7 Things Experienced PUA’s With Strong Game Still Do… Which Holds Them Back

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In the beginning, learning game is exciting.

You’re finding out certain things that most guys don’t know… the techniques, mindsets and psychological advantages that will most certainly help you to get laid.

It’s like you have an edge over all other men. You see a girl and know what to do, while an average guy sees a girl and just gets drunk, hoping that she will suck him off by the end of the night.

After you get some experience, you hit the intermediate level… you’re now able to approach, build rapport, flirt, connect and close with ease. Before you know it, you’re phone is blowing up, you have dates lined up, 5 girls on booty call if you want them and life is GOOD!

But then…

You become, well lazy in a way.

There are common mistakes guys make that hold them back from becoming world class with women. I’m not talking great, I’m talking Yoda level great. The ability to create attraction with with 9’s and 10’s on demand.

Today I want to discuss these common mistakes so that when you get to an intermediate level you can recognise your faults and push past them so you develop a ridiculous level of game only a handful of guys will ever get too.

1. Hesitation on approaching

So approach anxiety will always be a problem for you, it will never go away and will take down the best of men. But, it can be tamed. You have to learn how to rationalise approach anxiety so that it never beats you, not matter what the situation.

When you see a stunning girl that you want to approach, understand that you will immediately get nervous (this is natural) then understand that NOTHING bad will happen EVER, from you approaching this girl. You will only get experience, learn something new and hopefully if the interaction goes well… a number that leads to sex.

2. Falling back into old patterns of behaviour

Removing bad habits and creating new ones can be extremely difficult and chances are you’re going to fall back into bad habits when times get tough, when you get lazy and when you’re bored. So here’s the key, don’t get BORED. Keep your options going with women, always stay on top of your game and consciously make an effort to remain self aware so that you don’t slip up.

3. Following up with successful closes (Laziness)

Closing is one of the hardest parts of game, so when you kinda master it, you almost become arrogant in a way. So you become picky to the point that it hinders your game. DO NOT let this happen to you. If you know you won’t follow up with certain girls, don’t get their number.

Only get numbers from girls that are so smok-a-frickin-liscious and force yourself to follow up with them within 48 hours of getting that number. Call them, do not text them. Texting is for lazy scared men, calling is for alpha men that know what they want.

4. Letting ego get in the way

Oh boy, this is a big one. Ego can be a serious issue the better you get with women. I’ve seen ego take down some seriously good men and it’s horrible to watch. Let me just tell you what’s up… if you think you’re good at game now, I can assure you that there’s someone better than you.

Ego will eat you up from the inside out, so don’t let it. Be humble, a gentleman and honest.

5. Not finding a balance in life

When you work hard at getting good with women, there’s no question that other areas of your life will suffer. Now that could be friends, family, working relationships, your health… etc. This is a surefire way to head for a burnout. So you have to try and find that middle ground to avoid that from happening.

6. Pushing the boundaries

It’s very easy to fall into a comfort zone and stay there. But if you want to be a master seducer, then you have to keep testing and pushing the boundaries in every situation. This will enable you to learn quicker, remove harmful social mindsets that were previously there and make you the guy that other guys look up to.

7. Focus on the negatives

This can fall into the ego category also, but it definitely deserves it’s own point. Negative shit will always happen to you throughout life, not just with women. You shape the person you are by choosing what to focus your energy on. Are you pissed off at all the rejections, fake numbers and slaps in the face you’ve had? Then you’re going to be in a negative mindset constantly.

Stop focusing on the negatives, discard them quickly and move onto positives only.

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