single time. It’s important to have the ratio right, you want to aim for a 2 to 1 ratio, of women to men.

Within that social circle you will have cool funny guys that keep you and the girls entertained, rich guys that pay for stuff because they are usually crap with women, hot girls who are friends that you don’t bang and then new girls that you’ve never met or seen a couple of times that you have a chance go banging.

4. Frequent the high end clubs more

The more you go to high end clubs the easier it will be for you to skip the line, get in for free, get to know the right people and increase your chances of getting laid. Most guys will see a club, queue up for 20 to 30 minutes, pay an obscene entry fee, stand in the peasant areas and nurse a beer all night long until they are drunk enough to approach a fat girl. Don’t be that guy, you will never get laid properly if you do.

5. Bounce back from rejection

Regardless of the money being spent at your table, the amount of staff you know, the cool guys or hot girls you have in your social circle… you will at some point still get rejected. There’s no stopping it and not every one can have a 100% hit rate. But when it does happen, you need to immediately forget that it did and bounce back from it. Socialise more, talk to other hotter women and appear as though you are unfazed by what happened.


Obviously I’m in favour of being the party guy in the club, but for some dudes, this is not possible as they are too scared or don’t want to go through all the effort. To those guys I say… tough luck. Either you own it and be THAT guy or you try another area of game like day game.

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