Confidence Building Techniques: The Best Ways To Develop Unshakeable Confidence With Women

Having confidence with women is one of the primary factors to successful game, but you don’t get the confidence instantly or by taking a pill (unfortunately).

Regardless of everything I mention in the video and below… the absolute BEST way to build confidence with women is to approach and fail…

Sounds horrible I know, but this is seriously the quickest way to build up your confidence which women will pick up on and respond positively too.

Anyway… let’s get on with the tips:

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Upgrade your threads

Yes fashion is a quick fix and it costs some money, but it’s not a permanent solution so make sure you don’t rely on this one tip.

  • Try a different look – Give yourself permission to go nuts and try something you haven’t tried before. Do you wear loose fitted jeans? Then try some slim fitting ones… always wear t-shirts? Try some slim fitting shirts.
  • Get some professional advice – If you have the money, it might be a good idea to hire a professional stylist. They will get you fixed up in no time and completely transform your wardrobe.

Get in shape

It may be the longest route to take in order to gain some confidence, but believe me it’s a great way to feel good about yourself. When women compliment you on your body, it will propel your confidence.

  • Get a personal trainer – Pricey I know, but hire him or her for a couple of weeks to learn the basics and build a set routine out for yourself, then ditch them and go it alone.
  • Eat like a monk – Eating better foods will help you lose weight naturally and will feed your muscle so. Professionals agree that 80% of getting in shape is down to strict eating.
  • Do some classes – Group classes like yoga or spinning are great way to build confidence with women… why? Because 90% of the class is women!

Retrain your mind

Confidence is all in the mind, so in order to surpress nerves and slowly build a good amount of self esteem, you need to re-program your brain to banish bad thoughts and beliefs.

  • Self hypnosis – If you’re a suggestible person then hypnosis will work wonders for your confidence. I’ve tried plenty of self hypnosis products and have had great success with them.
  • Brainwave audio – Sounds freaky, but brainwave audio can do incredible things for your confidence and state in general.
  • Learn new skills – By learning a new skill set, you’re opening up your mind which allows you to see new opportunities. This in turn makes you happy and feels you with confidence.
  • Design your future – What kind of guy do you want to be in the future? Write down your goals and ideals for the next 12 months and make a plan to meet those goals. Make a serious effort to smash through them and see what that does to your self esteem.

Key things to remember

1. Experience more and try some new stuff dude. The most obvious advice you will EVER hear, but it’s going to do more for you if you actually apply it than you can imagine.

2. Kick your own butt and go further than you normally would. When you feel like giving up, keep going… confidence is built from those moments.

3. Create milestones or goals and keep track of your achievements so you can build momentum. The feeling of momentum and achievement, breads self confidence.

The most important thing to remember is that your confidence will naturally grow if you focus on your career, personal life, knowledge, experience and skills. This in turn will translate into confidence with women.

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  2. Hi Richard, enjoyed the video. I have a question. I really enjoy pursuit of women and the progress, its not even just about the women its something deeper and It’s something im really passionate about. I want to follow this passion and fully integrate it into my life, right now I follow it as much as I can but I’m limited by finances and the need too make a living and work five days in my low paid job. I’d love to be a coach but i’m nowhere near at level where I could do that. As someone who had a similar passion would you suggest I pursue it and if so how?

  3. Great video Richard, confidence comes much more easily if you know what you want in a woman and life in general. Women love a guy who can say what they think of them and know to to take the interaction to the next level.

  4. Hi Richard,

    I’ve been watching your videos for about a year now since I followed a PUA training by chance. It’s incredibly useful advice and it seems so well backed!

    I’m a second year student at the Australian National University in Canberra and don’t club very often (Canberra’s nightlife is pretty one dimensional). Mostly during the semester my study takes precedence in my life. I was wondering do you have any general tips for being more attractive and confident towards women? Not necessarily specific scenes like nightclubs but everyday things that you could use in conversation or just walking past girls at Uni.

    I’ve listened to Approaching Confidence a few times, and it seems to help subconsciously, by putting me to sleep at night.

    As someone who wouldn’t normally look at Pick-up Artistry much I’ve found your videos and books really applicable to everyday life and I now really admire what you’ve set up with PUA Training.

    Phil Bruen

    • A big factor in the presence of women is the body language.
      Always have a smile on – be happy.
      Eye contact is VERY important.
      Just make friends with them, greet them etc.

      Hope I could help you :)


  5. Love your videos Richard. Shame that this is the last one for a while!
    I’ll follow your facebook page, in case there is a new video comming up!

  6. Great job and love the regular posts and videos! It have been a great help. Will be keeping an eye on Facebook for when you come to Aus! Thanks again

  7. Great video. You should come down under some time mate!

  8. Hey Richard,

    I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts recently about faithfulness and not cheating with one’s girlfriend.

    Could I have your point of view please ?

    Great vid btw ^^

  9. I really liked this video.
    Anastasia blinks during the whole video. Is this an IOI for you ?

  10. Does Braainwave audio (Bineral Beats) really work though? as i havent read much into the evidence for it.

    • PUA Training says

      I think it does. It definitely helps you concentrate more, give it a go, there are plenty of free apps on itunes.

  11. Awesome advice and great effort Richard, really see you’re working your ass off and giving away groundbreaking and powerful ways for guys to learn. Appreciate

  12. Samuel Ortiz says

    Hey Richard, when are you coming to the U.S? how often do you visit?

    • PUA Training says

      I come to New York a few times a year and sometimes make it over to the west coast too. Best way to hear about is on Facebook – Richard Gambler La Ruina is my name there.

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