Top 10 Best PUA Movies Of All Time

Watch and learn...

Watch and learn…

Ok, let’s get a little debate going…

What are the best PUA movies of all time? In your opinion.

Over the years I think I’ve watched every one of the top pick up artist films, so I’ve decided to list them all and see if you agree.

If not… let me know what you think is the best.

There’s a movie for every type of guy, the jerk… the good guy… the nerd… the loser… and also tips for every type of guy.

So let’s get to it.

Here they are in no particular order…

WAIT! Before you get into the list. You should probably watch this first.

1. Swingers

An all time classic. Vince Vaughn is the guy you need to watch.

Mike Peters leaves NYC to downtown Hollywood which means leaving his girlfriend. Not only does he suck with women, he can’t even get a job. Trent (his best friend) decides to take charge of his love life and get him laid.

2. The Tao of Steve

A fat, ugly and sweaty looking guy follows a set of rules in life with women (found in a book) which gets him laid. He helps his friends out… and ends up falling for a chick in the process who finds out about his rules.

Good light hearted film, just showing you that looks don’t matter.

3. Roger Dodger

Awesome film, with great comebacks! A hopeless kid (Roger’s nephew) struggles to meet girls and asks his uncle for help. Roger Dodge (the player) shows the kid exactly how it’s done… really funny parts in this one.

4. Cruel Intentions

Bit of a dark film, but shows you how the game can be played with women. Also shows you that when you’re invested (betting) you can pull anything out of the bag. A bet is made between a stepbrother and stepsister to bed a virgin who wants to wait until she falls in love.

5. Crazy, Stupid Love

 Such a funny film! A married man gets divorce after 20 years of marriage and finds himself falling into a friendship with a young suave player he sees in a bar. Really great tips on fashion and game here.

6. Alfie

The remake not the classic, I think that Jude Law just makes a better Alfie.

A young man lives life by a set of rules and bangs some of the hottest chicks in Manhattan. After fooling around with his best friend’s girlfriend, things take a turn for the worse.

7. Van Wilder: Party Liason

A great film on learning how to be the party guy and mastering the social proof part of game. Van Wilder is a college student that has stayed in college for longer than he expected, but he’s not there to learn… he’s there to get laid.

8. Hitch

I know I know, a bit of a soppy film, but Will Smith is a dude and he has some great lines in this. He’s a professional dating coach (wink wink) and ends up needing a little help himself when he finds a cracking girl.. who actually turned out to be a journalist.

9. Can’t Buy Me Love

The ultimate lifestyle engineering film. A geek with no social life pays the hottest girl in school, to be his girlfriend for a month. What happens is social proof changes him and his life for the better. An old film, but the same principles still apply.

10. Wedding Crashers

Suck at being a wingman? This film will show you how to be the perfect wingman. Vince Vaughn strikes again in this awesome comedy alongside Owen Wilson, as they both take full advantage of romance filled weddings.

So that’s it! My top 10 list of the best PUA movies.

HEY! If you want to get good with women, you need to understand what they want and how to give it to them. I’ve already worked that part out which is why I get laid… a lot. Want to know my secrets? Then start with this texting guide my friend developed.

Lemme know what your favourite movie is in the comments below…

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  1. James Batucan says

    You forgot “The Pick Up Artist” 1986 movie by Robert Downey JR. Now thats a movie entirely about Pick Up!

  2. You guys should check out ‘Spread’ played by Ashton Kutcher. It’s about the life of gigolo. In my opinion, the movie is somewhat artistic in everything-dialogue, camera shot etc. Learn how to use body language and voice tonality from Kutcher. he knows what he is doing. See how he handles test and rejection, and how to not DLV, and where to DLV. Spread is my #1 list.

    Those who live life like him will relate. Those who do not will dream to be like him.

  3. Does anybody know the name of this movie of a guy who seduces women so easily… all the details that I remember about the movie are that this seducer has a friend who is having issues to get laid with his girlfriend so he told him that he will change her mind and spends the night with his friend’s GF, and after that voila!. I also remember how there is a woman that tells another friend how she loves to do it with him cause he doesn’t insist to have sex with her like the rest of guys. Another detail that they mention in the movie is that the guy has lost his family (war) and the only heritage he got was a great car, a Jaguar. It’s an 80’s movie I think. Please help me with the name, I’ve been looking all over the internet but haven’t found it so far

    • Yes, I love this movie ! The name is About Adam, and it’s one of my favorite PUA movie too, altough it seems really unknown in the community.

  4. Hey Richard, Much respect for the list of PUA movies. So far I’ve watched cruel intentions and Alfie and I just don’t understand how it works out. Its amazing how I’ve seen them do the counter productive things, the pushing away, and intellectually insult and still get results. Any thoughts?

  5. Rodger Dodger’s one of the good one guys , but don’t save the “fail safe” mentality

  6. just another girl says

    At then end of the day, “players” get old and look pathetic.

    • PUA Training says

      Partially true. But at least they bang like rock starts whilst they are young :)

    • players dare to do what every REAL man wants but not every one has the balls… at least when player is old and wise, he has no regrets but cherishes the game memories…

      and also sweetheart, don’t mistakes players who hurt girls, they just give them the pleasure they have never experienced.. players make world a better place..

  7. Danger Zone says

    Where is Top Gun on this list?

  8. Prince Charles says

    You forget “10 things I hate about you”

  9. G.D. Chaplin says

    Wow, where do I begin ? …IMO “The Tao of Steve” is the only one that belongs on a top 10 PUA list.
    “9 1/2 Weeks” with Mickey Rourke absolutely defines pick up (where is push/pull is any of these stupid ‘nerd gets girl’ hollywood formula movies ? These movies have no guts or take any risks where curiousity is born) or anything written/directed by Zalman King (“Red Shoe Diaries”). How about “Casablanca” with Humphrey Bogart defining social proof ? Or “Charade” with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly ? Or CG’s “It Takes a Thief” ? ‘”Two Moon Junction” with Richard Tyson and Sherilynn Fenn ? Even in James Colburn in “Our Man Flint”.

  10. Let the Game Begin (2010)
    It’s definitely worth a watch…a much better film than it’s score on IMDB suggests. The only film I have watched which makes direct references to modern PUA techniques.

  11. What about Californication?

  12. For me it has to be Alien

    Total classic

  13. The Ugly Truth
    Ghost of Girlfriends Past
    Don Juan DeMarco
    Just Friends

    Movies with manly characters or manly character transition:
    Gran Torino
    Fight Club

  14. Dangerous liaison is always the good film.

  15. A number of non-PUA-themed movies have great PUA scenes:
    “Guys ‘n’ Dolls”
    “Gone With the Wind”
    “Erin Brockovich”
    “Richard III”
    “Henry V”

  16. It really upset me you thought the alfie remake is better than the original, other than that great list.

  17. Ivaylo Jazzgovskie says

    (FAO Rich Gambler) Best PUA movie of all times that isn’t listed among those 10 above but definitely a must see one, is called Spread (2009 – US). I strongly recommend it to any guy with a game or interests in seducing women. You can watch the official trailer here:
    For more details simply follow the link below:

  18. Peter Darker says

    Not listing Robert Downey Jr’s 1987 classic “The Pick Up Artist” is blasphemy!!!

  19. BeauNertaun says

    Not a movie, but the show Mad Men has some great game lessons. Don Draper is a classic alpha male, and Roger Sterling is a great example of what can happen when you look fantastic and don’t give a damn.

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