6 Things You Must Do To Keep The Dating Momentum Going (First To Second Date)

A common question I get asked and a problem that a lot of guys are having is this… “I met up with a girl for a first date, it goes great and then for whatever reason, she rejects the second date or just ignores my texts… this has happened several times, why?”.

Well there are several possibilities as to why a girl will reject your second date, but I’m going to run through the 6 most obvious ones which make up the large portion of her decision.

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1. Look for signs of interest

During your interaction with this girl, you’re going to want to look out for signs of interest from her, these are also known as IOI’s. Every sign you get should be a tick against her attraction for you and should give you everything you need to keep pushing forward.

What I mean by that is, her signs of interest should be taken as a “Ok you can seduce me…” kind of thing.

Does she hold eye contact when you’re talking to her? Does she touch you during conversation? Are her legs touching yours if you’re sitting down? Does she go out of her way to touch you, like show you something on her phone and rest her body against yours? Is she carrying the conversation? Etc.

2. Sexually escalate throughout the evening

You should be introducing kino from the moment you meet up with her. By introducing touch and showing her you’re very tactile does two things… 1) Builds trust, so it won’t freak her out later when you touch her 2) Makes her think of you in a sexual manner, as opposed to a friend.

This is the single biggest issue most guys have, they are afraid to touch girls and can’t sexually escalate which leads the girl to believe that she’s just not sexually attracted to you.

When she looks comfortable with you touching her, the next thing you want to do is become more sexual with your touching. Touch her in more ambiguous areas, like her stomach, legs touching legs, lower back, face etc.

3. Set the second date up on the spot

When you’re date is coming to an end, take the opportunity to set up the next date. You’ve both likely had a few drinks and the inhibitions are running wild, so loose plans are very easy to make. Don’t make this mistake, set a firm date and time in the near future and tell her you will call her to tell her what you’re going to do. This leaves some surprise and intrigue.

4. Don’t leave a big gap between date 1 and date 2

Only leave 3 to 4 days max between the last date, otherwise it will give her more time to think about other things and not you. If you like the girl, then don’t leave it to chance and definitely not up to her to chase you. You need to think ahead and stay fresh in her mind. A smaller gap is small enough to keep her excited about meeting again.

5. Call her between dates, avoid texting

Texting can be a great thing, once you’re further down the road with a f**k buddy or girlfriend, but with a new girl that you just started seeing? This is totally different. You want to build as much trust and rapport as you possibly can. The best way to do this when you’re not in person is by phone, so don’t be scared dude, call her!

Don’t go cold until the next time you meet either, give her a quick “reminder” call and say something like “Friday will be good, I’ve got a cool place I want to show you..” or something that will keep the date interesting.

6. Do something different on the second date

Stop taking girls to bars and nothing else. Taking them to bars is fine, but not all the time, you want to mix things up with some more interesting dates. Go to the park, the cinema, a museum, a coffee shop (mini date), theme park… whatever. Do something that will remind her that you’re not like other guys.

Most guys don’t do the adventurous thing with their dates, because they think it’s too much work. If you think it’s too much work, then you’re not dating the right women. Would you think long and hard about where to take a Victoria Secret’s model? Exactly because she’s a 10.

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