7 Ways To Tell If You’re Moving To The Dark Side Of Pickup

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The dark side of pickup or game is a scary place. It’s full of sad, lonely, hateful men that will only make you a worse human being if you hang out with them and adopt their beliefs.

Guys are usually fast tracked to the dark side for one of two reasons:

1. They have tried some pickup techniques with no luck, they got rejected pretty badly and were to weak to carry on.
2. They were already broken to begin with… mentally.

I’ve seen a handful of guys personally go to the dark side and unfortunately their game is now so bad that I’m pretty sure they won’t be coming back over to the good side.

Below are 7 ways to tell if you or a friend of yours is moving swiftly over to the dark side of pickup. Even if you can relate to one or two of them, that’s enough to start working on your inner game from the ground up.

1. You find it hard to empathise or even sympathise with women

You strongly believe that women play the victim and they get into situations because thy deserve it or asked for it themselves. You take it upon yourself to tell them where they screwed up, but have no desire to help them or give them any guidance.

2. You take everything a woman says as an insult

Shit tests are something that you don’t even think exist, you feel it’s a personal attack on you by the girl and will take offence based on the fact that you believe she is disrespecting you. Any small comment about your job, life, clothes, hobbies, family… will all be taken out of context, blown up and thrown back in her face.

3. You find it hard to respect women

Every woman that you meet, you immediately feel superior to them as if they are the weaker species. You hate seeing TV shows with strong minded women who have their own opinions about life and work.

4. You have angry porno-type sex with women

When you eventually do have sex with women, you bypass the possible “connection” part and live out the nasty aggressive side of sex by treating her like a toy. Throwing her around, slapping her face, being aggressive and acting out your porno fantasies because that’s what you think women want.

5. You hang out on forums and spread your views on why women suck

You take great pride in knowing that you’re one of the top rated posters on a popular forum. You get give your views on why you think women are bitches and sluts, why they only go for jerks and why you have to treat them mean to keep them keen,

6. You describe women as whores, bitches and sluts

It’s very common for you to refer to women as “that whore” or “those bitches over there” and believe that to be a normal way of speaking about women. The fact that women have casual sex with men, even more so these days really pisses you off and makes your anger for them boil up even more.

7. Your patience with women is wearing very thin (explosive anger)

When talking to a girl, you find it incredibly difficult to let things go or play games. You have zero patience for her “bullshit” dramatics and will let her know what you think of her by shouting at her, belittling her and overpowering her mentally.

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