8 Ridiculous Things Pick Up Artist Gurus Say That You Should NEVER Do

Today I am in RANT MODE.

I’ve had enough of crappy PUA advice given out by supposed gurus and am setting the record straight. All the common newbie advice you hear on forums and popular books?

Destroyed, right here.

Let’s get started:

1. DHV stories

You’re telling some stupid story with the aim of impressing the girl and making her more attracted to you, by doing something known as “demonstrating higher value”. So you might tell her about a wacky story that involves a Ferrari and a model girlfriend, you crashed the car… blah blah.

Why you shouldn’t do this: I believe it demonstrates lower value, because you’re “bragging”. There’s nothing left for her to guess, women like mystery and DHV stories leave ZERO mystery. Think of it as a quiet confidence, when you don’t tell her everything about your life.

2. Story telling in general

Basically it involves you telling stories about yourself with the aim of just building rapport (or what you think helps to build rapport). What actually happens in reality is, you’re talking the girls ear off in the hope that she’ll like you.

Why you shouldn’t do this: Girls DO NOT want to hear about you and your life straight away. Just like the first DHC story point, they want to be left feeling like they want more from you, not so bored that they can’t wait to get away from you.

3. Peacocking

Haha, love this one. The number one ridiculous thing most newbie PUA’s do in my book, so stupid it’s hilarious. So peacocking is essentially dressing like a twat to make yourself seen by girls and not blend into the background like most other guys would.

Why you shouldn’t do this: You look like a f**king clown! Strobe lights, fuzzy hats, goggles, platform shoes, shiny leather trousers… the list goes on. All your doing is attracting the “wrong” attention for the wrong reasons. The girl is thinking, WTF is he wearing, instead of… Ooo he looks cute, I like his interesting shoes.

4. AMOG-ing

This concept is a popular topic in the community and one that a lot of guys struggle with. So a perfect scenario would be, you’re talking to a girl in a group who happens to be with some guys. You want to show you’re the alpha male so you can attract the girl and end up saying something like “Hey nice shirt bro!”.

Why you shouldn’t do this: A part from the fact that you look like a dick and deserve a slap in the face, it’s just not cool to be this kind of guy. A better way to approach the situation is to be in “control” by engaging the guy first. Introduce yourself, build some rapport with him, ask him if that’s his girl (if he says yes, then always ask her to confirm) and just be a cool sociable guy.

5. Negs

Jeeeeeez, this is annoying. Another predictable mistake newbies make when learning game. So an example of a neg would be “Hey, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve seen… in the past minute”.

Why you shouldn’t do this: This puts you in the asshole/douchbag category right off the bat and doesn’t make her attracted to you, it annoys her. Best thing to do is ditch negging and only use light playful teasing (ONLY if she’s a hot bitchy girl, never if she’s a soft and caring type of girl). To be honest, cheeky teasing with a dash of complimenting will work on most girls, so do this instead.

6. 3 second rule

This makes no sense at all. It’s NOT realistic. How can you possibly think about approaching and analyse the situation in 3 seconds? You can’t!

Why you shouldn’t do this: She may be with her friends, be in deep conversation, getting ready to leave… etc. There are tons of scenarios that could cause her to reject you just because you followed a silly rule. Instead gauge the situation, wait for conversation lulls, IOI’s.. heck even force an IOI so you can see if she’s ready to talk or not.

7. Not buying girls drinks

Yet another big mistake. Guys are always asking me whether or not they should buy a girl a drink, because they heard or read that it shows they are weak or in PUA terms (DHLV).

Why you shouldn’t do this: If you’re inviting the girl out, then you should pay. Period. Drinks, food the lot. If you can’t afford it, don’t invite her out. If she insists on paying and physically stops you, then let her pay. But don’t do the school boy “oh damn, I forgot my wallet” or anything lame like that. Obviously the only time this applies is when you’re in a bar or a club and it’s the first thing out of your mouth when approaching. Be a man and be the leader.

8. PUA water

Some guys say that you should NEVER drink when picking up girls. I say hogwash old boy! You’re mental. Having a drink is totally fine, just be conscious of not drinking too much and then looking like a drunken fool.

Why you shouldn’t do this: Just drinking water in a bar or club (even a restaurant) comes across as a little bit weird. Especially if the girl you’re speaking to is drinking. If you’re not drinking because of religious reasons or you’re T-Total, then of course that’s fine and you can tell her that, but if it’s just because you’re following some forum jockey who said it was a good idea… forget it.

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