7 Subtle Hints Girls Give That Shows They Like You And Want To See You Again

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Some guys find it hard to read women, which is understandable… I mean girls don’t give the kind of obvious signals that guys do. So you need to work on your “picking up on whether she’s into me” skills.

Both during the date and after, it’s very easy to second guess yourself. You’ll usually think things like:

  • She was quite touchy feely, did she like me? Or was she just being polite and friendly?!
  • She said “I’ll see you soon..” was that a brush off or did she genuinely mean that?
  • She had a call during our date and said she had to go, that’s a big red flag right?!!!

The first thing to do is just chill.

Who the f**k cares if she doesn’t want to see you again anyway? Suck it up and move on bro.

Ok so now that you’re calm. Let’s do through the finer points of subtle signs all girls give off that they no only like you… but also want to see you again, which you absolutely need to watch out for.

1. We should totally check that out

During the conversation, if you’re both talking about things you’ve done or would like to do in life (you’re building rapport by finding some common ground) does she say things like “Yes! we should totally do that…” or “Hell yeah, I’d do that with you”.

Take this as a positive, she’s thinking about seeing you again and is imagining doing whatever it is you’re talking about, so you’re in!

2. Times you’re free next

Let’s say you’re nearing the end of the date and you want to lock down the next one, so things don’t go south really fast (good move by the way). If she gives you times/days that she’s free the following week… boom, you can take that as a green flag and she wants to see you again.

However, if she says things like “I’m not sure yet… I’m really busy with work next week” or “I’ll have to get back to you, I’ve got family coming over next week…” or any other excuse that doesn’t give you a specific time and date, then I’m sorry dude… she’s politely blowing you off.

3. She ends the awkward silences

Embrace the awkwardness man! I love awkward silences, they sexually intensify the mood and give you the chance to use eye contact to your advantage. However some people are incredibly uncomfortable when everything goes silent. So here’s a little test, when you get to the next awkward silence…. don’t say a thing.

If she just sits there and doesn’t make an effort, then forget her. If she tries to make conversation, then you can take that as a very good sign of her liking you. She’s making the effort!

4. She offers to pay

My rule is… I always pay, even if they offer. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do and if you’re one of these PUA guys who likes to get girls to pay for you, then shame on you. Having said that, you can always see what type of girl she is and if she’s into you by seeing if the offer comes up.

Does she offer to split the bill? If yes, then she’s a keeper and likes you. If she doesn’t, then cut that chick loose.

5. She says “call me” or “text me” at the end

At the end of the date when you’re both ready to part ways, does she say anything? If she just says something like “I had a nice time, see you again sometime”. I’m afraid she doesn’t want to continue seeing you and is just throwing out a generic good bye response.

But, if she says something like “I had a really good time, call me”… then you can be sure that she wants to see you again, she just wants you to do the manly thing and organise the next meet up.

6. She wants to continue the date

If she’s enjoying herself and you’re getting a good read on her body language, throw in a little test. Say that you might have to leave soon because you need to help a friend out with something, then wait for her response. Does she look disappointed? Did she verbally say, “Oh, that’s a shame… no worries”. If she did, then she’s into you and want the date to keep going.

7. She adds you as a friend on Facebook

After you’ve had a date and you’re maybe texting her, there’s one surefire way to tell if she likes you but possibly needs a little more encouragement. That is whether she adds you on Facebook as a friend. If she actively seeks you out first and adds you, then she likes you and wants see you again.

If you add her first, but she still accepts then you need to work a little more. Make sure your profile is pimped out and let FB do the social proof work for you.

Obviously if you add her and she doesn’t respond to that request, then she doesn’t want to know you so just forget it, move on.

So there you have it. If you have any other signs you thought I should have mentioned in the list, please comment below.

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