A Simple Guide To Meditation And Why It’s Essential For Pickup

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As a “pick up artist” or a guy who is trying hard to get better with women… your mind can begin to play tricks on you. It’s incredibly difficult to remain upbeat when you’ve just been rejected or you have gotten into a situation with an aggressive guy who doesn’t want you near his girls.

It’s also very hard to have a level of self confidence that stays consistent or the mental focus to take action every day so that you get to that mastery level of seduction.

What I’ve found over the years is your mind is without a doubt the single most important area that you must work on if you want to get to a level with women that’s considered amazing.

After years of trying things like hypnosis, affirmations and NLP I was happy with the results. But when I began meditating, it made a huge difference to my game.

I was calmer when approaching, more focused on the girl during conversation (like intense), confident even when rejected, less nervous in certain situations and overall I felt mentally clear. Like I didn’t sweat the small stuff, it was all about the end goal.

Today I want to give you a mini guide to meditation and what I do everyday (yes ever damn day) for around 20 minutes tops.

Let’s do this…

Types of mediation:

There are many different types of mediation. Some are intense and mentally demanding, they require a lot of peace and quiet. Whilst others are quick and simple, but still give you the overall health benefits.

1. Mindfulness – Buddhists practice what is called Vipassana and it’s certainly the most popular type of meditation in the western world. The idea behind it is to be present in the moment, focusing on your breathing and not worrying about any thoughts that pop into your mind.

2. Zazen – Focused on the posture of your back and seated in a certain way (with your legs crossed over one another and your hands making a circle shape on your lap. No focus on breathing or thoughts, just one line of Buddhist scripture, question or story. Hard to learn and master.

3. Transcendental Meditation – Trendy these days, this practice is a very simple version from Vedanta, the Hinduism meditation. Attempt to sit with your posture up right (Lotus or half-Lotus posture) and repeat a mantra with your eyes closed. The way you breath is a big focus in TM and the end goal is to leave the body and mind, which takes years of practice.

4. Guided visualisation – This one is very set on images in your mind at the same time as listening to calming music. There are no real breath control movements, just simple in and out.

There are more types of meditation, but I’ve mentioned the top ones. For more info I’d recommend this post.

How to meditate in 5 steps

I like to use guided visualistation when I mediate, along with some soothing music of either water or the piano. There are some cool apps on the iPhone for mediation which you should take a look at, one of them I use is called The Mindfulness App.

1. Find a quiet place – I like to turn the lights off and have the room almost completely dark before meditating, otherwise I can’t focus.

2. Sit or lay down – Laying down works better for me, some people prefer sitting up right with their legs crossed, but it’s not relaxing in my eyes.

3. Focus on your breathing for 5 minutes – Focusing on your breathing helps you to relax and it also allows you to focus on something other than all those thoughts whizzing around your head.

4. Visualise what you want to happen – This is the best part. Have an outcome in your mind you want to have happen in reality. So you might see a beautiful girl in a bar, you go over to her, she’s smiling/laughing, you’re cool and calm, she gives you her number etc. Play the whole thing out in your mind and run that image over and over again until your time is up.

5. Have a timer set for 20 minutes – I’ve found the perfect amount of time is 20 minutes. It’s enough time to get into the meditation and not enough time to make you want to put it off.

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  1. Meditation begins in the words of a master, adoration, concentration, liberation

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