7 Facebook Mistakes Most Guys Make (And Wonder Why They Don’t Get Laid)

My Facebook profile.

Don’t underestimate the power of Facebook game.

How’s your game on Facebook?

I’m guessing it’s not that great.

Most guys make a right mess of the whole Facebook profile thing and they wonder why they don’t get laid on a regularly basis.

Now I’m not saying that the only reason you’re not getting laid is because of your Facebook profile…. BUT it’s certainly a large contributing factor these days.

After the initial interaction

When you meet a girl in a club or bar, maybe even the day… what happens? You either take her number or say you’re going to add her on Facebook.

Now if you’re phone game is rock solid, then you won’t need to worry about taking the digits, because you can close with ease and get her out for a day 2, possibly a booty call?

Having said that, what if she takes your Facebook instead or you manage to find her and add her? Well she’s going to add you out of politeness, then on a weekend or something when she isn’t busy, she’ll snoop around your profile a bit.

Two things can happen from this point onwards…

1) She will be impressed by your social status due to all the cool pics, adventurous looking lifestyle, funny status updates and her attraction for you increases.


2) She will see yet another boring plain old vanilla profile, the same kinda profile she’s seen other guys have before and her attraction for you diminishes… FAST.

Obviously you want the former to be what happens next right? Well, let’s change that today then.

7 Facebook mistakes most guys make

1. Like lame pages or be a part of silly groups

It’s ok to like your favourite films or football teams, everyone does that. But don’t like pages that look ridiculous or are supporting a belief that isn’t seen as socially acceptable. Any page that makes you look like a bit of an idiot is a no no. For example liking a page about Coco (Ice T’s wife) because you love big booty’s.

Why do you need to tell the world that you like her? This only sends out a message to girls that doesn’t put you in a good light, so stop it. There’s no benefit from liking that page. When a girl see you liked that page, she’s going to think you’re a little sleazy and only like girls for their looks etc.

2. Too many “guy” photos

Stop posting shots of you with your guy friends ALL THE TIME. And make sure you remove the photos we’re you’re tagged throwing up in a toilet on a night out. If a girl looks at these photos, you will just look like a normal dude who goes out drinking with his friends, gets wasted and has nothing else going for him. It looks boring and predictable.

3. Uninteresting status updates

Who cares if you hate Monday mornings and you’re feeling hungover on a train to work? I don’t and neither will she. That’s not interesting or exciting. So you’re hungover on a Monday which means you hate your job (loser) and you have nothing else going on in your life, so wanted the world to know this because?? Stop that!

4. Not the right amount of friends

Did you know that the amount of friends you have on Facebook will make an instant impact on how popular you are perceived to be? It’s true. But before you go out and buy some fake friends in Thailand. It’s not that cut and dry.

There’s a magical amount that you need to consider. Too little friends (30-50) says that you’re not sociable or likeable and not very active on Facebook. Too many friends (3000 to 5000) is just not believable.

So aim for between 250 and 500. That’s the sweet spot. It will be enough to bump up the legitimacy of your profile and if you end up actually posting anything funny, a few people will like and comment on your update which helps with social proof.

5. No photos or videos that show you’re attractive lifestyle

The photos and videos section of your profile is pure gold. It’s a sticky fly trap for women and can do all the hard work for you if you post the right things.

For example, on my personal account I have pictures of me on the red carpet, in a tux, a magazine shoot, with models, celebrities etc. All stuff that women will go nuts over. If you have photos of you in the local boozer with your friends, that’s just lame!

6. Create fan pages for their crappy ideas or businesses

When I see guys that create fan pages of there business or tiny website, it just makes me feel a little bit sad. Yes I know that you have to start somewhere, but if you’re serious about promoting it and looking good. Then buy some real likes using the FB ad network.

Creating a page and then having 6 people like it over several months doesn’t make you look like a stud.

7. Don’t update enough

Why aren’t you updating every week? Don’t you have an exciting enough life? Then get one, because it will get you laid. Be funnier in your status updates, stay away from touchy subjects like religion, politics and racial stuff, it won’t look good.

An active profile looks legit to girls.

So that’s it, go and make those changes now!

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