(QUIZ): What Type Of Woman Does Your Personality Attract?

What Women Do You Attract Quiz

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Most men go through life attracting the same type of women, without even realising it. Now I’m not talking about a physical type, that’s easy to predict.

What I’m referring to is the “type” of woman you keep attracting or that you are attracted to based on your personality. If you’re interested to find out which type of girl you keep attracting and why… fill out the quiz below.

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How does this quiz work?

We’ve concluded that there are 9 different types of women that men will be attracted to based on the most common personalities women have. Simply by answering some basic questions, we can determine the type of girl you’re going to most naturally gravitate towards. Pretty cool right?

Is the quiz accurate?

Actually yes. You see if you’re an alpha male, you will be picking up different women than you would if you were say an introverted geek. Now although there’s no 100% accuracy, it’s still pretty damn accurate and we think you will agree once you take the quiz.

How can I stop attracting a specific type of woman?

If you find yourself attracting a certain type of female that you don’t actually want to keep meeting, then you should work on your personality, patterns of behaviour and habits. It all starts with you dude.

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  1. The way that it works is that the stronger attraction that you can make women feel during a conversation, during an interaction by displaying attractive traits, the higher-quality woman that you’ll have access to.

  2. Boom, I got the house wife.

    All I need to do now is actually get a girlfriend ;(

  3. Mmmm, I always wondered why I attract the gold diggers. lol

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