The 100 Most Effective Tinder Pick Up Lines Exposed [INFOGRAPHIC]

I’m going to show you the best Tinder pick up lines that have been tried… tested and guaranteed to work.

Having said that, results will vary based on how you look and how good your photos are, so make sure your profile is tight before continuing.

If you’re tired of your matches not getting back to you, it’s usually because your banter sucks.

These one-liners are designed to be used as bait, so that your matches actually respond, giving you a fighting chance to hookup with them.

Quick note: If you’re struggeling with texting and want to know what REALLY turns women on, then you should watch this video.

Here they are:

Best Tinder Pick Up Lines

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Here’s my take on the tips in the infographic:

Tinder is amazing for meeting women… IF you know what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, most guys haven’t got a clue about gaming on Tinder, which is why they match and then feel the cold breeze of rejection.

You see, girls get WAY MORE matches than men and they can have their pick.

Tinder Swipe Stats

Hot guys are lining up on Tinder to date average girls.

Whereas average girls can just sit back and decide who they want to get a free dinner from.

Well fuck that.

Here are the absolute best Tinder pick up lines…

Each of the texts below I’m about to show you are openers, hooks, jokes and closers that will have women begging you to meet them.

Don’t forget: Tinder is a numbers game for men, the more you use these lines the better the response rate.

Let’s get into it…

Best aggressive openers

Aggressive openers work on the girls who are ready to bang, which is about 20%. Helps way more if you’re attractive and/or have a great body (i.e six pack).

  • Sit on my face and I’ll eat my way to your heart
  • Did you grow up on a farm? You sure know how to raise a cock ;)
  • How horny are you on a scale of 1-10 right now?
  • Want to come over to my place and watch porn on my 32” flat screen mirror?
  • Girth or length?
  • If I were a watermelon would you spit or swallow my seeds?
  • I’ve been told my fingers are magical…
  • Sweet Jesus, the things I’d do to you…
  • Mum? Is that you??
  • Favourite food when you come home drunk and horny?
  • Daynmmm gurrrrl. Dat ass though…
  • Hey, I’m at the store now. What do you prefer eggs or pancakes?
  • Ok let’s skip the small talk.. Are we hooking up tonight or what?
  • Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why/why not?
  • I usually go for 8’s but I guess I’ll settle for a 10

Best random openers

Great for baiting a response from most women. You need banter to continue the conversation though. Some say these are the best Tinder conversation starters.

  • Photo #2 is best…
  • Annie! I finally found you…
  • If you had to name your foo foo after a movie, what would it be called?
  • Stop flirting with me Sarah, we’ve only just met…
  • What do you want more? 1) cuddles 2) a bedtime story 3) some dick
  • Are you open minded?
  • Truth or dare?
  • Rarrrrrr!!!
  • Game time: What’s your wildest fantasy?
  • That was you wasn’t it? I saw you…
  • Did something bad happen to you or are you just naturally ugly
  • Favourite thing to do whilst watching Netflix?
  • LOOK BEHIND YOU! (then followup with) Only joking, made you look :)

Open With A GIF

Best flirtatious openers

Great for any girl, unless she has the sense of humour of a corpse. They are slightly cheesy however, so BEWARE.

  • Your face says innocent… but that body is telling me something completely different
  • I guarantee you’ve NEVER had a cuddler like me before. It’s ridiculous how good I am
  • My apartment. Tonight. You bring the wine. I bring the pizza. We both bring the cuddles
  • All I’m missing is a little spoon…
  • Your place or mine?
  • Did you fall from heaven or were you kicked out for being too damn naughty?
  • Your eyes say “come to bed”, your mouth says “you’re not going anywhere big boy”
  • I’ve had a crush on you for years
  • Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was at Whole Foods trying to figure out what you like for breakfast
  • Did you know you’re the hottest Rebecca on Tinder?
  • Kiss me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Jenny?
  • After inspecting your photos, I’ve concluded that you’re too much of a good girl for me
  • Awww, you look so cute. Such a shame that you won’t be able to handle this man ;(
  • Prettiest smile I’ve seen on Tinder
  • Excuse me; I think you have something in your eye. Nope, it’s just a sparkle
  • You’re so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line

Best funny openers

All fun and games, but sent to the wrong girl and you might not get a reply. Then again, who cares if she doesn’t reply right?

  • Hey, are you a good cuddler? I might just let you join my cuddle gang
  • Are you my appendix by any chance? Coz, I don’t understand how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out
  • Hey, what’s your name? No wait, that might be too forward…
  • Are you a fuzzy bunny? (reply) Sorry/Excuse me? (you) Sorry! Autocorrect is strange, I meant how’s it going?
  • I’ve seen you before… you were at the spankathon downtown 2 weeks ago. You are one kinky lady ;)
  • What is your dad’s number? I need to call him to thank you him for producing that ass
  • What’s a smart, attractive, young… man like myself doing without your number?
  • What would you rather have from me? A. Awesome date (restaurant/movie) B. Deep intelligent conversations followed by cuddles C. Multiple intense orgasms
  • Hey, can I stay at your place tonight? #NoHobo
  • First time on Tinder, I’m confused. Does this mean we are dating now or…?
  • On a scale of 1 to America… how free are you tonight?
  • Thank God I’m wearing gloves girl or you’d be too hot to handle… DAYMN
  • Roses are red and so are your lips. You should sit on my face and wiggle your hips
  • I know this profile is fake, but can I get the number of the model you used in your pics?
  • There must be something wrong with my eyes. They seem to be stuck on you!
  • Nothing fixes a bad day, like seeing a pretty girl smile. Will you smile for me?
  • Hey, can I get your “up sexy” please?
  • Today is your lucky day. I’m going to give you the satisfaction of turning me down. Go ahead. I dare you.
  • Who says men don’t ask for directions? Because I need help; I’m getting lost in your eyes.
  • If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one
  • Titanic. That’s my icebreaker. What’s up?
  • Phew! I almost swiped left and had a heart attack. Saved at the last minute!
  • I hope you don’t mind cheesy pick-up lines, because if you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.
  • How do I tell my dog he was adopted?
  • Do you believe in love at first swipe?
  • If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go, I can take you places you haven’t ever been before
  • I’m new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?
  • We’re a match! The next step is to pick a wedding date, right?
  • Congratulations, you have been voted the hottest girl here, your prize a date with me!
  • I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather survive a Zombie Apocalypse with
  • Do you peel a banana from the top or bottom?
  • I’m sure you get this all the time but you look like a mix between Fergie and Jesus
  • You look like a female version of Nicholas Cage
  • Hello. I am a Nigerian Prince and I can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams! I just need your phone number, bank account, and social security number.
  • Tinder brought us together for a reason and that reason is babies.
  • Would you prefer to fight 100 duck size horses or 1 horse size duck
  • I have 4% battery remaining. I chose to message you. Did I choose wisely?
  • In a little more than 24 hours… I’m getting married.
  • Not gonna lie. I swiped for the dog…
  • You’re everything I thought I never wanted in a girl
  • I’ve had a crush on you for 2 hours
  • Me without you is like a nerd without braces, A shoe without laces, aSentenceWithoutSpaces.
  • Hey, just finished 873 pushups, pretty tired.
  • Did you fart? Cuz you blew me away.
  • There you are! There’s a reward for your capture up in heaven ya know
  • Lower your expectations and let’s begin
  • Allow me to rescue you from your crowd of admirers
  • Your beauty blinded me; I’m going to need your number for insurance reasons

Best number closers

These texts are to be used after you’ve been texting a few times and she seems to like you or is responding well, it’s directly after the rapport building stage.

  • Hey what’s your WhatsApp? I hate texting on Tinder
  • What’s your number? I’m sick of Tinder now
  • WhatsApp is easier, what’s your number? I’ll add you on there
  • What’s your number? I’ll text you on WhatsApp, we can meet this week.
  • **Insert number here**
  • Maybe you can help a brother out. I forgot my password and it keeps giving me the hint… “Jessica’s phone number”. Can you help?
  • Are you ready to talk? I can only take so much flirting from a distance
  • I lost my number can I borrow yours

Best Time For Matches

Here’s what you need to do next…

What you need to understand is that Tinder is a GAME for women. They use it out of boredom, so they can be entertained, not really to get laid.

There are two types of women that use Tinder to get laid:

  1. Socially awkward women
  2. Ugly women

So unless you want to settle for these two types of chicks, I suggest you work on your text game so you can scoop up the bored lonely hot ones.

BUT… here’s the trick.

You NEED to get good photos.

Tinder is all about the photos. Obviously.

If your current photos suck, then you won’t get any matches. So what’s the point in even learning text game if you can’t even get a hook?

So this is what you need to do:

  1. Get some good photos taken by a pro
  2. Start using the “best Tinder pick up lines” mentioned above
  3. Use the super like feature only when you have great photos
  4. Build up social proof with a well managed Instagram profile

Social proof in my opinion is the most powerful attraction tool you can use. So do everything you can to make your profile look as good as possible.

One last thing: If you enjoyed this infographic and the tips I’ve given you, please remember to tweet about the 100 best Tinder pick up lines so someone else can start dominating the swiping game.

Stats taken from: Dating reviews

What is your favourite pick up line from above?

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