What Are My Chances Of Banging This Girl? A Mental Checklist

Can I Bang Her: The Check List

How to spot a girl who is DTF.

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As with most men, we want sex. We want it now, later on tonight and tomorrow morning. Now getting sex is a whole other story that is full of frustration, rejection, heartache and loneliness (sounds somber, but stay with me here).

If you’re not getting laid right now, there could be a multitude of factors involved. For example, you could be fat and unattractive, or you might be very insecure to the point that if a woman did show interest, you’d turn it into a negative. Whatever the reasons for you not getting laid, we all have some level of sympathy and common ground to your sob story.

What I want to do today however is shower you with a checklist that will make the whole interaction with a girl seem much more logical, easy and results orientated. Think of it as a way to remove all pointless mental roadblocks and just focus on the good stuff.

So here it is. The mental checklist that I want you to run through every single time you have an interaction with a girl.

The mental checklist

The idea is this… the higher the score (more GOOD `than BAD)… the more chance you have of getting laid. We’re playing the probability game here.

1. How is your rapport with her?

When you’re talking, are you both flirting, touching, smiling or is she remaining cold and robotic with her responses? I.e yes or no answers, looking around, re-engaging with her friends etc.

2. Does she throw out any shit tests?

These are a solid IOI so if she says something like “I bet you say that to all the girls don’t you?” or “Why should I trust you, I’ve only just met you…” or “Are you a player/fuckboy? I don’t like players”. It simply means she’s attracted, but she’s just testing to see if you’re going to croak under pressure.

4. Does she describe you as a nice guy?

If you’ve met her more than once or it’s your first interaction, does she say “Awwww, you’re such a nice guy”. If she does, then this is not a good thing. You need to work on building more rapport and sexual escalation.

5. Are you displaying social value?

If your friends are making you look good (I.e hot girls saying you’re cool, multiple women fighting for your attention etc). Social proof is incredibly powerful and should not be underestimated.

6. How does she react to competition?

When there are other women around you talking to you. Take a quick glance at the girl, is she looking over at you, does she fight for your attention or but into a conversation just to be heard? It’s a sign she’s attracted to you.

7. Is she keeping strong eye contact with you?

Eye contact is a great indicator of interest. If she’s locking eyes and not looking away much during conversation, then you can take this as a positive.

8. Is she open to talking about sex?

Talking about sex will ignite the interaction, it will take a friendly conversation and turn it into a sexual one which puts you in her mind sexually. When you talk about it, if she responds well then continue talking about it and escalate quickly. If she seems quite prudish or gives you very short answers, this is potentially a bad sign.

9. Does she re-initiate conversation with you?

When the awkward silences come or you are begin distracted by your friends, does she make an effort to re-initiate conversation? If so then you can take this a solid sign of interest. She’s battling for your attention.

10. Is she asking you questions?

When a woman asks you questions, it’s because she wants to keep the interaction going with you and is interested in knowing more about you. Be careful not to answer too many questions. Keep her guessing and keep the conversation light, so that she wants more.

11. Is she touching you?

Kino is probably the biggest sign of interest. If she’s touching you on the arms, chest, stomach, face etc. Then she’s very attracted to you. So you should take the initiative from her to sexually escalate quickly. Meaning, take her home NOW.

12. Is the proximity between you less than normal distance?

You know when you’re talking to a person and you have a normal talking distance? Well if a girl is attracted to you, she will allow you to get way closer than normal conversational distance. So if you’re within a few CM’s, go for a kiss. If she pulls back, you need to escalate more.

13. Does she introduce you to her friends?

If she’s proud to show you off, then you will be introduced to her friends. Depending on the time or place, you may even catch a few glances and gestures of approval from her friends, which is an added “thumbs up” that she likes you.


As you can see, there is a common thread here. Touching, re-engaging and social value. If you have all three of those things on lock down, then you will be getting laid quickly because you can tell when a woman wants to bang.

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