8 Ways To Spot A Bad Wingman (Or Friend) And Why You NEED To Get Rid Of Them


Uho… bad wingman alert!

Having a good wingman can be the difference between getting laid and not. I’m serious.

If he’s got game then he can make you look cool, increase the amount of attraction a girl has for you, remove obstacles like cockblocks and even help you out with giving you his room for the night ;)

But… when you have a bad wingman (or friend for that matter)… oh dear. Things can go very bad, very quickly.

Your game needs to be at the mastery level if you want to make up for a terrible wingman.

Trust me I’ve been there, on multiple occasions.

Today I want to give you 8 ways in which you can spot a bad wingman and cut him loose before he drags you down even further. The sooner you get rid of them, the better your results will be with women… I can assure you.

Ok, let’s begin:

1. Says bad things about you to girls

Jealousy can be a nasty dose of reality, because it’s within us all. However, some guys are more jealous than others and this stems from deep insecurities. One of the ways their jealousy will flourish, is when you’re not around. You’re “friend” may be speaking to a cute girl and can see that she might like you more.

What he’ll do is talking badly about you “Oh yeah, he lives at home with his mum… hates his job… blah blah” so that you start to look bad compared to him. Then he’ll big himself up and try to close.

2. Always tries to steal the better looking girl

In a set of two or more girls, there’s always one girl better looking than all the others. It’s very rare to find a bunch of girls all stunningly beautiful, as there is far too much internal competition. If your wingman always tries to go for the better looking girl, regardless of if you had your eyes on her first, then you can be sure that he’s out for himself.

Watch out though, because even if you managed to bag the hottie, he’ll be waiting for his opportunity to bad mouth you when you go to the toilet or leave the room.

3. AMOG’s you in front of girls

One of the worst kinds of character traits a bad wingman will have is their tendency to unconsciously AMOG you in front of other girls to show his dominance over you. Again this is an insecurity thing and won’t go away any time soon so you can either deal with it in one of two ways.

The first is to AMOG him back, and keep doing this until he gradually starts to become less and less of an AMOG. The second is to call him out and if he doesn’t stop, then get rid. He’s no use to you anyway.

4. Thinks about himself rather than you

A good wingman will ask you which girl you like and will help you get that girl, because he’s knows that if he has your back then you have his too. A bad wingman on the other hand will not bother asking you about which girls you like, if you want to use his place to get laid, if you need help with a cockblock etc. He’s only out for himself and will do anything he can to make sure he comes out on top… not you.

5. Gets too drunk… every time

We all know what too much drink can do, but does your wingman get wasted every time you go out? Maybe he enjoys the buzz a little too much. Unfortunately no one likes a drunk, they’re annoying, they have no social awareness and you just want to get away from them.

Make him aware that girls aren’t attracted to drunk guys and he’s making you both look bad. If he continues to drink over the odds, then get rid!

6. Creeps girls out

Women hate creeps and sleazy guys. If your wingman comes across as creepy (I.e he lingers too long, space invades, touches inappropriately, cracks bad jokes etc) women will run far far away. You can tell him that he’s being a creep and he’ll slowly begin to change, but if he just “that type of guy” then you’re best to ditch him and move on.

7. Stays quiet during conversation

Wingman got no game? Uho… that’s bad news dude. There’s no need for a wingman with no game in your life. A shy mute offers you zero value when gaming, so you know what you need to do right? Get rid!

8. Makes a fool of himself

So you already know about the drunk guy. But what about the guy who has no shame? This particular kind of person takes it upon himself to make a complete fool of himself, all in the name of fun. Yes sure, it can be funny every now and again. But for the most part, you’re just going to look like the guy who hangs around “that weird dude”. Not a good look.

As you can see, these bad wingman traits are easy to spot. So if you find yourself out and your boy throws out one of the above, take him to one side… have a stern talk with him and if he doesn’t change… boot him out of your life.

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