5 Things You Should Do When Touching Down In A New City…. Immediately


The good life… in a different city.

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This post is intended for guys who have NOTHING pre-planned and are visiting a city that is in another country for a short/medium period of time. So from a couple of weeks to say 3 months.

It’s intention is to give you what you want (partying, girls, lifestyle, good times) for the short term. It’s not intended for those who are looking to create a new life in a city. Think if more like a churn and burn technique.

Let’s get into it:

1. Download the DrinkAdvisor app

This app is great for finding bars and clubs in any city all over the world. It gives you names, pictures and reviews of the places so you can make a choice based on what it is you like. This really helps to research good places to take first dates, clubs if you want to party hard and chilled out relaxing roof gardens if it’s nice out.

It’s available on Android and iOS, so you should get it.

2. Get on Tinder

Now Tinder is seen by some people as a crutch and it certainly can be if you don’t do anything else to proactively meet women. But if you’ve just landed in a new city and want to start meeting women who want to start meeting men… then it’s the perfect tool. Make sure your profile is up to scratch, get some decent photos, a witty/funny bio and start swiping.

3. Approach for 1 hour every day

Go for a morning coffee, afternoon bite to eat or mid morning stroll. Now whilst you’re doing that, make sure you open as many women as you can in just 1 hour. Set a timer and begin opening. The goal is to first get your confidence up with opening/rapport building. Then eventually work your way up to closing, so that you have options aside from Tinder dates.

4. Signup for a “meetup” group

Meetup.com is a fantastic tool for meeting like minded people that are passionate or at least interested in a particular topic. Depending on the interest, you can meet some really cool people… sometimes even hot girls.

Obviously if you’re meeting up with a group of people about computer games, chances are there won’t be any girls there. But the aim is to try and meet cool people who are local to the area, hang out with them.

5. Join a group class (fitness, dancing, singing)

Group classes are perfect for being surrounded by hot women, who are open to meet new people. For example if you go to a spinning class 99% of the group will be women, a dancing class 80% will be women… so choose your class wisely. It allows you to get out of your head and relax in a new environment.


Before when you visited a new city for a few weeks to a few short months, you either needed to know someone there or you had to have an action plan of places to go etc. Now you can pick pretty much anywhere on a map, go there and within 24 hours be meeting new people, girls etc and having the time of your life.

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  1. Max Mind Hack says:

    Thanks for sharing this… However approaching for only 1 hour seems a little low. In the end it’s at least to a certain extent a numbers game. By the way I love the idea with meetup, hanging out with other puas so far has had the biggest impact on my skills!

  2. ~Don’t put all your eggs into the Tinder basket~
    In Asia, for example, supplement Tinder with some of the chat apps like LINE, WeChat, or Viber.
    WeChat is quite versatile in that it can be used to search the vicinity for girls in the area, like Skout,
    but it’s better than Skout in that is primarily used by friends to communicate. So, while you might
    meet in Tinder, it’s often more comfortable for her if you suggest moving the flirting to the
    more informal and familiar chat app (in fact she will likely be a step ahead of you here, so
    research ahead of time which app is the flavour of the particular country you find yourself in).

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