Daygame Or Nightgame? The Pros And Cons Of Both


You decide…

The age old debate in the PUA community is “what’s better… daygame or night game?” Now obviously this question is relative, the answer really is… neither.

For me personally I prefer night game. After years of hard graft I can honestly say that I’ve mastered it.

But for close friends of mine, they would say with 100% conviction that daygame is better.

So to end the debate once and for all, I wanted to list every pro and con I can think of for both forms of game, then you can decide which is better for you and your style of game.

Side note: If you’re just starting out in game, don’t just make a choice based on zero experience, get out there and test both styles to see what suits your personality more. That’s the only way I learned quickly.

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Daytime is having the ability to walk up to girls during the day time (and evening) without stepping foot inside a nightclub or bar. You can be in a coffee shop, shopping mall, even a park.


  • No loud music – There’s nothing more annoying than having to shout at the top of your voice to break the ice or try and build some rapport with a girl in a club, because the music is too damn loud.
  • Hotter women – There is no question that hot girls go to bars and nightclubs, but the hottest girls actually avoid nightclubs because they are always getting hit on but drunk stupid guys. But they don’t avoid the streets!
  • Easier to approach – Unlike the club, you can simply walk up to girls on the street or even sit down next to them if they’re in the park, where as in a club, you need to bodycheck 50 people, scurry past the security guards and bribe your way into the VIP section were all the hot girls are.
  • No social mask on – It’s well known that women act differently in nightclubs than they do in the day. They have a social mask on, ready to reject guys that don’t meet her long list of needs, musts and wants.
  • Costs nothing – What’s that Mr. Doorman… a £20 fee to get in this club? No thanks. The streets are free! All you need is a coffee and you’re good to go.


  • Harder to bang – The girls are stone cold sober and hopefully so are you ;) This means, you won’t be taking them home to bang. It’s not impossible and has been done, but it’s a little strange and too full on if you ask me.
  • You need bigger balls – Confidence is a must during the day, with night game at least you can rely on the alcohol to give you a boost. In the day, it’s just your big man balls.
  • Bit creepy? – I’ve always been torn between whether or not daytime is creepy or perfectly fine. I mean, it’s one thing going about your day and you happen to spot a stunning girl in Starbucks that you NEED to talk to. But running around the streets for hours just to get girls numbers? Bit sad no?


Nightgame is having the ability to walk up to women in bars or clubs and seducing them. It also involves you number closing and taking them home if you can.


  • Hot women – You can see some real smokeshows in upscale night clubs. They’re usually grabbing the free drinks and looking hot in the VIP section with some rich guy.
  • Great atmosphere – You can’t beat a good night out on the town, with the drinks flowing, music on point and beautiful girls all around you, it’s great.
  • Very sexual – Unlike the daytime you can get really physical VERY fast in a nightclub or bar. Women are more loose and willing to have a good time when they’re out enjoying themselves. I’ve been in situations where I’ve kissed a girl in a club after 30 seconds of approaching her and taken her home 30 minutes later.
  • Can meet cool people – It’s possible to meet celebs, rich guys, cool guys that work in high places, cool girls that you don’t want to sleep with but can remain friends with. In the day, you’re just on your own really.


  • Loud music – Unless you have killer dance moves, you’re going to have to say SOMETHING to girls during the night and this can be so annoying when the music is loud as I mentioned above.
  • Need to be good at dancing? – So you don’t need to be good at dancing in order to kiss a girl, pull her or take her home. But it certainly helps to increase the sexual tension and make her more attracted to you.
  • Costs money – If you know how to work the clubs like I do, then you don’t need to spend a lot and sometimes you don’t need to spend anything if you hang out in the right crowd. But whilst you’re learning you will need to spend something so if you’re skint, then clubs aren’t for you.
  • Easy to get into a fight – In the daytime your chances of running into an AMOG is very slim, in a nightclub it happens all the freakin time. This is certainly one of the annoying things about night game.

So there you have it. Leave a comment below with what you prefer and why… this could be interesting!

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  1. Johnnyblaze says:

    Great article Rich, I’m also more a night game person myself.

    A question: How does being young affect your game – I’m 18 and for example my success on Tinder is comparatively lower than if I had been 22 due to women looking for ‘older partners’.
    Just wondering how this translates to the club scene, and how you should overcome this barrier, etc by solely approaching younger women or acting more aggressive. Most of the time I have to lie about my age and say I’m 21.


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