7 Types Of Friends That Will Ruin Your Game And Hold You Back

Do yourself a BIG favour and ditch these guys.

Friends are bloody great aren’t they?!

They’re always there to help you out when you need a pick me up, there willing to give you advice when you need it most and… oh wait, your bestist buddy just ruined a two set by talking about how much he misses his ex-girlfriend! WTF?

But wait that’s fine dude, he’s your friend… you can forgive him for that right?

Erm OK, so what about the time he brought his ex-girlfriend along to a “boys” night out because she was whining about never seeing him anymore… or the time when he refused to wing you because he considered it cheating on his girlfriend.

Hold on though, it’s not just your best bud who’s in the firing line here, what about your friend who didn’t lose his virginity until he was 21 and still has no game, yet consistently manages to screw up every friggin set you have ever brought him into.

Or your other friend who ALWAYS moans and bitches about everything…

  • “Nah dude, she’s way too ugly”
  • “I’ll talk to her in a minute man, I don’t feel like it now”
  • “Why do you always want me to wing you, get someone else to do it”
  • “I don’t feel like partying tonight, it’s raining”

Yay friends are great!

Let’s be realistic for a second.

I’ve mentioned before how important your social circle is for picking up and naturally attracting women, but for some reason there are guys out there that still don’t understand just how crucial a killer group of people around you really is.

So to put things into perspective, I’m going to break it down for you and show you the 7 types of friends that will ruin your game and actually hold you back from getting better with women.

Why am I telling you this?

Simple… you are a product of both your environment and the people (your peers, friends, etc) you hang around most.

If you don’t ditch or move away from these types of friends, you’re doomed. Nuff said.

So here we go:

Friend #1: Mr ‘no game”

This is the guy you’ve known since primary school (or kindergarten) whose always been described as the “nice guy” by girls and managed to lose his V plates at the age of 21.

He’s not only terrible with opening, building rapport and closing, he can’t even hold a simple conversation with a pretty girl, because he gets incredibly nervous and starts spouting ridiculous things at her.

He adds no value as a wingman and serves no purpose for helping you get better with chicks.

Friend #2: Mr relationship

This guy is constantly in a relationship, from the moment you first met him up until now, he’s been in relationships.

He’s a really cool guy to hang around with and very loyal, but he’s always dictated to by his girlfriends, puts them first instead of you and is essentially pussy whipped.

He adds no value as a wingman and can never give you a single man’s perspective on women, only a soppy loved up guy’s perspective.

Friend #3: Mrs bitch

A lot of men have them but really don’t need them. Yes I’m talking about a “girl” friend. This girl however is an absolute bitch, not intentionally however because she cares about you, but that doesn’t stop her advice from filtering down into your subconscious and turning you into a pussy.

She thinks that she’s helping you by letting you know that you’re too good for that girl you really like or she doesn’t understand why you’re not in a relationship because you’re a “catch”.

This girl adds zero value to your game, confidence levels or outlook on life.

Friend #4: Mr negative

Run as far away from this guy as you possibly can, he’s not good for your game or your moral.

He takes pride in bitching and whining about everything in life, from women to his job and everything in between.

What he’s actually doing is putting you in the wrong frame of mind from the second you meet him, so you’re constantly projecting the wrong vibe out to women.

Friend #5: Mr drinky

This poor guy decided that drinking was something he was good and can’t seem to live without it. Unfortunately he doesn’t know when to say no, so ends up getting wasted every time you go out with him, which results in him chucking up in the gutter and you having to throw him in a taxi.

He’s ruined more sets than you care to count and talks utter rubbish for hours (due to the alcohol).

He will never add any value to your game, but will help you spend your money on booze quite happily.

Friend #6: Mr fightclub

The guy that love a good fight.

He’s a likeable chap in the day and is the centre of attention at his place of work, however when he has a drink or is in a bad mood, he tends to take it out on anyone, regularly falling out with his friends and getting you chucked out of bars.

This dude will never change, so it’s best to get rid of him before he does some serious harm. He won’t add any value to your game… if anything he’s good to have around for other AMOG’s so he can fight them off.

Friend #7: Mr selfish

A proper scumbag.

This guy only ever thinks of himself and is a user, he would take your girl in a second if you left him alone with her. He always says that he’d never follow through with anything, but it’s hard to believe him because you’ve seen him do it many times before.

Cut this guy lose, he’s no good for your game and would be a terrible wingman.

So there you have it, the 7 types of “friends” that shouldn’t be in your social circle. We all have at least one of them in our group of mates… it’s time to let them go.

The types of people you do need in your group should always be naturally leading you to where you want to be with women.

If you want to sleep with tons of chicks, then you need to hang around naturals, party guys and very sociable friendly girls. If you want a girlfriend, then you need to be around people who are natural networkers that get invites to parties and events, they can then bring you along so you can mingle.

Whatever you do, don’t take this advice lightly, act on it and start getting a new circle of friends. It’s one of the best things you can do in your life.

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  1. Oh yea you forgot to mention cock blockers..the dudes the type if dudes that are cool and normal around you until.they get around fine bitches they cock blockers

  2. I AM THE TRUTH! says:

    Great article! I grew up around nothing but losers like #6 Mr Fightclub and #7 Mr Selfish. They are not your wingman, your dawg, your bro, your homeboy. DO NOT let them in your circle of friends. EVER! They will ruin your life! They act really nice at first then they trying tto take advantage of you. Never make friends with the selfish people they will always try to play the one-up game on you and they will control your life! Never trust selfish people or fightclub people (gangs in particular). You will be on the losing end. You may even get killed fucking with the wrong selfish people. Just be careful who you make friends with. I stopped looking for friends and became defensive because I learned not to “fuck around” with people that I do not trust. Believe it or not most of the fine girls that never cared about me in the past actually notice my confidence now because they know that I am in control of my life. I would rather have zero friends than selfish people that just try to grab me by my ankles and drown me with them in life.

  3. yeah, i have a mr selfish friend… he always butts in when im talking to girls and demands attention.. hes married and yet still ruins my sets… always tries to take the girls away from me… and no matter what i do, they always end up with him, even though he doesnt care and hes married, and yet im single…

    • PUA Training says:

      So there are two things you can do Brian. 1) Stop going out with him when you want to talk to women or 2) Drop him in it when he takes a girl away from you, take the girl to one side and say that he’s married in an underhanded way like “Oh yeah, my buddy is cool, his girlfriend can be quite annoying though…”. The second is a really childish thing to do, but if he’s stealing perfectly good girls away from you and only thinking of himself, then he needs to know that it’s not right.

  4. I had a Mrs.Bitch for some time. She told me, the way to get a woman is to be her friend first. I was getting girls now and then but then I thought ‘girls know girls better right?’ So i followed her advice and changed my routines. Voila!! She ruined my game.

  5. This is EXACTLY why I don’t have a wing!

    • PUA Training says:

      You should have a wingman that you can rely on though. You just need to make sure that he doesn’t have the personality traits list above and he’s always looking out for your best interests. You should be doing the same for him also.

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