Better Yourself First… Then Get The Girls (The Harsh Truth Of Game)

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Ethics and conscience isn’t something that people naturally associate with the Pick Up Community. At first glance Game is about tricks and gimmicks…the ultimate result of which is to punch way above your weight and get a girl that you could never normally get. While this may be true for many in the short term, let’s look further ahead shall we?

Just this evening a friend and I were having a discussion about future life partners. His question was simple; should you only be with someone (in a long term relationship/marriage sense of the word) if you think that they are a 10?

This raised many issues and every time we answered one question we came up with another. Can you be with someone if you think that there is someone better for you out there? Should you settle for an 8? Is anyone a 10 or does spending time with people and loving their imperfections make them a 10?

They are all valid questions and we were able to answer each one. One over-arching question which came to my mind was; Dude, do you think that you deserve a 10? I asked him this as it’s easy to forget this point when you are new to Pick Up and the things that you learn give you such an edge over everyone else.

You can now talk to girls where before you would have had approach anxiety. You can move from club to bedroom because you have thought the logistics and know exactly how to combat LMR (Last Minute Resistance). However these are all things which have an instant effect. They are all “things” that do… or “tools” that you use.

In terms of getting a 10 AND keeping her so that she can be your long term girlfriend or wife, there is only one sure fire way to do it. That is to better yourself. That is to make yourself into a person that she wants to be with. That is to make yourself a 10. And that’s the message;

The only way to keep a 10… is to be a 10

And that makes sense doesn’t it? Why would you want to be with a 6 if you were a 9? Why would you want to be with an 8 is you were a 10? You wouldn’t.

Often when I explain this principle people get upset as they think that I am stating something which is beyond them. They think that I am assuming that everyone can look like David Beckham because that is what they think that a 10 for a man should be.

What they don’t remember is that being a 10 is not just about looks. It’s about the whole package. Looking like a 10 is only half the story.

Do you go to the gym?

Do you take care of your teeth?

Are you a good conversationalist?

Do you do the same things every day or do you go out and try fun an interesting activities?

Do you see what I’m saying?

The best way to be something is to be it. You all know what a 10 does. If you don’t then pick someone that you think is a 10 and model them. Pick the things they do which you think makes them a 10. Then do them.

If it feels unnatural then don’t worry

Feeling unnatural is simply the body’s way of telling you that you haven’t done that thing before. When I decided to model myself on a 10 I went to the gym. Man that was unnatural. The next day my body felt like the complete antithesis of “natural”.

That’s because I wasn’t used to it. Months later going to the gym was as natural as breathing. I looked better, felt better and gave off a great vibe.

Most of us know the things that we should do in order to better ourselves. It’s our own attitude (whether that be laziness, being scared or stubbornness) which stops us. But the next time you stop yourself ask yourself this; do I deserve a 10? I want one but do I deserve one? Until that answer is “yes” push yourself in everything that you do.

I’m not going to end this article with an upbeat cutting line or famous quote; just a question…

You see that perfect 10 sitting across from you on the train over there… she would have sex with you, she could even be your girlfriend. But she’s looking for a 10 also… are you that 10 she’s looking for right now?

If you answered yes, then open her.

If you answered no, then you need work on bettering yourself.

Get angry, focus on what you need to change and most importantly…. start today!

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