Dance Floor Game: How To Get ANY Girl You Like On The Dance Floor Turned On Within Minutes

Do you dance like a deranged two left footed duck?

Well guess what? It doesn’t matter!

You can still be a player on the dance floor and get more ass than your buddies, even if you are terrible at dancing.

Here’s my dance floor tips for getting ANY girl turned on in the club…

If you want more advanced club game techniques, I suggest you check out this video.

The don’ts of dance floor game

  • Don’t approach girls directly – If you approach a girl directly when she is dancing with her friends, this will come across as aggressive and you get the cold shoulder 9 times out of ten.
  • Don’t get creepily close – A lot of guys tend to stand right next to the girl, hoping to grab her attention so she’ll make a move. This will never work and it will just creep girls out, so never do it.
  • Don’t stare – By staring at a girl for any length of time, you’re not only wasting time but you’re giving her all the more reason not to talk to you when you finally approach. Why? Because it’s just weird. So don’t stare, just look at her flirtatiously and force an IOI.

The do’s of dance floor game

Focus on the music and having fun – Just have one objective when in a club… have fun! If you’re with your friends dancing (or moving from side to side because you can’t dance) that’s much cooler than running up to every girl and getting rejected.

  • Try and catch her eye – Look over at her and force an IOI so that she looks at you, then once you have eye contact, flirt a little to get her laughing and smiling.
  • Lookout for an IOI – The moment she does something to send a message that she likes you, is the moment you should move closer so you are a few feet away.

Approach and introduce yourself

All you need to do is introduce yourself by saying your name in her ear and going back to the position you were in a few seconds earlier. What this does is start the interaction, but doesn’t add the pressure of having a long boring conversation.

Initiate touching (kino)

After the introduction and around 15 seconds of dancing, you need to offer her your hands. When she takes your hands, just move them back and forth so you are kind of messing around with her (pushing and pulling).

Then let her hands go and go back to dancing close to her again. After about 30 seconds, take her hands again… go for the spin (if you’re feeling brave) and then move onto escalation…

Sexual escalation

With your hands still in the (push pull) position you want to start slowing down the movement… get closer whilst holding eye contact. Then you want to take your hand and place it on her elbow, with your hand on her elbow, pull it towards you and place her hand on your waste (she should do this naturally anyway).

Lead her away

So now you have some level of rapport and sexual escalation built. You want to isolate her, so it gives you more time to build a deeper level of rapport.

To do this, just use either of these two statements:

1. It’s too loud here, let’s go over there where we can talk
2. I’m thirsty, let’s go get a drink

Whichever you say, make sure you have her hand and you lead her. By assuming, 99% of women will follow.

If you don’t want to remove her from the dance floor, you can stay and escalate further by moving in closer to her body, slowing your movements down and putting your fingers through her hair.

Then go in for the kiss smoothly, this should be easy because your face will be very close to hers.

So that’s it. Knowing how to dance is not the issue… it’s knowing how to “game” on the dance floor that wins in the club environment.

Do you have any dancing advice for guys? Just post your comment below…

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  1. Hi, great tipps Richie. I am a pretty good dancer, after going on a lot and enjoying the dance, I got always better (to the point that, after dancig with a 19 year-old, she asked me if I was a proffessional dancer :) ). My problem is that , except sometimes, when I am in a fabulous mood, I cannot approach girls by speaking to them (working on that), so my main move is dancing. The tipps you gave here are really helpful, as sometimes I have problems approaching them to dance with me though I get lots of IOIs – just not being able to react (can get really frustrating) :).
    On the other hand, even when making contact (even making out or getting really physical), I constantly tend to have the same problem…. girls go out seldomly alone and it gets extremely difficult to definitely get them out of the group … they always tend at some point to get back to their girlfriend(s), no matter how good things work between us (like they wouldn’t wanna abandon their friends…. unlike men). Do you have any tipps for that? Thanks!

  2. Nice video Rich,

    I’m wondering though, what happens if you’re behind the girl and there’s no room to switch your position?

  3. Hey, used your advice to the letter (you’re like the Einstein of pick-up) however I let you down at the last hurdle. Her friends took her away before I got the n-close. She was a sure thing, keen as a bean but her friends knew how to cock block. Any way of getting the number early on to avoid mistakes like this or should I just write it off?

    • PUA Training says:

      Cool ;-) Well you have to give the friends a little attention so they like you. Either initially, or when they come in you take the lead and introduce yourself, get them all dancing or whatever. Then they won’t be able to be nasty to you ;-)

  4. Nice video Richard,
    Its a resume of what you explain in much more detail in your Stealth Attraction videos, which I highly recommend to everyone. Just by changing my posture and attitude, I could evolve overnight from the first kind of guy that girls run from, to the guy surrounded 360 degrees by HBs dancing.
    Right now I am abroad in Asia , and wherever i go i call a lot if attention because of my western looks, and in a nightclub its a matter of minutes before i am completely surrounded by girls, from 5 to as much as 15. They dance in front of me, side to side, in my back, and i just know they are waiting to be opened. I find it a bit hard to get an eye contact in order to force an IOI, maybe because they are too close and they dont look at you. Also because i am foreign, the linguistic barrier is reason to suppress the talk to a minimum. So how can I successful open these girls that are just there brushing on me, stepping on me, dancing all around but without the possibility of forcing an IOI. Sometimes it looks they are just waiting for an alpha male to go there and grab them by their hips and start dancing in a 80 level (0 to100). I see this happen but only 5% of the times, with locals only and very very confident guys.

  5. you are just awesome rich
    simply amazing
    thanks for everything

  6. Nice text.
    What exactly is ” just look at her flirtatiously and force an IOI”?
    “Then go in for the kiss smoothly” isnt this a little bit hard to do on the dancefloor among her friends (after all she is a social being, and dont want to come across as a slut)?


  7. Hey Richard.
    I have been to a Eurotrip and from some reason I dind’t close non of the girls in the clubs or at pubs (I have exprince in pick up).
    I danced with her and the dance was very sexy and I uses a lot of keno but when I tried to kiss her she didn’t let me do it.
    And then I kissed her on the chick a few times and then went to the kiss, and again: Rejected.
    Why it happend ?

  8. Hi Richard
    Great video. Just a question: when you say “make a little gesture” what exactly do you mean?
    Could you give me some examples?

    • PUA Training says:

      Subtle gestures with your face and body language suggesting to the girl what you intend to do next. Way more powerful than words.

  9. WTF!! This girl is FUCKING gorgeous, excelent video Gambler, congrats.

  10. Harold Penia says:

    What happens if you get a boner while dancing?

    • PUA Training says:

      Nothing. Let your little fella do what it wants, if you did the sexual escalation correctly then at some point you could take her hand and let her feel it. Only if the right rapport has been built, not after like 3 minutes… you’ll just come across as a crazy kid with a boner.

  11. Great article this, as i few weeks ago when I went out with friends I got into that ‘push, pull dance situation’ and then I had nothing, couldn’t take it any further. I seem to be great at getting into that sitaution but it’s the next step that I seem to trip on. Will run a bit of this over the weekend and report back. Cheers, all the way from New Zealand. Wazza.

  12. good

  13. Cool . But if I want to dance more than arms exercise (pull… push) and about 1-2songs. It’s good?

  14. francesco tenore says:

    good richard video fantastic

  15. Daniel McKnight says:

    Hey man, I know from my own experience how powerful dance floor game can be. I went from the usual AFC dance floor madness to getting a kiss close in 60 seconds (give or take a few) from the techniques you have talked about above! Thanks.

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