Are You Sitting Comfortably? The Art Of Telling A Story

OK. So, you are talking to your target. You need to hook her. You probably have someone within your social circle who dominates conversations. I don’t mean in a hostile or arrogant fashion. No, rather than that, I’m talking about a person who just seems to ooze confidence and charisma when they are talking. The kind of person who grabs your attention and sucks you into their stories.

What would you give for those kinds of skills? The kind of skills that help with pulling women and, also, can be used in your day-to-day life to make you better at public speaking and interviews? Most people would give quite a bit… It took me a long while, and a lot of analysis, to break down the constituent parts that all the best conversationalists have.

And guess what? I’m going to let you have a peek now. For free!

Here’s what they do and don’t do:

1. No “errrs, ummms, ands…”

You HAVE to remove these from your speech. They are redundant and they make people lose interest. Want to find out how much you use these verbal tics? Record yourself and analyse the playback. Most people use them a lot, usually to give themselves a moment to think. What do you need to do instead…?

2. Use Pauses

Apart from giving you a moment to think, a pause draws people in. It is a valuable tool of politicians and skilled public speakers. By pausing … at key points … people start to … hang onto … your every … word. Try it out. You will already be a better conversationalist than 99% of people.

3. Be Emotive When Speaking

Or at least give that impression. You should always speak with passion. If you don’t seem to be enthusiastic or passionate about something, it won’t matter a bit how interesting the thing is that you are talking about – people will lose interest. If you can master this, women will be caught up in your story and start to feel emotions too. Tony Robbins is an excellent example of someone who seems to always speak with passion and emotion. It’s possible that, occasionally, he “fakes it to make it,” but it doesn’t matter. He still sounds vital and full of energy.

4. Eye Contact

Big one, this. Make eye contact with the woman or with each member of the group to whom you are talking. Never look down (it’s submissive), and don’t look away. I’ve read tons of books on body language and I’ve field-tested my theories for hours. I know this to be true: when you make eye contact with someone, they pay more attention. They will think you are confident, strong and alpha. If you look away, their attention will wander and they’ll lose interest. If you are in a group, pay attention to each member of the group so that you keep them all interested.

5. Gestures

Another key skill, especially with larger groups. Movement catches the eye’s attention more than anything else, so if the group is too big to hold eye contact with, the use of gestures will help to keep their attention focussed on where it needs to be: you.

6. Facial Animation

Being expressive really draws people in. Try this out if you don’t believe me: hold a poker face when you are speaking about something really fun and watch for the negative effect. The emotion you express generates an emotional response in the woman.

7. Tonality

This one works like a charm. A sure-fire way to hold attention is to vary your tone of voice. It takes practice, and shouldn’t use it too often or too obviously, but a touch of voice tone variation adds a lot. Try reading the most interesting thing in the world in a monotone and you’ll see what I mean.

So there we have it – try and work on these suggestions and you’ll quickly notice a big improvement in the way to communicate with people. You’ll be better in all kinds of different circumstances – but particularly with women.

Story-telling is one element of mid-game, which is basically all about making the woman more comfortable with you, keeping her interested, and setting the scene for escalation.  I use 5 different mid-game techniques, and break them down in full detail in Stealth Attraction, which you can find here as part of the $700 of my best stuff for a buck offer.  I know the stuff works, and I want you to start getting results from it…right away, so go and check it out and see if you think it’ll help you get this area of your life handled.

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  1. Couldn't you write something with examples of stories? This is great, though, but it would be nice to have some more transitioning stories in my arsenal.

  2. nice some ppl assume you know what to say but I like it when you break down the conversation pattern.

  3. Valentine says:

    Wow, that was great. I have always enjoyed this blog. What you have just said is a revealation.I wish one day you will visit South Africa and deliver your lectures.It will be great. Thanks again.


  5. All y'r stuff are interesting & exciting,above all are for free. you have no idear of how i wish you came to uganda give ugandans some lectures because man, things here are totally different.

  6. I love reading all your material. High quality. keep up your unselfish natures. who doesnt enjoy listening to someone speak with insight and intellect on this subject! im glad you exist but not to many of you haha gotta leave some chance for the rest of us.

  7. i want to seduce a marrieed woman i am also married and she known that i am married ppls help me to do it
    in four or five days can i seduce her to bed i know she is looking for advanture from out side i am from india the mind setup of female here is not like usa and other advance country

  8. "Hot Polish girl" sounds like oxymoron, let's be frank. In addition to that, I wouldn't consider polish girls a challenge. They are full of insecurities and they are attracted rapidly after hearing something really cheeky, because they almost never hear it in Poland.

  9. how to handle gils who just want u for company

  10. hey u are doing the world a great good, since many guys don't spend time doing the work u do. it is great. imust ask how to make a girl who say she love u onlyas a friend to be your lover?

  11. Cool Technique:

    By you saying "I'll leave it to your imagination" You are giving the highest possible value to it, because you are making us imagine the best thing possible. You make us sell ourselves. I will use that now LOL! Cool!

  12. Great stuff. Another thing about the pauses is it lets you check in on how your story is doing. Too many people start running on a story without seeing if the girl or group is interested in the story.

    With hand gestures, my only caveat is to keep them low. If you're tall and the girl is short, you might get your hands too close to her face and that will make her subconsciously uncomfortable.

  13. Tom Harvey says:

    More great stuff Richard. Quite often its staring us straight in the eyes in terms of what we need to do, but its difficult to actually put it into practice without breaking it down into a series of steps which assist in rationalising and internalising for adoption.

  14. Perfection says:

    Hiya Gambler ,Great as allways ,keep the good stuff coming ,I can't believe how well your stuff works,in a world where nothing is free ,you prove this wrong!thanks mate.

  15. this is some wicked stuff too but could you elaborate on the gestures (what sort of gestures) and tonality part i'm a little hazy on what i should be doing with my voice. I've noticed in conversation with women that if i sound to enthusiastic or happy i don't make that sexual tension and can't bring it about, it's fine for female friends but nothing more.

    Also i think girls get defensive when i talk too naturally to them when we first meet, i think i come across as sleezy.

    thanks Gambler

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