Dating Tips For Older Men: How To Date Younger Or Older Women

Dating Tips For Older Men

Women date up, not down. You still have time.

If you’re 50 or above, then you’re considered old (in the west that is) I can’t speak for other areas of the world. But you’re definitely ‘written off’ as you get older, which can suck. Having said that, men have the gift of growing old gracefully and can actually reinvent themselves as they get older, to attract women of any age… even 20 year old chicks if you want.

Today, I’m going to give you some tips on dating if you’re between the ages of 50 and 70. Seriously.

So put the cane down and start taking notes… I’m joking… relax old man.

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Dress your age

No surprise here right? Dressing your age is actually quite hard for men, because the majority don’t actually know how to dress properly. But with a little guidance you’ll be looking dapper in no time.

Also, it’s vital that you stick to a few ground rules:

  • Don’t wear skinny jeans: Are you 19 years old or an ageing rockstar? Then why are you wearing skinny jeans? You look like a fool who’s trying so so hard to be trendy.
  • Ditch the t-shirt that says “beer festival 1999″ on it”: Stay current and dress to be more attractive. Wearing old t-shirts unless they are band t-shirts look stupid and give the impression that you don’t care.
  • Stop wearing gym trainers or comfort shoes: How many more times are you going to hear that women love men who where good shoes before you take notice? Old grotty gym trainers are gross.
  • Stop thinking comfort over style: When you’re shopping for clothes. Don’t think “Oooo, that looks comfy, I don’t have anyone to impress anymore anyway, sod it I’ll buy it”. This will end your chances of bagging a 30 year old stunner.

Experiment with facial hair/hair styles

The best thing about being an older gentlemen is that you can play around with different styles of facial hear and hairstyles. The biggest thing is not to worry about going grey. In my opinion you should embrace it. Don’t dye your hair, let it be it’s natural colour and style well. That goes for both facial hair and the hair on your head.

There are many different styles you can have when it comes to hair. So the best thing to do is go and visit a stylist, someone who has years of experience with cutting mens hair and styling or shaving beards. Ask them, what would look best (most attractive) with your facial structure and go from there.

Here are some grooming no-no’s:

  • Cut the ponytail immediately: There isn’t a guy on planet earth that looks good with a pony tail. Women never find it attractive and you just look like a throwback to the 90’s.
  • Are you balding? Stop handing onto it!: When you see a man who is balding and he’s still coming the three strands of hair on his head, it’s just sad. Put an end to your hairless misery.
  • Stop being stubborn with your style: You have to be willing to experiment, if you’re not then you’re basically saying “this is who I am and I’m not willing to make myself more attractive to women”.

Eat well/stay fit

Eating well ages you slower and keeps you slimmer. It’s been proven by many credible sources in various studies all over the world and yet you still love eating greasy burgers and downing 5 pints in the pub with your friends on a Friday. The reason some men look great as they age is because they treat their body with respect.

Go running 3 times a week, join a spinning class at your gym, lift weights at least 3 times a week and keep your body active with different types of workout routines. Also start eating foods that help to burn fat and keep your body in top condition, like dark leafy greens.

Things you need to avoid that are making you unhealthy:

  • Smoking: Duh. I know you enjoy it, but it’s ageing you and killing you faster than you might think. Is it really worth getting cancer over? Also, these days, it’s kind of frowned upon if you smoke, makes you look a little strange socially.
  • Drinking: Sure having a few glasses of wine or beer a week is fine. But binge drinking or drinking everyday at your age? Hell no. It’s going to make you fatter and older, so treat yourself.
  • Being lazy: Laziness is a killer… seriously. Doctors are more concerned these days about keeping the body active, rather than being sedentary, because they know the real health implications of a stationary body. Not only that, women find lazy men incredibly unattractive.

Don’t creep

There’s nothing more creepy to a woman than an older man who doesn’t act his age and just comes across as a pervert. Women find older men attractive when they carry the following character traits:

  • Wisdom: You’ve lived a life and have stories to tell, you don’t make the same mistakes or waste time on pointless things like a 20 year old man would.
  • Guidance: You can be a rock in the relationship, because you’re wise. Whether you like it or not, some women will look at you like a father figure… they will still sleep with you though. But just get used to being the leader.
  • Security: Women want to feel secure in your company. She wants to trust you and be safe with you. It’s imperative that you offer this.
  • Freedom: Older men should be successful by the time they hit 50. If you’re still working for McDonalds at this age, you won’t be getting that quality puss.
  • Spontaneity: Don’t give up the spontaneous side of your personality. Women need this to feel attraction spikes, so you must do something out of the ordinary when she doesn’t expect it. Don’t let her predict you.

Keep approaching!

Lastly. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to keep approaching women, even when you hit 50. An older man approaching a younger woman can seem weird to some. But I assure you, women will LOVE it if you show them that you’re an older gentlemen who knows how to please women.

Approach at least one new girl a day, just to keep your wit sharp and your approach anxiety to a minimum. That’s it.

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