6 Things You Should Be Doing On The First Date


Do these 6 things and you’ll be fine.

There are multiple things you need to be doing on a first date. But none are as important as the ones I’m going to mention below. Make it your sole mission to master these 6 things and I guarantee you, she will want to meet up with you again.

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1. Planting seeds for future dates

Most guys don’t do this. But it’s absolutely vital and very powerful once done correctly. When you’re talking to her during your date, you need to mention things you can do when you meet up again, I.e seeding future dates.

For example, you might say…

You: “You look the the adventurous type…”
Her: “What do you mean?”
You: “Like you enjoy the outdoors, being sporty… that kinda thing…”
Her: “Yeah, I guess you could say that actually. I do love sports”
You: “I usually go bike riding… actually we should go sometime in Central Park, it’s really relaxing”
Her: “Cool, yeah… sounds good”.

Planting future date ideas in her head, allows her to imagine seeing you again. This can be for anything, dancing, bowling, cinema… anything.

2. Building comfort

Comfort will help her trust you, which leads to her having sex with you. So from the moment you meet her, it’s important to relax, be confident, use lots of eye contact and give off the vibe that you’re a cool guy who’s secure in his own skin.

Once your frame is set, you want to talk about things that will naturally relax her. Things like talking about her past, her personal life, things she’s passionate about, her family etc. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that others wouldn’t. REMEMBER… always avoid interview style questions.

3. Shaking off shit tests

The hotter the girl, the more shit tests you will get. However all girls will shit test you on the first date, it’s almost like an interview for them. They’ve been on so many dates, that they’ve naturally developed a filtering process in their mind that weeds out the weak guys and throws out the most suitable talent.

If she gives you a shit test, never ever react emotionally, answer the question or statement directly and just in general, stop acting like a little bitch. You must deflect the question or statement with a witty comment and quickly change the subject, so you re-engage her mind.

4. Breaking rapport (spiking attraction)

During a conversation, you need to do something VERY important. This is where 99% of men f**k up. It’s called breaking rapport and is essential for the first date. It basically sets you a part from other men and removes you from the friend zone. If you continue building rapport WITHOUT breaking rapport.. you will not display a sexual side and thus she will not think of you in a sexual way.

Women like to be challenged by strong confident men and they like to know that you want to have sex with them. So you can say something like “Ahem… sorry I was daydreaming then… couldn’t stop thinking about your legs… anyway carry on”.

In her mind, she will think “Oh, he’s attracted to me” and this will change the course of your interaction.

5. Touching (kino)

Kino is as important if not more important than breaking rapport for turning things sexual. If you don’t use kino, you will confuse her. She will think that you don’t like her sexually and will immediately think you’re a potential “friend”. F**k that!

Introduce light touching throughout your conversation. Touch her legs, stomach, arms, shoulders, ears etc. Use excuses in a natural way to do this. For example, “Wow, I like your earrings…” (whilst touching her ear). Very simple but consistent touches like this.

6. Leading (from one venue to another)

Men should be leaders and women WANT men to be leaders. Forget what the feminists say, they are pre-designed to follow a healthy, strong and confident male, so don’t deny them of that. When you’re finished drinking in venue A, take her to venue B by saying something like “Cool, let’s go to this cool spot I know around the corner, they make awesome cocktails”.

Then take her hand and lead her there. She will appreciate a decisive male.

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