6 Reasons Why You Need To Do Suicide Missions When Starting Out


Learn the art behind the approach.

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If you’re not familiar with the term “suicide mission” yet, then let me explain.

A suicide mission is simply a way to get over your approach anxiety and grow a pair. The main purpose is to help you during the warmup phase, so that when you see a girl you really like you won’t hesitate to approach and can open her with relative ease.

By detaching yourself from the outcome (i.e if she rejects me I’m going to hate myself forever and never get laid again) you remove the fear and neediness in the approach.

In the community, some also refer to them as “throwaway sets” but I really don’t like that term.

The reason being is that each set should be used to learn something and further yourself as an attractive man. Going up to random girls just to get some confidence is a little strange to me.

Which is why I only approach girls I’m very attracted to, that way I will get a surge of adrenaline, my approach anxiety will subside quickly and I could even get her number if things turn in my favour.

Still not convinced?

Here’s 6 reasons why you NEED to do suicide missions

Oh and before I forget, yes these types of approaches are designed for newbies but if you’ve been out of the game for a while and you’re a seasoned pro… you can seriously benefit from them too. Just put your ego aside for a few approaches.

1. Approach anxiety

As we all know, approach anxiety is the number one killer of approaching women. The longer you leave it, the worse it will get. A suicide mission will destroy your nerves and anxiety almost instantly, with each approach you will feel less and less nervous. It’s important that you tackle approach anxiety from both angles (inner game and outer game) to get the best effects.

2. Confidence

Confidence is a sensitive subject in the community and I can understand why. You get some guys saying, “you need to work on your inner game first, then the confidence will naturally flourish over time” and other guys will say “do what you hate first, then the confidence will come”.

I agree with both schools of thought here, but as much as I like inner game… there’s nothing more powerful than a girl you are attracted to, giving you a positive response during an interaction with her. Your confidence will sky rocket and everyone around you will notice… ESPECIALLY the girls. Suicide missions are perfect for confidence.

3. Your frame

Many people underestimate just how impactful their frame is over a woman. This is a HUGE mistake. When you’re frame is strong, the woman your talking to has no choice but to submit to it. For example, if you’re a rock star… she will have no power over your natural charisma and vibe when you speak to her. For her you’re on a pedestal, this is what a true frame should be.

Suicide missions help you to build a strong frame, the more confidence you get the stronger your frame will get. Your reality will be “I’m an attractive man and women want me..”.

4. Mental warmups

Would you ever run into the gym with a three piece suit on and lift the most amount of weights you possibly can in under 10 seconds? No that’s ridiculous. So why do most guys expect to walk outside the front door and start approaching 9’s and 10’s without getting blown out?

It’s just so stupid. Just like the gym, you need to mentally prepare yourself and get yourself into a state where it’s comfortable to approach random women on the street or in a nightclub. This is what a suicide mission is great at, rapid warmups.

5. You might get lucky

Unlike throwaway sets when you ask for directions or talk to ugly women in the hope that your anxiety goes. Suicide missions allow you to be more direct with your intentions and thus give you a better chance of actually striking lucky. For example, I remember back in the day when I did 2 suicide mission in a row… the second one went so well that I ended up sleeping with the girl, the following week.

This wouldn’t happen with a throwaway set.

6. It’s good practice

Practice will only make you better, in every area of life. So the more suicide missions you do, the more chance you have of getting better with opening and actually picking better quality women at first glance.

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