7 Types Of Mental Objections You Need To Stop Moaning About

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When learning about game, most guys head straight for the external… the pickup lines, tricks and routines that will help them “get the girl” when in fact they are starting in the wrong place.

The first thing you should be doing is tackling your objections.

You need to dissolve your inner negative beliefs before you learn any type of game.

Stay with me here, this is important.

The moment you get rid of the lies you’ve been selling yourself for years, the faster you will get good at this seducing girls thing.

Today I want to run through 7 of the most common mental objections guys have and blast through why each one is just not as important as you think.

Let’s go:

1. I don’t have much money, so girls won’t like me

Money is somewhat important at some point during your life, there’s no question. You need to buy a house or apartment, a car, travel, buy clothes, food, etc… the list goes on.

But what more money will never get you more of is girls.

Well that’s a little lie, it will get you more girls. But they will be either two types of girls… 1) whores that you bang for cash or 2) gold diggers that you may bang, but most likely won’t and will just spend money on to have them hand out with you.

Money will never get you the girls that you want, the down to earth, sexy, intelligent, normal girls that you see walking down the street. The type of girl you can take home to your mum and show her off to your friends.

Trust me, those types of girls care more for the personality and status than they do the money. Status, confidence and security win hands down over money.

Now I know what you might be thinking… “Huh? You said security… which is money right?”. Nope, I mean security as in keeping them safe, being a man around her, leading her and not being a pussy.

2. I’m overweight… girls only like guys with a six pack

Not true. Of course women don’t ever say “I really wish a fat sweaty man would stop me in the street”. That won’t happen, so if you’re fat and sweaty, then snap out of it.

The “not true” part is that girls (most girls that is) don’t want a guy with a six pack, they are happy to settle for a guy that keeps in relatively good shape. So if you’re overweight, just focus on losing enough weight to be happy and healthy, you’ll see the difference in the way women respond to you once you do this.

I guarantee you that if you get a six pack, it won’t change the way women see you. Sure you’ll get “some” attention, but that will quickly fizzle away if you have no game to back it up with. Working out for 6 hours a day and eating nothing but chicken and broccoli just to get abs, is not going to get you the girl you want.

3. I’m not good looking, I’ve been told I’m ugly

So here’s the deal. Good looking guys have an advantage over ugly guys. That’s a fact. The advantage is a woman will look at a handsome guy, feel some level of attraction towards him and her instinct will see him as a good suitor for her offspring.

But, looks are only ever going to get your in the door, they won’t seal the deal. If you’re normal looking or even downright ugly, you can still get the girls you want (yes even the 9’s and 10’s) you just have to work smarter and in other areas. Like social proof, inner game, fashion and pre-selection.

Women have this ability to see past looks (unlike men) and see the personality, the humour, the wit, the passions, the dreams… all the good stuff on the inside. Looks are just an added bonus that only take you so far. Trust me.

4. I’m very short, girls like tall guys

So firstly there’s absolutely nothing you can do about your height. So get over it, it’s like changing the past… nothing can be done, so what’s the point in dwelling over it? No point, it’s stupid.

Yes most women prefer tall guys. But not all of them, if you can focus on making her feel a gut level attraction towards you, by keeping her laughing, being confident around her, not being overly emotional, needy or desperate… your height won’t be an issue. She’ll see past it, no question.

5. I’m not funny enough, women love funny guys

Now this can actually be a problem. But thankfully it’s not something that’s permanent and you can work on your humour. I’m way more funnier than I used to be.

I’ve never met a woman that said she doesn’t like guys with a good sense of humour, that can make them laugh. So this is a problem that you need to address right away. Start going to improv and comedy classes, learn how to write some comedy, tell funny stories, read books on how to be more funny, go to comedy shows.

The more you work on being more funny the easier it will come to you around women, you will start to see situations and people differently, funnier things will become more apparent and you will develop a sense of humour that women go f**king nuts for.

6. I don’t know what to say next…

Why are you focusing on what to say next? When you do this, you’re just going to come out with a lame question which she’s heard a thousand times before. Stop doing this!

The reason why you don’t know what to say next is because you’re scared of the conversation ending, her not liking you and prolonging the fact that you need to actually close.

So you need to start working on 3 areas. Rapport building (building a connection with her) assumption stacking (reverting to open ended assumptions about her) and closing (getting the number, kissing her or going on an instant date).

7. People might hear me and judge me if I approach her

So what? WTF does that matter? So a guy overhears you approaching a hot girl… what does he think? “Man, I wish I could do that… this guy has skills”.

What does the woman think? “Jeez, I wish a guy like that would come over to me”.

Even if they laugh or snigger amongst themselves, who gives a crap. There thoughts should not stop your actions, if they do… then you are doomed my friend.

The only things that matter to women

To be honest, there really are only a handful of things that women care about when it comes to attraction. Forget all the stupid beliefs you have about why women don’t like you and just focus on what really matters, what women are REALLY looking for in a man. Then be THAT man.

Status – Women get wet of status, it’s evolutionary. It’s been there for millions of years and it won’t be going away any time soon. The more popular you are, the more people who big you up, the more girls that want to be with you and the more socially important you seem… the more attractive you become.

Confidence – If you’re confident, women will feel drawn towards you. They love confident men, why? Because most women aren’t confident, they need a rock and strong man to be there for them and support them. Not a little wimp.

Humour – Being funny is actually something scientists cannot explain from an evolutionary standpoint. We don’t know why women are attracted to a good sense of humour, but why just are. It makes them feel good, happy and in good spirits.

Security – Women want to feel safe and secure, we all do. But traditionally it’s the mans role to provide for the woman, forget what’s happened externally over the past 50 or so years with equality and feminist movements. Focus on what women DO instead of SAY. They want a daddy figure in their life to protect them. You need to be that man they feel safe around.

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