8 Manly Things To Do On A Date That Make Women Feel Deep Attraction For You

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The more I date Russian girls, the more manly I become.


I’m much more “manly” these days when it comes to dating. I don’t take any shit, I lead and assume. The girl always follows and we both have a great time.

However when I visit places like London or New York, I’m always taken back by the aggressiveness of the girls and how much the guys are approval seeking all the time.

Men are not supposed to follow! We lead.

Stop listening to radical feminists who try to strip them of their manly ways, because they think it’s sexist. Bitch, if I hold a door open for you, it’s because I’m being a gentleman and I’ve been raised right… not because I think I’m better than you!

Let’s not get confused here though, I’m not talking about being abusive, rude, dominating or obtrusive. I’m talking about being a leader, taking the mans role, playing the gentleman’s card and making the woman feel like a sexy woman.

I’ve already touched on what it takes to be a gentleman and I highly suggest you adopt those tips.

But today, I want to throw in a few pointers about how you can be more manly on a date. Doesn’t matter if it’s the 1st date or 17th, the same rules apply.

Let’s go:

1. Highly recommend food for her to eat and share it

I always like to recommend things off the menu to girls, obviously I wouldn’t order for them… I’m no their daddy! But I would say things like “Do you like (food item)? Cool, Well I’ll order some and we can share, you’ll love them”. It’s a masculine leadership thing to do and the girl will feel looked after and cared for.

2. Get the barman to create “special cocktails”

Do some research on cocktails, give them a try yourself and then say to your date that she needs to try this awesome cocktail. People tend to drink the same kind of alcohol again and again, so ordering a fancy cocktail for her will be a surprise and add to the vibe of the evening.

3. Take her to a place you’re familiar with and people know you

What do you think looks better?

Waiting outside in a line of normal folk for 20 minutes, standing at the bar waiting for drinks for 15 minutes and pushing your way through crowds in a noisy bar to talk with your date.


Rolling up to a cool bar, being on first name terms with the bouncer, getting straight in, going to a private table and getting your drinks in a matter of minutes.

I’d say the latter, every single time.

When you know people in the bar, you don’t wait to get served and you can actually talk privately. This makes a HUGE impact on her impression of you. Her attraction for you will go through the roof.

4. Tell her were to meet you and what time

Obviously you should be talking to her on the phone to make plans and build some more rapport. But a follow up text with your time and place is essential, so she doesn’t forget. But don’t ever ask her what time or place. You should (as the manly man you are) arrange everything and tell her where to meet you. All women appreciate this in men, as most of them hate leading.

5. Insist on paying the bill

Listen up all you PUA’s who debate on paying for girls. F**k you!

Of course you should, always insist and take the lead with the bill. It’s old school, but it’s chivalrous. Regardless of if she’s a high flying city woman or a broke student, you always pay the bill. It’s the manly thing to do as a suitable provider.

6. Give her your jacket, make her feel safe in your presence

Is it a bit chilly outside? Then take your jacket and place it around her, she’ll let you know if she’s cold. Her arms will be crossed and her shoulders hunched. Don’t ask her, because she’ll always say no to be polite, just do it.

7. Take her hand

When you’re leaving a venue or moving through a bar, even a busy area of town. Don’t storm off in front of her or wait for her to lead the way. Take her hand, give it a little squeeze and lead the way. It will make her feel comfortable, it builds trust and she will like you even more.

8. Pick up the phone bitch!

Always phone her after a date, it doesn’t need to be the same night (although a text is good for that, to let her know how much you enjoyed the evening), but a day or so later is perfect. It helps to keep the rapport going, allows you to spike some attraction and to also arrange another date.

That’s it! You are now a manly man. Whatever these modern women tell you, don’t believe it. They still want a manly man, they just don’t want a controlling dickhead.

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    P.s: excellent posts on the modern gentleman and 8 manly things, got me hooked with those.

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