5 Ways To Tell You’re Doing Kino Wrong

Doing kino wrong

Wrong move buddy!

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Kino is essential for building comfort, rapport and most importantly sexual tension. If you don’t use kino on a girl, then you can run the risk of falling in the friend zone.

Most guys start out by completely screwing up kino and end up touching a girl in a way that makes you look like a creep. Remember that touching is a very personal thing that requires some level of trust to begin with, so less is more when starting out.

When touching a girl initially (like a new girl you haven’t met before) you should be touching her lightly, for a couple of seconds at the most and every few minutes (not every few seconds).

If you do it right, you’ll see her warm to you, touch you back and you’ll feel the sexual tension building.

Below are the most common reactions that you will see from girls IF you use kino in the wrong way.

Make sure you look out for them the next time you’re in conversation with a girl.

1. The girl says “don’t touch me”

Some girls who are more confident and outspoken than others will outright say something like “please don’t touch me like that” or “why are you touching me?”. This can put you in an awkward position, so you can follow up with “Oh, I’m a tactile kinda guy”, then quickly move onto a new topic of conversation so the moment doesn’t get any weirder.

She could also be a very insecure girl, so if she does say this. Start off very lightly with the touches, like once for a nano second every 20 minutes or so. Build up, so it’s every 15, then every 10… until she gets comfortable with you.

2. She moves away or shrugs your touches off

This usually occurs when you’re lingering too much and it becomes creepy. Either the arm or directly on the shoulder causes some girls to shrug your touch off and move away slightly. Just remember that the touches need to be light and quick. Lingering gives girls the creeps, in her mind she’s thinking “Is this dude a rapist or something?”.

3. She doesn’t touch you back

Now when a girl doesn’t touch you back, it’s not directly related to you kinoing her incorrectly. But it is definitely related. You just need to build more rapport, close the proximity between you and keep pushing forward with the kino. She’ll crack eventually, you’re probably dealing with a shy girl.

4. There is a sizeable distance between you

Let’s say you’re talking to a girl and she keeps backing away, even when you use the right kino. This means that she’s just not comfortable around you. So you can either do one of two things. The first is something that involves touching her hands, like a spot of palm reading or some cheesy magic (I don’t like doing this stuff, but in some cases it does actually work). Then once you’ve built that initial rapport you should see her feel more comfortable around you.

5. Her body language screams “get away from me”

Are her legs cross and pointing away from you? Are her arms folding and back slouched? Is she looking around when she should be looking at you? All signs that she’s not interested in you because you’re not using kino correctly.

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