Conversation Control: How To Build Attraction & Rapport During An Interaction With Women

If you’re still having trouble building rapport and girls are just not attracted to you, then you need to make a few conversational adjustments.

The tips below are the exact same tips I give to my students, so take note and start using them.

Multiple types of interactions

There are multiple types of interactions you can have with women that lead to attraction and deep rapport. Once mastered, you’ll be at the professional seducer level. The most common are…

1. A conversation that’s funny but NOT deep and the girl will like you
2. A conversation that’s deep, NOT funny at all but she really likes you
3. A conversation that’s very relaxed (you’re aloof) with no humour or connection, but she still likes you.

So as you can see it’s quote difficult to give any hard and fast rules that would suit all guys.

Body language rules I gave to my student

  • Sit down and relax: Stop fidgeting, put your hands by your side and just try to relax in the situation. The more relaxed you are the more relaxed she will be.
  • Gesture and be expressive: Gesturing when you’re talking helps to create a passionate conversation that’s infused with animation, making it more appealing to the girl so she won’t get bored while you’re speaking.
  • Hold solid eye contact: I always hold strong eye contact and very rarely look away.
  • Not smiling too much (a neutral face): Smiling too much will come across as cheesy and overly “try hard” so practice making a neutral face which will keep her guessing.

Conversation pointers I gave to my student

  • Ask, receive make statement: Ask a question, receive a response and make a statement on it. Stacking your statements will bulk up the conversation, build interest and make the conversation much less robotic.
  • Make powerful statements based on her answers: Expand on multiple levels and think about how she might like that certain talking point. Why does she love (topic)? Why does she spend so much time doing (topic)? Think of her motivating thoughts behind her actions/beliefs/passions. It’s about adopting seduction styles which are attractive to women.

Attraction tips I gave to my student

  • Write down your ideal list: What do you want most in a girlfriend, write down a list… as many as you like. Use this list to direct the interaction based on what you want in a girl.
  • Show her that you’re selective: Not agreeing with everything she says and showing her that certain things matter to you and are incredibly important will make her more attracted to you.
  • Ask her rapport building questions (lead into these questions): For example… “if you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?” or “do you remember your first date at school?” or “what talents do you have that would surprise me?” etc.
  • Have a good answer ready: She may (and most probably will) ask you the rapport questions back. So have an in-depth answer ready.
  • Lead towards your purpose: Always have an objective in mind when speaking to women and lead the conversation towards your purpose, whatever that may be. I.e finding your ideal girlfriend, getting her on a date etc.
  • Bad listening face: When the girl is speaking, just look into her eyes, build a picture in your mind of what she’s saying so you can articulate a question once she’s finished. Be comfortable with the PAUSE! Awkward silences are great for sexual tension anyway.

As you can see, I gave my student a bunch of tips to work on and he’s WAYYY more attractive to women now than he was when he first came to me.

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